Vape Review of Green E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

April 21, 2018 17 min read

Vape Review of Green E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

Vape Review of Green E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

Green e-liquid combines crumbling cookies with a crisp apple twist, all smoothed off with a creamy butter on the exhale. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 2mg and 4mg nicotine strength About Anarchist Anarchist e-liquid breaks the rules and promises acute flavour with big clouds! With five tongue tingling flavours to choose from, this rebellious range of e-liquid comes in an 70VG /30PG ratio; perfect for the sub-ohm lovers. What are you waiting for? Release your inner rebel...

Vape Review of Green E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Green E-Liquid by Anarchist 6x10ml

what's up guys the back piss off back
again went down got another review for
you guys
another one that me and Dan got from the
range of down Lucas juice you've not
already seen the rest of reviews and
this me and Dan have been going Anika's
man recently we've got a review on the
other case quietly uh Nick he's black
the other is blue and now the green one
and I really want to get browsing the
Redmond cuts one on a trial this stuff
here has been opened by the way we've
not tried it though basically what
happened is one of my friends went down
to the same places I got mine from
bought the green one didn't fancy it so
they don't take this I'll swap you from
some you are juice or whatever I'll stop
this so I'm a juice off of this Tina's
always a good friend and this side of us
so were me and done ended up with it so
I thought I'd get a review on it see
what we're thinking soon as I we've
tried the other ones and they've all
been pretty much spot-on
they aren't rewarmed out to perhaps
anyone yet that means that no one that's
been bad at all
all flavors are all blended in
everything it's been absolutely
banging jobs to be fair so what I'm
expecting very very good things from
this one me and Dan are both free with
the devices downs able murdered our
clone which is a review on this on my
channel as well and he's using the glue
glue gun clone on the air as well both
were on freshly wins I also am running
my authentic limitless with a goon clone
on there as well open to accept get
myself a authentic GUI as well when I'm
down there of a pic though copper one so
if you're down there guys let us know in
the comments section will nicely you're
down there it's a nice so you box
upwards about this pretty much like a
you could get me a donut boxes there's
not much going on it comes in a zero two
four and six milligrams actually can see
on the side there this is in the two
milligram the box is dry green the rest
of them are are symbolized by the red
the green the blue the black the white
box so you can tell which ones which
anyway on the top you've got a anarchist
MFG the manufacture in Orange County
California the anarchist sign and on
both sides the anarchists there again on
the back you've got hundred-percent
Anarchy right there you can see that
there's a few months Watchers of Jews
racing leads a little bit but not to
worry anyway inside you've got what's
that say you know
punk ass punk ass fuck on the inside
there that's all that said for you guys
but only hazard wine on the slip on the
back I'm not going to get straight into
it we don't actually know the VG PG
ratio on this they don't say on the
bottom anarchist yeah done you can check
out mine see people are pretty simple
pretty straightforward like they should
take the cap off take the seal off and
you replace it with this little nozzle
here a lot of juice manufacturers
recently are doing the same sort bulbs
exact same design me and down do and
don't like it but like the so doing
don't buy the size they don't like the
bottles because basically the nib is
really really thick really fat on the
end we prefer for a thin like a unicorn
bottle blushes man and dance preference
pop something don't weigh the
description online is an Apple cookie by
the way so I'm hoping it's gonna be an
alcohol cookie never have enough vodka
me fall back an actual you're not a baby
no no me neither
seeing it on the UK easy stuff it does
saying that it's 20 pounds yep most
places online guys sell Vistula 20 pound
we're talking about a little on price
and when I buy this stuff from well well
I've been buying it from recently well
whether god I got this from solver say
he actually says the feet he says 60
bill bottle of anarchist jewels and a
top cap the PG VG is max VG so small
that says 60 ml bottle made in the USA
maybe don't want to tell you the BGP D
ratio it's a secret it's a secret
