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The energy beverage and shots industry has grown to a stagering 13.5 billion dollars a year, and expected to grow to over 21.5 billion by 2017! Well our friends at High Voltage are no dummies, taking their years of experience in the energy beverage market they have created the most dynamic and delicious E-liquid’s we've tasted in years! 2015 is going to be a breakout year for energy infused E-liquid, especially for High Voltage, who is leading the pack! Tired of another juice with a silly name and hyped packaging? Vaporbeast is here to fix that. So don’t walk, run…get your hands on High voltage today. Also check out their Melatonin infused flavor "Lights Out" for those that want to experience a calming sensation at days end! Transformer is an Energy-Infused Sweet Berry Blend. With the transforming power of caffeine and the revitalizing elements of fruit, you will be in berry heaven with this blend. VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Caffeinated / Energy Infused Colored Glass Bottle / No Added Food Coloring You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of High Voltage Transformer 15mL BEASTLY BECAUSE High Voltage E-Liquid is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. Come and get your caffeine fix with High Voltage! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER

welcome back guys um today is the second
installment of high voltage i will be
doing the transformer today yummy I've
already smelled it it smells slightly
orgasmic I mean it's almost like a
bubble like a bubble yum like a berry
bubble up bubble gum ah holy crud I
can't talk right for today oh yeah got
my t-shirt got my swag on um yeah so
sorry fixing myself socks I love them
right anyway this one is on my cloud
champ and like brand new Paulo Manhattan
the Isle of hybrid I just got it
phenomenal fresh cotton hold on
this cloud champ has some amazing Wells
on it by the way just FYI will be doing
a review on this one yeah i'll be doing
one here soon on it i got a pretty big
load after ECC but um yeah
it's almost like a berry pie there's no
custard and I could tell that but it's
just like a filling a higher heat I'm
with this I'm kind of tasting a little
bit of like a blueberry raspberry a hint
of strawberry it's almost like a throw
it through which is straight bury the
whole entire bait
okay so I'm going to phrase that kinda
like a strawberry raspberry I would say
on the intake for me about a blueberry
strawberry on the exhale just get a nice
mellow case of a lot of berry on the
back down here it this one it's a little
bitey at first as soon as you drip it
it's going to be that you're gonna get
that quick bite right back here in the
back your throat which I've been
noticing when you sample a lot of
flavors you're gonna get that anyway on
a fresh drip on a high bill are sorry a
low build and it's just one of those
little things that you have to work
through I mean don't let the first case
deter you on any juice mind you I mean
plenty mistakes with that the first and
some of them missed the first two okay
give it at least a good three or four
pulls on whatever device you're using
knesset the tank the tanks I've never
had a body taste out of it unless it was
just flat out by T and you get that
really bad throat hit this it's just
awesome I mean they all do seducing
clouds now I want to go out and do a
competition with this a cloud continent
so far none of them just it's too much
of a throat hit so you're going to end
up choking on a higher or a lower build
or higher wattage if it gets too hot but
just for that every day relaxing or you
know lovely tastes of eight you're gonna
love it I can sit here and guarantee you
would like this one I'm gonna write this
one about an eight just because it is a
solid flavor
say damn near perfect of a blend and
again this is a non biased opinion on
all of these i I just I actually
genuinely like this flavor I'm normally
a fruity flavor you give me a dragon
fruit with strawberry really you give me
a good dragon fruit with any berry fruit
it doesn't matter um you will have my
favorite juice so I don't like black
berry blue raspberries all that much too
too tart for me so I do that's why this
is 8 there's that tartness in there I
know there's at least a raspberry and
there are blackberry I had one recently
so I can't really pinpoint it for you
yeah all I know this is pretty damn good
so again their website and their
Facebook is going to be on there are
alongside this review so please you know
go look around okay and just to remind
it it's not caffeine it is actually
vitamin B so it's a natural you know
energy supplement you can get it with or
without the infused so definitely give
this one a try as well if you can't so
add them like them on facebook shop
around and please subscribe to my
channel get the word out I'm I have
plenty of reviews coming so you will
have a plethora of juices to try out to
go look for to do anything all right
let's get smoking kick all that habit
keep on vaping guys and you know what I
always say

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