April 20, 2018 3 min read



By Tatyana Dyachenko

Holy Cannoli E-Liquid has just launched their latest creation...Glazed Donut. This flavor is full of creams, full of custards and is the perfect glazed donut. Morning, Noon, or Night, you will never want to put this 120 mL bottle of goodness down. VG/PG = 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI GLAZED DONUT EJUICE

what's going on everybody should watch a
banging bass man
how's everybody out there doing man hope
everybody have some wonderful baits I
paying bait beer yes sir well I'm gonna
bring y'all of another Aegis review this
is the holy cannoli holy cannoli
doughnut shop
holy cannoli holy cannoli doughnut shop
huh that's a glazed doughnut right but
this is uh what is it 120 ml bottle
right here three milligrams nicotine
70/30 VG PG ratio all right let me give
it a description what they say about
this holy cannoli liquid just launched
has just launched their lap let me try
that again
holy cannoli e-liquid had just launched
their latest creation glazed doughnut
this flavor is full of cream full of
custard and His perfect glazed donut
morning noon night you will never want
to put this under in 20 ml bottle of
goodness down
Oh nobody got that I don't know where
they got that from
I already had it about a week this is
all I got out of it
this shit is not right but let me go
ahead and get some face off this man and
I'll let you know what I get out of it
you know everything subjective what I
like you might not like what you like I
might not like hi you that is let me go
ahead and give me some motherfucking
bait production
little brown
no toilet no not like that
it tastes like some watered down shit
like dumped in the fucking a donating
some water and he barely left any glazed
sweetness into it yeah yeah this is no
bueno um no point up in your
yeah I really don't care for that I'm
gonna give it a couple more drips but
it's something that I really just in
like they really they had nothing
standing out no no donut flavor the
actual donut flavor the the glaze it's
talked about it has creams and you know
the custody I don't even get the custard
flavor where's the cream you know where
is the fucking cream
it has a weird place hiding a lot has a
weird taste this is something I truly
dislike I won't recommend it but if you
do want to check it out if you don't
want to check it out I'll leave their
link in the description man but like I
said everything is a subjective here
what I don't like you might like it what
you like might not like and if you try
this please link down in the comment
section I want to know what you think
about this what did you make it on what
did you use sub Ord ard ta you know let
me know because this shit is not went
off um nothing y'all no bueno
but if you liked this video hit the like
sup man any comes the question here down
below man make sure you hit that
subscribe button to subscribe button and
I'm mad

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