because maybe to find out the PG VG
ratio that could figure it out because
of a ratio possibly right you got on
your modern anyway almost take a fresh
battery in a minute
that's all I'm sayin I mean I did scroll
past a couple of of his eyes he does say
twenty-pound I was I must take a full
charge battery as well guys so you know
that we are tasting and getting the full
power I read something 25-hour which
I'll be wrapped myself didn't come like
this I always read about my barbershop
got one of every color purely just
because I've been so which was which
then and then all green makes my life
easier it doesn't it comes to charge and
learn especially when you're out and if
I come through if you've got our green
and you use a green 25 then you put
another green 25 bar and then put it
back in your case you don't always wish
25 on that news chair there these
charges so I've done exactly same voices
you've been so kind to rear up my also
the bills at me and diamond were near
mine and downs builds are pretty much
the same we're both using flat wire you
okay and I 8 to 21 gauge I have got 5
reps on here coming out our point zero
way it Dan's got six I want to charge
one I'm gonna stop this bump me out guys
while I do that or it makes way some
other bits on bases but yeah that's not
what's going on me and done really like
this build the upon zero weight isn't
too one for me it's just right where I
need it
it's not the lowest stuff built but I
don't like to build any lower than point
zero eight point zero eight two point
Warren is my preferred area to vape are
yeah a man's own have got an extra wrap
on the mantle in 0.1 that's candy like
where I like to be what choice between
0.1 0.1 one yeah I don't like to be any
any lower really I kind of try to stay
around that mark it's comfortable for me
it's a 4 as well to be fair yeah ok
let's elevate
what's different
I'm thinking I'll say cookie dough we
all email it's an apple doll inhale just
a summer job it's an apple dole inhale
for me I'm the Excel tastes like a
apples chewy sweet so it's got a sweet
taste to it
so teach me for drinking tea before
reveals that's a war when the juice is
sweet anyway although I give you some
we've tried have been really sweet
different then we have reviewed the
blueberry one blue raspberry slush warm
the vanilla glazed cupcake one with
sprinkles and then also we did a review
on the marshmallow cookie I think it was
tasted nothing like a marshmallow cookie
I'm like a cinnamon bun there is a v1
review on all those two free to enflame
short sell out as well doing just in
pace and the other unlike his balls
thanks to it I'm getting like a green
dami email with see it's right way
because it nails not to bug but the
exhale I'm finding a little ash I
expected personally with it to be harsh
a little bit or just something exhale
miss elephant I know what it is is maybe
it's just the apple cider to it thank
you it's a bit you ordered for me it's
not awesome but it's got loads of flavor
in its place it's there's just not as
flavorful as the other flame I don't
think it is range yeah
look saying it like a green the green
dough Apple I'm weighing and I don't
like it like it was there but then an
apple chill type taste on exhale
hmm yeah that sugar is well that's
somewhere out there like a granny smith
apple with a green Granny Smith again a
bit of sugar on Excel as well sugar yeah
you getting that you sweet it's sweet
and obviously it's a fresh wick so it
does take a while
they got them to sell as we all know so
yeah it's just one of them things I mean
widget we I suppose I thought he'd
ripped a bit more as well probably it's
down it'll probably stop coming for a
little bit different I found that most
juicers anyway on the fresh wait add a
little bit of the cinnamon hit them yeah
a slight bit soon most of these are
usually using the cracks though it's
small you know I would just get I just
got a little bit of a sharp exhale
that's all these are 2 milligrams of
already said all the Anarchy still
coming 0 2 4 & 6 which i think is really
good I drop the vape in the tube from a
3 I mean dumb prefers Histories hmm it's
nice it's definitely nice I don't think
Eastern I've gone by again my favorite
no it's not my favorite either on the
range and that's was personally like we
offset in loads of his videos that every
one tastes different things we might say
something completely different someone
else or they might actually love this
flavor or hate it the guy they got it
from yeah so the hates his flavor wasn't
that interest that it didn't really like
it so I stopped to melt some of my juice
for it I'm gay all I'm getting is like a
fuck is it a sour green apple you know
with a sour apple sour green apple
