Vape Review of Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

April 21, 2018

Vape Review of Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Unleash your sweet tooth with a bottle of delicious cookies dipped in a cold cup of delicious milk. Grizzly by ANML Unleashed provides the user a most authentic cookie and milk vape juice that is perfect for the dessert ejuice fan. An inhale of freshly baked cookies arrives on your tongue, filling your taste buds with delectably sweet flavor notes. A full bodied exhale of milk delivers excellently replicates a nostalgic dip of cookie and milk fusion. Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of ANML Unleashed Grizzly E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-liquid (60ML)

that what's going on bate fam and CB
howdy doody it's your friendly
neighborhood host and vapor Matt on the
Kelly papers back to you guys with
another ejuice review for you and I'm
bringing you damn label lights - a
little too much animal vapors this one
is called grizzly it is a chocolate-chip
it's got to fix there we go it's a
chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk I'm
pretty sure my phone was being really
stupid - is gone the computer
I remember here in that description I
have a review somewhere price on this is
almost fucking $30 $30 for a 60 ml
bottle that's like damn like it's like
22 or 23 dollars for the 30ml so it's
more on the expensive side it's coming
from drip Club comm they did send this
free for the purpose of this review so
it won't be changed my opinion on I'll
still let you know overall babe it lets
you know how the throat hit is flavor
even my overall opinion on it and just
if I feel if it's worthy or not of
course it's just my opinion but who
knows maybe they'll help you in a
purchase so let's start off with a small
test like I said my phone wouldn't let
me look on drip Club it was like fucking
the way the phone was working I couldn't
get the actuall to say I was 21 over to
hit enter it wouldn't let me so I was it
whatever fuck it well I've watched her
two reviews on this I'm almost sure this
is a cookies and milk like cookies and
ice cream that really would have reminds
me of his uh cream and cookies by Royale
vapery look what's another cookie babe I
pad like almost any cookie bait they
really almost all taste and smell the
same they really have that sugar cookie
base like Capella's sugar cookie or
flavor art they have a siddha sugar
cookie I don't think it's sugar cookie F
record it's called I think it's just
cookie or something that's really the
smell I get out of it with a little bit
of chocolate added to it for the
chocolate chips and of course you get
screaming out in the background so let's
fire this up the vaping with twisted
4/20 triple 18 650 box mod I have a pair
of a dual stainless steel fuse Clapton's
on there that I built with each SEF
atomizer on top be good shit
that's pretty good paper reduction alone
this is nice as well shit so this juice
is like looks like almost like a 7525
mix maybe an 80/20 damn the ma20 but
probably about the 7525 vapor production
is really nice off of it yeah bear
productions nice to give that like a
seven or eight out of ten completely
smooth really fucking smooth
so I've heard another reviews about this
juice that it's harsh that it's harsh
the nicotine is peppery but my question
is is if it so harsh and peppery I kind
of consider that a lie I'm not trying to
call anyone out and say that the reviews
bullshit i guess i canti am actually i'm
trying to call them out and see because
their since some of the reviews i've
seen are bullshit I mean drip Club I'm
not trying to say I'm jerk rub in any
way but I know for a fact and new Knick
team will tell you the same thing that
drip Club uses new nicotine's nicotine
they make and I used that's the only
thing I use is new nicotine for all my
DIY that's what I use this new nicotine
and the reason why I use it is because
it's the best nicotine I've had batch
after batch you can check the like the
chemical like fucking tests they do on
in everything and not even just that
like it's always smooth it's never
peppery and I just feel like when I'm
vaping it there are certain nicotine's
that make you feel like shit and then
there's certain eighteens that your body
just seemed to take right in you feel
like you're getting your nicotine fix
you feel good while you're vaping that's
how I feel off of that nicotine I feel
good when I'm beat
it and that's how it was with the Beast
the banana pudding it was smooth the
tastes are really good and this one's
the same this one's smooth and it's
really good and I definitely recommend
the flavor on this I want to give the
flavor like a solid like eight out of
ten maybe not at attendants just as good
as the Royale vapery cream and cookies
but it's expensive
that's the only thing thirty dollars for
the 60 ml bottle and for my
understanding it's not even made by
Philip Braque so I don't even know why
the fuck people pay hella money for his
juice anyway is that to be honest I
don't give a fuck if it's Philip Roth
$22 for a 30ml bottle is getting
expensive there are a lot of 30ml bottle
juices out there for $15 that are just
as good quality of juice you know what I
mean in a lot of places sell Phillips
Philip rocks juice for like twenty two
dollars plus for the 30ml bottle
sometimes may be a little cheaper if you
find it on sale or find out on a good
site but overall in my opinion it's like
come on really
he must be overcharging on his end and
that's why all these other companies
have to end up overcharging just to make
their profit that they need to you know
what I mean that's BOM now that's really
good do I consider an all-day beep yes
this is my very first impression off of
it but I already know I could take this
to work with me and be happy with this
all day I'll probably will take it to
work with me today and I'll make sure
that I enjoy it all day I'd already know
I will
is it an all week vape I can't tell you
that I'm it I mean I can actually
probably say no it's not all week bait
from my opinion the ones that I've had
that were all weak vapes
always blew me away off first taste they
really really always give me a great
impression off of the first vape and I
get like really not like excited but I'm
just like I guess excited instance just
like blown away like wow I can't believe
how great this fucking juices and it's
like every vape is it just grows on you
more and more and you're just like wow
and you love it more and you love it
more after every vape and that happens
with every juice every juice will grow
on you even if you don't like it at
first but if I like it at first deep
first impression
I really like it I know it's gonna be an
all week babe so that probably hopefully
answers it for you
definitely concern all debate maybe
could be but for a couple of days then I
would switch it out bring something else
into my rotation but I definitely give
this a solid thumbs up definitely
recommended if you find it on sale I
definitely don't approve of being $30
for the 60 ml bottle that's kind of
overpriced especially with California if
you guys didn't know with Proposition 56
which pass there's gonna be a sixty
seven percent tax charge on everything
you buy vape related wise now now I know
it's gonna definitely be for all juices
that have nicotine in it so the zero
milligram you won't be paying tax on but
I'm not sure how it's gonna go for the
mods and everything like that I'm pretty
sure they want to charge tax on the mods
as well so for all you people that voted
YES on 56 fuck you because I know there
are a few of them I actually had a
friend who was thinking about getting
into vaping and he wasn't even aware
that prop 56 involved not only with
cigarettes but it was involved with tax
and vaping as well since it's considered
a tobacco product in California and the
FDA 40 deemed it that way but California
deemed it a tobacco product before even
FDA regulations were fully set into
place so make a long story short like my
buddy who voted on 56 stood and voted
YES on it and you want to get the vaping
your fuck now you're not even to be able
to get a mod without spending spent
surprised but that's what you fucking
get for voting YES on it but anyways
sorry for rambling on and taking up your
guys's time thank you for tuning in I
greatly appreciate it hopefully you like
this video hopefully share it subscribe
if you're not already and I'll see you
guys in the next review we're gonna try
to keep on pumping out on a daily basis
me and Pat are gonna try to do these
things separately so hopefully we get a
video Elysa every single day this we've
got a lot of shit to catch up on but
anyways guys happy fucking holidays and
thank you for tuning in peace out NC
b-squad peace

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