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By Ksenia Sobchak

High Voltage Electric Edition is here to help you power through your day! Blue Energy tastes just like your favorite blue energy drink! VG to PG Ratio: 70/30 This Product Features: Caffeinated / Energy Infused Colored Glass Bottle / No Added Food Coloring You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Blue Energy BEASTLY BECAUSE High Voltage Blue Energy E-Liquid is made in the USA with the highest quality standards. Come and get your caffeine fix with High Voltage! Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of HIGH VOLTAGE BLUE ENERGY

what's going on YouTube dripping that
gin and juice is back for you with
another eliquid review today it's gonna
be two different videos but we're going
to be talking about high voltage the
blue and the red electric editions now
these are supposed to be like energy
drinks wanna supposed to be similar to a
monster energy drink and the other one
Red Bull and they're based out here
manufacturer in Norwalk California these
come in 30 ml and 120 ml bottles zero
three and six NIC their caffeine invited
into the but you can order it from them
with no additives if you don't want the
caffeine beat I watched one review that
I found on YouTube because they have
another like seven other melatonin so on
the website $40 for the 230 MLS from the
electric condition so $20 per 30 ml
bottles you want to get both they have
sample packs of the whole entire line
you can pick up 300 MLS for $100 she's
pretty good and let's see I brought a
couple things down okay and vitamin B I
don't know if you knew but that helps
you heal naturally it helps out with
stress and it like energizes you gives
you more energy
I've been vaping on this you know for
the past
I'd say day because I always do that
prior to doing a review you know you
can't I don't just drip and vape on it
and give you what I pick up on it you
know you got to kind of like break it in
you know in a way so I put on this since
yesterday and it does give you a little
buzz and more energy and I'm surprised
too with the caffeine because I'm half
hour meeting so I drink that strong
coffee that it's pretty much likes and
at the bottom of the cup it comes on a
saucer little cup like this and I can
drink those like no biggie and when you
flip the cup upside down onto the saucer
and all the the coffee grinds they drip
inside of the glass and then you flip it
back over like five minutes and there's
no snow to see your fortune in there and
you do you do see some cool stuff from
the drips so I was surprised that I got
more energized little head bugs but
nothing to where I couldn't function
normal in society so we're gonna do the
blue the electric blue and they do come
in black bottles it's not a big deal but
for me I like to see how much II live
what I have left in a bottle even if
it's like a little line in between the
label from the glass and you can see
that's no biggie
and I do like the black glass though
and same thing high voltage electric
Edition this isn't a three milligram
Nick energy liquid this is a 30ml bottle
it also mentions that if you're
sensitive to caffeine do not use but off
the website it did say that you can pick
it up with
any additives in order it so this one
like I says so so be it says it's a
electric condition blue its let's see
blue spot on a flavor of your favorite
blue energy e liquid I wonder if it was
supposed to say blue energy drink and I
pulled that off the website and it
tastes this one tastes like monster
I don't drink energy drinks to be honest
with you but I mean I've had a Red Boy
pass monster before you know I've tried
them and this to me tastes like monster
energy drink so I got the V got hybrid
right here upgraded the switch put a
magnet in here with a more thicker
spring going adding to battery so hybrid
mode air got new wick and I've been
dripping this e-liquid on this that
aliens and their omen out to a point one
two and this is the druga RDA on top
really good RDA gold-plated deck high
conductivity with a sony BTC for 30 amp
continuous 2100 mAh battery so I'll show
you some cloud production and tell you
what I pick up pick up off of this
electric blue
I also have another set up ready to go
with the weight RTA on an alien Mach so
an RTA tank instead of the RDA those
were all different in these different
setups now on youtube a video I came
across someone had mentioned that it has
a harsh it's too harsh on the throat it
like the 3 3 milligram Nick it's not
harsh on the throwing it at all it's
smooth they taste like monster on the
inhale and exhale I mean they did a very
good job like it's almost like a clone
of monster eliquid so I give you guys
props on that you really did a great job
forever whatever mix I'll just put this
one together I do feel a little bit more
not like I'm on some kind of drug or
anything it's like I feel like I have
more energy and besides that there is a
little kind of not lightheadedness but a
little in a good way buzz of top here
but it's very mild and I probably see
that going away as you vape on and get
used to it and let's try out the other
setup that I also put the electric blue
and like I said the wake when you wake
RTA great on flavor and clouds when I
run it at 70 watts
there's a new shirt so if you could see
it for the way Cartier
pretty cool shirt with a pocket alright
airflow is fully open it's a little
weaker on the tank compared to the RDA
that's normally the case in general I
think it's a 70 bg-30 PG blend clouds
are not bad though those are some max VG
80/20 clouds this was sent out to me
from a friend for the purpose of
enjoying and to review when I buy this
I'm actually enjoying the taste and I'm
liking the caffeine / might even be
infused blend or this e-liquid yeah I'd
buy it especially $40 you know 4 to 30
ml bottles retail you go to a shop
you're gonna end up spending twenty two
ninety nine to twenty five dollars for a
30 mm of some whatever you liquid so for
what they put into this I think it's a
fair price I will be back after this I'm
gonna have to change out my wick and/or
this pour this back into the container
and put the red the red bowl one in
alright dripping that gin and juice
we'll be right back

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