XL we we like some sugar and an ever so
slight like y'all said a slight in a
cinnamon but it's not overpower cinnamon
it's not it's a lot of flames had to
pick up to be fair yeah yeah we're take
quite a few possibility at the slice bit
cinnamon also try and get the flavors
come through there's a lotta Brown well
I'm thinking is like I had a brown sugar
taste to it up exhale
sorry guys starting to change
I couldn't be but it's not an all-day
event for me
I mean I'm officer potted it by any
means I'm not gonna spy on whatsoever I
mean it's nice all the other cashews
we've tried to be nice but it's not to
my taste I don't think that could make
it all the time it's not tonight
anything but I mean what I'm getting is
like an apple apple round if you
remember them and it's like a pastry
it's like it's at least buying Boise
it's a flat pastry about yea thick about
yay round then it's got like a jeweled
apple still green apple side and like a
paste of ice on the top yeah sweet eats
ways it tastes similar to that to me you
remember if you are never tasted all
that well if you don't never have on
them you're not gonna be able to wake up
like apple flavors but only an apple
sour flavors any apple pies I tend to
stay away from a lot of the UK companies
tend to be a bit harsh and also have a
lot of cinnamon it for some reason
and I know the American there's a
massive on cinnamon as well for some
reason not sure why the last time I
kissed red which are supposed to be the
marshmallow cookie tasted like a pure
cinnamon bun and not all the power power
in cinnamon bit was really nice
they she eats hard to find the cinnamon
this is hard to taste it's great on
pendrake I'm Frank picking up on right
and exhale an aftertaste
yeah yeah that's not an all-day event
for me I'm not that keen on that poor
flavors anyway and but I mean it's not
it's not it's not bad jokes they smooth
just like it all over their own kind of
kists if you like up or play there's
this one for you yeah it's sweet just
like Oliver on a kiss it's not overly
sweet like it's not it's not about
flavor but it's not summer it's not
something I buy no way that's not
something I buy either but dessert got
some juice then just to get you guys a
pill the purely another review I want to
try and get the review on embryonic is
flavor yeah that'd be nice to it yeah
but I don't forget what I were gonna say
but yeah I'm struggling with this one
personally it's it's a matter taste we
always say subjective flavors are always
subjective some people like it some
people don't
that one's my favorite by far it's a
wide one know what the others here in a
second that one there's the black one
that's my second favorite and then we've
also got the blue one and that's my
third favorite without Paul they are all
sweet go
mouth watering to be fair they don't dry
you out either most juicers do he's had
to say because there's not much to say
about any of these juicers to be further
they've all been really nice oh my gosh
yeah oh they're like explains Americans
highly recommend allergies for anyone
out there if you'd already we've tried
them while watching this review to see
if you want to pick up on this bottle of
apple if you're me personally and you're
in supple flavors and go ahead and buy
it by Ken doll and while something went
better than the upper one in my personal
opinion I know Dan likes the white one a
lot better is his top favorite for me
you see the black one on a blue one the
blue ones the most through each one I
think we found like a blue raspberry
slush the the black one sort of more of
a it's supposed to be a bit of a cupcake
well Glades Manila cupcake with
sprinkles that's my second favorite they
ain't got the white one the green one
yeah it's that way it's just
yeah that's not not for me yeah yeah
well yeah like any day I would set all
the reveals and definitely try I mean if
you if you've got them on a buy one
bottle one way by another another way if
not find a shop that does it on test and
give them all - yeah yeah just try and
find it in in a shop that's gonna test
it on an RDA I'm not a good time because
everything's gonna taste different in
every different device and whatnot the
place I bought most of these from of the
market the gong customer market called
Dave and E sells are we those of them in
for a couple of weeks now me and then
I've kind of been popping down serious
got and picked a bottle up here and
there obviously got the white one and
the green one in a trade because the
people didn't like the me and um both
well like the man when
say about other than the upper ones not
to his tastes
I could vape all these three all the
time when I couldn't read this all the
time another place you can buy this from
