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The energy beverage and shots industry has grown to a staggering 13.5 billion dollars a year, and expected to grow to over 21.5 billion by 2017! Well our friends at High Voltage are no dummies, taking their years of experience in the energy beverage market they have created the most dynamic and delicious E-liquid’s we've tasted in years! 2015 is going to be a breakout year for energy infused E-liquid, especially for High Voltage, who is leading the pack! Tired of another juice with a silly name and hyped packaging? Vaporbeast is here to fix that. So don’t walk, run…get your hands on High voltage today. Also check out their Melatonin infused flavor "Lights Out" for those that want to experience a calming sensation at days end! Tesla is an Energy-Infused Kiwi-Dragon Fruit Blend. Let this exotic fruit blend energize your day with just the right combination of sweet fruit and that wonderful caffeine you crave! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Caffeinated / Energy Infused Colored Glass Bottle / No Added Food Coloring You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of High Voltage Tesla 15mL BEASTLY BECAUSE High Voltage E-Liquid is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. Come and get your caffeine fix with High Voltage! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HIGH VOLTAGE TESLA

today we're reviewing Tesla by high
voltage energy and fuse e-liquid it'll
leave you shocked I know that's cheesy I
actually got this from my wife though I
called her at work I was so excited told
her that when she got home I was gonna
give her a shocker she hung up on me and
now I sleep on the couch what up
Internet neighbor the Vapor general
paper general dot-com alright so today
we're doing a review on high voltage
brandy liquid this is Tesla it is an
energy infused a liquid it is lightly
caffeinated and infused with B vitamins
I'm not sure how much is actually in it
I haven't tried this yet my wife has she
says it does the job it wakes her up
it's not very intense you know and she
loves it comes in glass bottle with the
dripper this is 15 milliliters it's got
pretty cool graphics on it this is three
milligrams of nicotine let's grab a
smell here that is good so this is
described as a Kiwi and dragon fruit
blend I've never actually ate a dragon
fruit I don't know anything about dragon
fruit but this is the second eat juice
that I've tried that has dragon fruit in
it so I'm curious to see what this
tastes like
so without further ado I'm gonna put a
fresh coal in my tank load this up and
see what it's all about alright so I'm
vaping on the MVP 3.0 Pro 29 watts with
the I sub PC tank and a 0.5 coil
I so right off the bat you get that
dragon fruit type taste very similar to
the other juice I used it's almost like
a powdery taste if that makes any sense
it's kind of like a like a tart
blueberry mixed with kiwi and this stuff
is really really good very smooth I
don't know if I quite feel the energy
yet I don't know maybe I was expecting
to get all geeked out on it you know so
the cops whoo all right after all that
yeah I kind of got a little uh low boost
definitely feel a hint of revitalize and
it's definitely like you know hitting a
cup of coffee a couple of times it's not
too strong but it works right whoa I
found this on vapor beast calm I'll put
a link in the description for you so
it's a 70/30 VG to PG ratio and made in
the USA again I don't know what dragon
fruit tastes like but apparently I need
to try it because it is delicious it
tastes good it's very smooth bake break
and now some educational shit Nikola
Tesla for whom this juice is named after
you might not know him when I was in
school we didn't learn about Nikola
Tesla we learned about Thomas Edison so
meet Nikola Tesla you might recognize
him from Facebook memes he's actually a
pretty smart motherfucker he invented a
lot of things over his lifetime
including alternating current which is
how we get our electricity the modern
radio and the wireless technology that
you're using in your smartphone or to
connect to the internet right now to
watch this video and he got credit for
none of it Thomas Edison got the credit
for inventing electricity and this guy
got credit for inventing the radio I
would say his name but that first name
is a fucking nightmare I'm just gonna
call him Marconi macaroni you try to
pronounce it in my opinion I don't think
there's one person that changed the
world via technology more than him a lot
of people say Steve Jobs changed the
world Steve Jobs was a dick Tesla gave
most of his inventions and his patents
away for free he died fucking broke
Steve Jobs died a fucking asshole a rich
fucking asshole that's just my take on
it so now we got some education out of
the way let's take this for one more
I put a link in the description where
you can get this at vapor beast don't
forget to subscribe to the channel stay
tuned for more juice reviews and
hardware reviews from vapor general we
have a big order coming in next week
I'll be reviewing these mock tfv4 mini a
couple new juices including invader
vapor 8-bit invader vapors and becoming
one of my favorite lines of juices if
you haven't tried them out already
I'll put a link in the description where
you can try them out too that's it for
today so vape on motherfucker

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