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By Nataly Komova

Enjoy this wonderful bundle of heavenly flavors by Holy Cannoli E-Liquid. Each bundle includes one bottle of each flavor: Pebbled Cannoli is a creamy, and delicious fruity pebble treat wrapped in a cannoli of everlasting flavor. This treat has definitely earned it's title of being Holy. Grab a bottle today! French Toast - A nice warm soft French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon. You'll be amazed at the fullness of the entire flavor. Enjoy! Strawberry Cream Cannoli - A wonderfully sweet strawberry cream cannoli, topped with confectioner's sugar. This is a dream come true! Glazed Donut - This flavor is full of creams, full of custards and is the perfect glazed donut. Morning, Noon, or Night, you will never want to put this 120 mL bottle of goodness down.



Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HOLY CANNOLI 4 PACK BUNDLE

lots of people this is Sub Zero infinity
I'm back again to give you another juice
review this one coming from ejuice is
calm also ultimate late deals they are
out of stock at new juices calm so just
keep a lookout ultimate big deals has it
and it is from holy cannoli the makers
of holy cannoli and everything it's
called glazed donut
glazed donut now the profile on this
stuff is delicious creamy custard filled
glazed donut fresh from the bakery you
will not want to put this down that is
right from ultimate big deals
let's test the stuff out and I'll give
you my thoughts today we're going to be
testing it on the lie you see mo l1 with
the goon clone still got that set of
Clapton's in here and I've got I've ate
this stuff before on this WIC so it's
been a little bit and I baked some other
stuff I'm going to test it out on here
because this still has a little bit of
the holy cannoli full of the Lay's donut
flavor being lazy I don't want to change
the cotton plus a cotton is not dirty or
nothing it's not even round so let's
drip this on here ooh oh man it smells
just like you walked into like a Krispy
Kreme or um what's the what's another
one Dunkin Donuts yeah oh man or you
picked up some donuts that are fresh
made from your bakery your local bakery
and you got them in a box put them in a
car and are driving down the road and
then bow notes are just sitting there
giving off that nice
fresh bakery smell with a glaze on it oh
yeah that's the smell I get on this and
it smells so good
also that stuff although being pretty
thick because it doesn't see a i-270 30
it tastes really sugary if I can
remember right I haven't baked this
stuff in a couple days I wanted to say
that because it is actually very good I
wanted to save the actual flavor so I
could give you the true tasting of it
arm not that all my other videos aren't
true tasting I literally do that though
I sit there and I won't bake that
particular flavor until I do a video so
that way I can give you a true estimate
a true tasting I'm vaping it in 115
Watts this is a point one seven let's
get a taste of it and I'll give you my
mmm that might be a little bit too high
go to 100 watts let me get some water
first oh I'm out of water oh darn I got
a little bit left
kind of hot mouth fit right there that
was just a little bit too hot anyway
let's give you a tasting now and I got
to do it again anyway before I was
rudely interrupted that was for
something else
um hmm I dropped it down to a hundred
watts instead of 115 because 115 was a
little too hot this stuff you get a good
doughnut taste with the glaze um custard
wise I don't know I don't really taste
much of a custard paste but um doughnut
definitely get like that fresh bakery
note almost like sweet bread and then
glaze on top it has a really good taste
to it this is perhaps one of the best
doughnuts I've tasted um I know there's
better ones out there I don't know
exactly what the names are I've tried
different ones like um loaded doughnut
um there's a couple different ones I
can't think of the names right now but I
have tried them this stuff here the holy
cannoli glazed donut which is relatively
new um definitely one to check out I
didn't have to let this stuff steep at
all um it is very good very refreshing
is definitely one that I swear if you
want to have like a cup of coffee and
you have this on on the table and made
this while you're having your cup of
coffee you'll swear you're having a
morning breakfast type thing so for some
of you out there that likes donuts in
the morning this is a good one this is a
very good one
beautiful flavor beautiful paste arm
good cloud production it's overall one
of the best that I've had so far
I would definitely drip this all day I
like donuts of course I'm a big guy I
like sweets and stuff even though I'm
not supposed to have them you know how
that goes
anyway definitely one to check out holy
glazed doughnuts on ultimate fate deals
like I say the links will be in the
description below right now ejuice is
calm is out of stock on them it does
come in 120 ml bottle it comes in zero
three and six milligram so that's good
for all you that like lower neck or none
at all
just like flavor and of course my cap is
not going to go on right now that
figures there we go snap on snap snap
snap it on anyway you guys stay safe
invade safe I hope this has been very
interesting and if it has and you liked
this video please hit the like button
down below please subscribe for more
because I'm going to be bringing you
more ejuice and in the comments down
below if you want to leave a comment
please do and if you want to suggest
anything that you want to see in future
videos that'd be cool and if you want to
have a shout out let me know in your
comment if you don't that's cool not a
problem um you guys you stay safe and
vape safe I know I've already said that
but I'll say it again and I'm going to
send you out in the cloud this stuff is
really good
they pawn people

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