as well as evolution vaping online they
do the full range they are 20 pound a
bottle Dave can charge you depends on
you are real if you know any you've been
done going down for a long time they'll
charge you anything between 12 and 14
pound a bottle for this stuff which i
think is absolutely small yeah it is a
pretty decent guy I'm not and you know
if you can save somebody else on the job
then by all means go and do it yet oh my
god I said I'm not tasting anything else
just peel the Apple a bit of dough and a
slight exhale of cinnamon on the other
days as well yeah it's right and exhale
like saying I'm picking picking up a
cinnamon here there was a lot like a
green apple peel to be fair that's why
I'm gay it's doughy as well yeah so I'm
presuming that's where the game you know
the cookie from it's like a cookie dough
cookie dough me know I can't taste
cookie dough but that's it
like like after you've been mixing some
cake are some like a cake batter yes I
think the right one on the green was
supposed to be a cookie flavor and so
far green that I'm not tasting any
cookie either one of them
no not 19 that's disappointing as it's
not what it's supposed to taste like but
even though they're not the tools even
though they don't taste what they are
supposed to be they are sober justice
yeah yeah I'm really nice users
yeah then by far anarchist all these
annika stranger but any juice I've tried
within the past year at least yeah
definitely I mean if it takes to
certainly you know we've revealed a lot
of Josas recently and these are still
coming up you know on top shelf every
time we have got some of the girls as
well but you can't say really anything
bad about them they are quali yeah then
a Kitaen again like we said before
absolutely spot-on and usually and I
will say this usually in any juice that
you buy one bottle do you think last
nice and smooth and then next week
you'll go up by saying bottle
different it'd be a shock throat or
whatever every different jokes that
we've got for a monarchist has been
exactly saying it's been evolving
consistent as well yeah yeah I mean even
in the two milligram with Jeff is
personally my sort of preference to hide
vapor I don't know I just I just think
he's spawn for me the flavor the
thickness of the cloud as well
everything to do with this huge is
absolutely amazing I mean we don't get
paid for doing these reviews we've not
been said anything for free everything
we buy and review is our resort pocket
so yeah that's basically it's other than
the other day we've got given a tank to
review but the guys took me back so that
I'll be up there pretty soon upon before
this review actually it wasn't a Mason
dump tank fitting Millie life is it for
a couple nice to get used to it
simply think to it and pop the review up
for them for you guys I've had to watch
so we yeah you're gonna see a lot more
review some other guys also said I can
borrow from some more of these mods as
well which is great yeah that's
absolutely fantastic baby every metal
unders stuff them not to reveal we can
just see Garlin know again it's a bigger
pour them I got my reverb no strings
like a nice in taste and I think they're
sweet icing tastes nobody just mixed it
you end again cuz we got a lot countess
anymore tastes totally shortly yeah the
right one what for something like and I
seem that way oh yeah yeah the Apple
seems to diminish a little bit there
yeah as powerful yeah it's not like and
the peel it's not an in-your-face up
it's not real yeah you'll say I mean
it's not it's not like ice it's just
nothing but Apple it's it's no it's not
it's not it's not to it there is a lot
more to it it's out to describe flavors
in it sad but no it was best and we can
only tell you what we're tasting and how
it's developing as coil so best thing
about well being down do is every time
we go by the juice
you guys say what we think we don't like
it we'll tell you if we like it we'll
let you know that we like it and all the
IQ so far we've stopped you've seen from
what we've said already with all the
other key stuff good to say about it
other than certain flavors haven't been
to our tastes but I think if you're
really into something that's really
extremely fruity my god for the blue one
the creamy dessert flavors you're the
white and the black one and the alcohol
one it's kind of a a quiet one I'd say
it's a bit quiet it's not a straight
Apple if you have to pure up or get off
fun after a pure apple flavor it's not
the jobs to be like enough okay cut it
it's like it's a mixture of the other
bottles it's like it's like it's like
they've took some at white-on-black
right and then put it in with blue and
green I won't say look that's it but you
know the foodies add the throw aside you
