April 20, 2018


Holy Cannoli E-Liquid is on fire! Pebbled Cannoli is a creamy, and delicious fruity pebble treat wrapped in a cannoli of everlasting flavor. This treat has definitely earned it's title of being Holy. Grab a bottle today! VG/PG: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI FRUITY PEBBLED BUNDLE

welcome to an edition of the vape and
tech tonight I'm talking about holy
canoli pebbled cannoli now this I
received direct from holy cannoli at ECC
for the purpose of this review this is a
3 milligram this is 120 ml gorilla ball
I'm gonna say right off the bat I like
the juice what I don't like is that the
bottle is missing quite a few things one
of which being the flavor description I
know that you can sort of tell what is
by the label but that being said is
missing that it's also missing the VG PG
off of it this is a 70/30 though and my
search for information is a 70/30 so
it'll work just fine in all your tanks
and our TAS and RT TAS and all that fun
stuff off of their website itself they
had a deal let me get back over to it
real quick here they normally sell the
bottles for $40 they're on sale right
now as of this video for $22 they only
come in 120 they're available in 0 3 and
6 milligram personally I plan to order
some as soon as I run out frankly I
really like this juice as you can tell
I've baked almost half the bottle
already and I don't suspect they'll take
me very long to bake the rest of the
bottle very good flavor it tastes
exactly like Pebbles cereal I won't say
what type it'll sell just tell cereal
that being said very well-balanced
cereal flavor very milky very smooth
very creamy you definitely takes all the
different flavor assets aspects you know
all the different flavors in there
the label itself like I said I had a few
gripes with I think it's well done I
think it's a little childish but I think
it's well done I do like the fact that
that instead of showing a bowl of cereal
they do show a cannoli with the cereal
packed into it I think that's kind of
ingenious frankly the labels themselves
are also well done sorry about that
they are well done like I said there's
just a lot of dead space on it and it is
missing the VG PG the flavor description
is missing also so I do wish they would
add that on to the label but that aside
from the point I do think it's well done
I think it's easily created and it's a
great cereal flavor so with that being
said do I recommend holy cannoli
Hevel cannoli yes 100% and with that I
say vape on vape well and have a good

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