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The energy beverage and shots industry has grown to a stagering 13.5 billion dollars a year, and expected to grow to over 21.5 billion by 2017! Well our friends at High Voltage are no dummies, taking their years of experience in the energy beverage market they have created the most dynamic and delicious E-liquid’s we've tasted in years! 2015 is going to be a breakout year for energy infused E-liquid, especially for High Voltage, who is leading the pack! Tired of another juice with a silly name and hyped packaging? Vaporbeast is here to fix that. So don’t walk, run…get your hands on High voltage today. Also check out their Melatonin infused flavor "Lights Out" for those that want to experience a calming sensation at days end! Shock Treatment is an Energy-Infused Pomegranate-Apple. The tastiest of combinations now deliver a satisfying jolt of caffeine straight into your system. Enjoy the buzz! VG to PG ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Caffeinated / Energy Infused Colored Glass Bottle / No Added Food Coloring You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of High Voltage Shock Treatment 15mL BEASTLY BECAUSE High Voltage E-Liquid is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. Come and get your caffeine fix with High Voltage! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HIGH VOLTAGE SHOCK TREATMENT

what's going on everyone another juice
review for you this is not one out of my
dream self box like said in my previous
video it is absolutely awesome i love
this sample box by far the best one I've
got so big thumbs up to you guys
brilliant over us up but to bring that
some real good new flavors coming into
it you can tell their flavor profile is
increasing it's just massive absolutely
huge so if you haven't signed up for
example box already and you won't give
it a try I'll leave a link down there
all honesty it is an affiliate link does
register back to me and you know if you
do get a certain number of people you do
get sent out a free box and as soon as I
get that so number of people i think it
needs one more person i will be given
that box away as well won't even open it
soon as i get the free box i'll be
giving it away to one of my subscribers
so you know click it then click it it's
up to you but you know still a great
great subscription service i've had a
thing in the past about them bit of a
ramp and i've been going on and on and
on about you know they're sending you
not the sort of what you're asking for
you are asking for high BG and they're
sending you 50-50 blend you're asking
for freaking bathe now sending your
custody bapes and things like that and
it's just annoying but they seem to have
you know last couple of months they seem
to so i don't know if they watch the
video i don't know but they've seen to
have sent our boxes that i'm really
really love and really enjoying kind of
make me eat my words a little bit but
hey ho anyway back to the topic the
juice review so this one is cooled high
voltage and notice by high voltage sorry
and it's called shock treatment and as
you can tell by the bottle very very
basic bowl nice red balls the label on
it i originally thought it was red
liquid inside but it's not this clip and
this one is pomegranate and apple and it
does say caffeine free so i take it they
people probably for high-voltage it must
be an energy drink must contain caffeine
I'm not gonna buy that and it is having
free you know so probably granite an
apple let's give it a smell definitely
straight away pomegranate and
no mistaking that that's really nice
actually really refreshing smell real
balance I'd say to kind of equal in the
amount of apple and pomegranate you know
the flavor that's really really gross no
rush mer what's morose me smells good
yeah I like it this one is sorry just
looking at my notes thirteen dollars for
a 15 mil and this one is a 70 BG I say
great great flavor let's give it a babe
once again on the old velocity going
back to this one again it was seem to
you know head back to it every now and
again I was away from it for around you
know a few months if I remember how
money and decided to go back to it so
here we are let's give it a name
see that when it's not your sour apple
taste you're getting out of this it's a
nice mellow fruity apple text and it's
really nice and you getting kicked by
that pomegranate you can taste it or
this one I took this is a one of the
first months I took to work to try out
and I was on it all day and I never
finished it it's that good more so more
as she getting a good all day vape at
this one it's really good let's give
another thing
it's one the inhale it's more
pomegranate and apple and then it
switches and then on the exhale you're
getting more of that Apple then we want
a pomegranate it's a great combination
it's a great balance at the flavor as
well none of one's trying to out do the
other one it's simple it's great the
flavors go together and it's so good you
get in a nice throat hit on this as well
nice tingle as you exhale through the
nose brilliant this is what a vape
should be you know it's exactly what it
says so I'll leave a link as always
where you can pick this one up if you
have tried it as well let me know what
you think I love hearing feedback with
people saying I tried so and so I agree
with you I disagree with you that's what
this whole things about so get involved
with that and once again thanks for
watching and if you do enjoy these
videos remember to get involved with
that like button subscribe button as
well because we are really really really
close to the subscribers we may even be
over it by the time this video goes out
and if we are i will be making a video
announcing what the prices are going to
be for the 250 subscribers and then
we'll go from there so thanks for

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