Vape Review of Halcyon Vapors - Parallax

April 20, 2018 2 min read

Vape Review of Halcyon Vapors - Parallax

Vape Review of Halcyon Vapors - Parallax

Parallax is like a sweet pear nectar. Full of candied pear flavours, this ejuice will leave you with a with a soft, ripe and delectable taste. Perfect for all day vaping. Prominent Flavours: Pear

Vape Review of Halcyon Vapors - Parallax

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Halcyon Vapors - Parallax

what's up guys is Don from vape line got
a question for you when a humming bird
flaps its wings in California can you
taste the flavor in Canada hey guys
super excited to announce a brand-new
line here in Canada that vape line is
going to be distributing it's called
halcyon vapors and it's one of the most
unique flavors you've ever tried from
Orange County California think you guys
are going to love it Apache wild
apricots and peach of course every
single one of them has the Chi base
which is a lychee really great all day
vape gonna love that cranchi this is
their original this is the og of the
whole line this one started the whole
thing you like cranberries without that
tart or bitterness this is the one for
you what's this one here this one's
parallax awesome flavor brand new it's
got caramelized pear with a little hint
of agave syrup again got a little bit of
lychee which is a nice smooth balancing
bottom note and dragon cheap whoo this
one we cannot keep on ourselves dragon
fruit with a little bit of pomegranate
unbelievable you're going to love it you
guys can get this all exclusively in
Canada I've a YMCA check it out I think
you're going to love it premium line
from Orange County California like the
company says keep calm and halcyon and
remember they've saved vape often vape

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