April 20, 2018


The original Frencholi is back!!! The French Toast from Holy Cannoli is now the same recipe as the original Holy Frencholi due to popular demand. Grab that same incredible flavor today in a 120ML chubby gorilla. VG/PG: 70/30


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI FRENCH TOAST BUNDLE

welcome back to Michaela vapes and I
have another quick review for you and
today we're going to be doing it on
french toast by holy cannoli
I am going to be doing this review of my
leaf I power a tea with my icon RDA I
would like to thank you to use vapor
compr sending this over for the purpose
of this review and I will put their web
addresses and the description box below
as always it is available in a 120 ml of
chubby gorilla bottle and you can get
that in 0-3 or 6 milligram Nick and it
is 70/30 VG PG and it is $21.99 the
description of simple french toast maple
syrup and butter so I'm going to go
ahead and take it a French toast by holy
cannoli and I'll tell you what I'm
oh my gosh
definitely get that french toast like
that you can kind of tell with dipped in
eggs it's not eggy but you get the whole
french toast the syrup is subtle it's
not boom in your face a lot of syrups
one to contain syrup make me sick has
too much too sweet gaggy this one is
very very subtle I even get to butter
very true to its description it's very
very good
and this definitely is an ATV for me
like I said it's very good it's well
blended it's not overly sweet it's just
perfect and I could vape it all day
definitely definitely the best syrup
I've ever tasted and that's all I have
for this review and I'm going to go
ahead and take it and we'll see on the
next one once again I would like to
thank and give a big shout-out to a
juice paper and you can check them out
of ejuice paper comm head on over they
have multiple tubes of liquids at great
prices so on that note I'm taking it and
see in the next one

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