Vape Review of Guave E-Liquid 100ml by Glas

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Guave E-Liquid 100ml by Glas

Vape Review of Guave E-Liquid 100ml by Glas

By Elena Ognivtseva

Guave from Glas. A unique e-liquid consisting of a number of intoxicating flavours. Guave is a mixture of delicious guava, fresh berries and finished off with a delicate splash of pink lemonade. Guave really is a tropical paradise.Prominent Flavours: Guava, Berries, Pink Lemonade

Vape Review of Guave E-Liquid 100ml by Glas

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Guave E-Liquid 100ml by Glas

Joseph you
then another juice review in the forks
and it's just a single juice and I think
everyone recognizes this bottle it's a
new one from glass I looked at glass
what was the last one I looked up there
was that Kiki one I can't remember then
email but no but it was rather mace and
I finished the entire bottle the seem
dear dead the review this is a new one
that literally just released this little
fella this as glass where are we here
this as glass
finally founder guava or guava as the
Putin here it's a guava guava fruit or
something like that beasts do you like
with its the packaging that are light
from glass it looks like a perfume
bottle of some sort this is not actually
a wax seal it's a rubber seal so you can
just do that twice that and the p-pop
seal there breaks because a little bit
the up tears off and that way you know
if the bottles been opened or not but
yeah I love the packaging the glass do
for these things there these are sex T V
G the not are paren VG so these are thin
enough so tanks like the Nautilus many
can still work it with absolutely no
problem so here we go
glass Gua v or however the pronounced in
this one wow there's a lemonade and I
can smell out Street are we officially
white tiger well oh by the way I've got
this day rate from glass by the way
there is lemonade and I can definitely
five volts 1 point 3 ohms are must a
nudge the coil is at 1.30 5 volts 1.3
ORMs 19.8 watts not much of a difference
folks and off yeah that's a lemonade Wow
so I'll struggle a mini alright the
lemonade is fighting for dominance over
the guava guava
I've actually tasted guava before
mothers from the Philippines right and
I've been over there a few times in
holiday and I've actually had fresh
guava s rather an interesting flavor
right that is kinda hard to describe if
you another hard one before but yeah as
fighting for dominance with the but the
the lemonade and is really famed for
dominance hold on
I'm gonna have to put the lemonade at
the front just cheat me pin unless you
get the lemony that the front it's not
even as a hold on that's probably why
it's fainting from dominance I'm packing
up a hunt of a Cetera's going on at the
back end of the lemonade flavor guava is
a very odd guava guava depending how you
want to pronounce it is a very med range
deep tone fruit flavor which is rather
unusual for a tropical based through
which is what it basically as but
because it's deep and mid-range the
citrus and the lemonade as fighting for
dominance over at now I know they've
done the Pooh they've probably tried to
lit that I'm picking up berries as well
as well stuff like a strawberry
raspberry mix or something at the
backend just that just popped in my head
there what they probably - I tried to do
is put the guava at the front the
lemonade behind her and then chalk and
some berry flavors at the back know what
but does a citrus just a slight hint of
a ceteris note going on with the lemony
the nuts throwing the max off and it's
put in the lemonade at the front then
the guava then the berries which to
anyone listening or watching this video
might not sound like a lot but they are
marketing it as guau guau v guava how
they pronounce in the spot that's taught
by koi they've got a little but the
accent thing above the e come on focus
on there we go
guau guau v guava guava other Deleuze
little accent things that all about but
the way this has been the way they've
probably tried to do this as lemonade in
the meddle with the guava at the front
but i'm packing up the lemonade at the
front i'm just being picky I'm being
picky I had matter yeah
there's a Mika a bad juice actually it
especially quite a nice juice and I can
see myself polishing off
30ml bottle tonight probably and that's
because I've got the theorem out and
Wecht just testing the thing out before
I do that have you in a couple of weeks
boy does that time go through a lot of
your liquid but yeah as a nice juice
folks and with a glass is listening to
this the next batch do a test run of
them and send them back out to the
reviewers again get a lemonade flavor
with no ceteris just the baseline
lemonade flavor and then your guava will
go back to the front you might want to
give that a try just a little bit of
honey yeah even when the predominantly
lemonade flavor I could beat that Aldi
easily it does very little if any
sweetness going on in the flavor but
even though there's a lemony then there
but I could easily beat this all day
that was glass guava guava I don't know
how to pronounce this because there's an
accent at the end of it right there yeah
guava guava that's one right we all know
the place eyeglass buy no force vite
club coat Yuki is selling the 30 ml
bottles which is these fails the cell in
the 30ml bottles for 16 pound 99 glasses
already on the vaping with that bake
charter just so there's no point in
playing the chart back up again I'd have
a look over at veep club's website
currently that out of stock of
everything but the zeal the zero Mella
gram so it looks like these fellers are
flying off the shelf and I can see why
cuz it's a very refreshing vape very
refreshing beep that is that for me
folks beg thanks the glass for sending
over this liquid for review and yeah I
have a good one

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