April 20, 2018


Holy Cannoli E-Liquid has just launched their latest creation...Glazed Donut. This flavor is full of creams, full of custards and is the perfect glazed donut. Morning, Noon, or Night, you will never want to put this 120 mL bottle of goodness down. VG/PG: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI GLAZED DONUT BUNDLE

hello visits or shell we're here to do
another eliquid review this one is from
holy cannoli and this is a glazed
doughnut this is 120 ml bottle at 3
milligrams and nicotine I have gone
through about 3 tanks in a sub ohm tank
with this but I'm gonna actually be
testing it out on a RDA today and it's
supposed to be a straight-up glazed
doughnut so we're going to be testing
this on top of my elite version 2 with
my 1111 mech on as well with parallel
stainless steel coils so let's go ahead
and give it a vape and all you guys know
what I'm tasting
smooth on end how smooth on the exhale
great clouds if you guys were a fan of
the loaded illiquid I will tell you this
is even better this doesn't have that
prominent cinnamon note to it like
loaded does honestly to me this tastes
like a fresh hot gooey with the icing
dripping over it right off the conveyor
belt it is so so good I will tell you I
loved it in a tank I love it in an RDA
and higher wattages I think you get all
those notes and it's really really good
definitely two thumbs up for me all the
links you need to know where you can get
it will be down below I hoped you guys
liked this quick review if you did
please give it a thumbs up leave any
questions or comments you have down
below and as always I hope you're having
an amazing date or night whenever you're
watching this stay tuned till next video
and until then
hey pop

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