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Holy Cannoli eLiquid is heaven in a bottle for a great value! Strawberry Cream Cannoli - A wonderfully sweet strawberry cream cannoli, topped with confectioner's sugar. This is a dream come true! VG/PG: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI STRAWBERRY CREAM BUNDLE

what's up people
this is Sub Zero infinity I'm back again
to give you another juice report yeah
or should I say flavor report on a new
honor a juice not new it's been around
for a little bit
this one is coming to you from holy
cannoli it is their strawberry cream
cone Olin links will be in the
description below there will be at least
three links go check it out again holy
strawberry cream cannoli comes in 120 ml
bottle I have to say for the value that
is really good now let me give it a
little bit of a snow it smells like a
good strawberries and cream it really
does it has a little bit of an amber
color to it if you can see a little bit
it's one of the darker juices I've
actually come across this one is
actually coming to you from a juice
deals yeah I believe it'll be the middle
the middle link when I post the links on
in the description below smells really
good today we're going to be dripping it
on my evic primo with the goon clone
running set of dual Clapton's at point
one eight and a hundred watts yeah and
in case you're wondering I have just two
holes open on here because I don't need
the hole three it's way too much airflow
you don't get hardly any flavor when you
have it wide open
so not unless you build some big frickin
coils in there I just have three are two
Clapton's around a three millimeter bit
so it's not real big build we're going
to drip it on here and get the wicks
nice and moist
like I say I'm going to throw that word
out there I'm going to use it more and
more that's literally what you're doing
you're getting the wicks good and moist
yeah all right I think I've got enough
ejuice on there don't want to put too
much on their back actually I think I
have a little bit too much on there let
me pull a little bit off of there with
the dripper yeah a little bit off of
there kind of hard to do that with this
but I've got a position where I can pull
a little bit off oh yeah I did have a
lot on there sorry folks I know this is
taking a little bit longer than expected
the best okay let's get this thing on
here and look at that it actually
clipped on there really good this time
now the raw taste of the e-juice is
pretty good yeah but I don't get any
cannoli faced to it I get the
strawberries and cream the smell also
strawberries and cream that's all I get
I don't smell a cannoli paste Norris
cannoli scent any of you that's actually
baked cannolis before like the original
holy cannoli or solely cannoli or other
ones you know the taste that I'm you
know the snow that I'm talking about and
the taste and that it's just to me it's
not there you get more than more of just
strawberries and cream so yeah that
smell it's just strawberries and cream
it's a good smell don't get me wrong
it's a real good strawberries and cream
snow let's face it and I'll give you my
flavor report there you go
really smooth on the inhale smooth on
the exhale um good clean tasting e-juice
really good clean tasting e-juice but on
the inhale you get basically the
strawberries and cream on the exhale at
a hundred watts that I'm vaping right
now I do get a little bit of a cannoli
taste but it's very very mild on and
it's on the exhale that's on the very
back end of the exhale it is a very good
clean tasting aegis it is one that I
could pay pretty much all day um it's
good summer times they it really is
those of you that like strawberries and
cream this is definitely one to check
out again I'm going to hold it up it's
holy cannoli strawberry cream cannoli it
is a very good clean tasting e-juice
there's not much more to say I mean it's
a very good juice it's one like I said
that that I could bake almost all day
very good clouded very good clouds um I
believe this is a 70/30 maybe even a
little bit higher than 70/30 we've got a
little bitty juice on here from me over
dripping but that happens you can find
it at what is it ultimate deals
ejuice scott deals and II just connect I
think um all three links will be in the
description below like I said the middle
link that's where I got this from which
was a juice type deals definitely go
check it out they have a good wide
variety if you're not looking for a
strawberries and cream maybe you're
looking for something else check out the
site they probably have it um if they
don't there's two other links check them
out pretty sure one of them will have it
there very good prices they run deals
all the time so you know keep checking
them there you go
as with all of my videos if you found
this helpful please hit the like button
please subscribe i'm going to be
bringing in more a juices you never know
what else you're going to see you never
know also in the comments down below if
you want to leave a comment please do
suggestions for future Eva or you know
ejuice videos or anything else please
feel free to if you want to have a shout
out let me know you don't that's cool
you guys stay safe and vape safe and I'm
going to send you out on a cloud this
stuff is actually pretty good I'm going
to be vaping this out for quite quite
regularly this is going to go on my
everyday rotation you guys stay safe and
baits safe I know I've already said that
you know I'm going to say it again and
from me to you Sub Zero infinity to you
they pond people

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