the very side of the blue the cakey sort
of icing creamy and taste of the other
two with a slide better cinnamon and the
white one as well and they've all jumped
in agreeing with us with us yeah well
that's why we're trying to say about how
was that yeah thanks well right but
that's what that's that's what it's like
and be nice thing at the other wall I
really want to try the red one actually
they spokes to be like the red licorice
sweets the long as you get them as young
so I'm really interested in buying that
one that I'd be a total contrast from
what these are
yeah yeah really a lot of the ones we've
tried have been cakey the only one which
other theories the blue one and I could
highly recommend the blue and 20 or not
like the slush flavors definitely go and
check the reveal I'm not excited amazing
that stuff I just feel like a sweet
pastry taste a Cotton's nearly dry
Marlon almost yes this is rice it's jus
some module site but I'm getting like it
so the driver gets the more of the
pastry sauce egg flavor you tasting yeah
that's that's what I'm getting
the wetter is the more Apple I get
I'll just have a real wake you taste
that I love a reduce not re wick you're
I'm yeah yeah there's not as much Apple
noise more like a like a pastry it
smells nice as up mmm he's weird but
nice that we had Minos different Winston
there they drew this for you again I
know it sounds unusual I'm running one
woman I'll wrap them what than what you
are out after yeah so I'm slightly iron
I'm old and I get a lot like the orange
hello at the green the green peel Apple
totally different absolutely different
it's not like a so this is more like a a
a sugared Apple I think it's fruity
through them yeah it's a model yummy
dessert on this so I'm guessing they'll
only take the resistance or the one of
the juices are the vapor is when you
heat it up the more flavor you're gonna
get a pastry yeah I'm sorry that yeah
that's that's real strange and I have
another poll babe you're near when your
next one survey people Leslie I like the
asshole taste through this is what the
person of my personal feel I'm getting
like a sugar apple there's there's more
of a fruity Apple to that to that one
I'm exhaling it's like a sugary taste
still getting a flu Apple as well and
then right end that just that touch of
cinnamon you man over pick it over some
people might not some people well we're
absolutely taste all the different it's
real weird
we're not trying through a tank either
so we're not sure what's gonna taste
like in there it takes only as good as
what we're tasting through these devices
then you're gonna be absolutely spawn
with it there's not much else the same
really is about me we can sit here all
night and keep talking about it but I
think all we're gonna do is an end up
going round in circles so yeah there
ain't much else we can say about from we
are we are impressed with this and your
science of it yeah all the ones have had
have been spawn
no got a bad word to say about it if you
tried the on the kiss juice so you wanna
leave us come on below please feel free
to let us know what you thought about it
you've got anything you want to see me
and undo a review off please let us know
also and be nice also hit the subscribe
button as well as know what you're
thinking maybe drop as a message you go
ahead to like the Facebook page we are
doing a giveaway when we reach a
thousand likes
we just under half way there in a minute
so we're hoping to hit that pretty soon
they'd be nice it's more people involved
with that we did give away five bars of
juice last time and we get 250 likes
there weren't bad juices there are bombs
canola cookies and cream cannoli
wouldn't wonder cut wood and cosmic fog
juicers and they're all really nice are
some of my favorites so yeah definitely
worthwhile giving it a like I will leave
the links below to all my social media
such as the Twitter the Facebook page I
have a snapchat account I need to get my
account as well so definitely go and
check those out give us a follow on
those I'll hit like all the subscribe
button on the YouTube channel and we've
been really helping those out as well
guys so yeah I mean don't probably leave
it this for now land you've done this
more back excellent you might want a
drink that's mostly it's gonna be dry
just before you die but just before we
sign off and please if you are watching
and you get on Facebook
Michelle follow it because we do do
surprise giveaways every so often so you
know it's well worth checking out and
keeping in touch with it and we do dog
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juicy could be some cotton bacon awesome
why it could be anything but yeah we're
looking forward to stuff like that so
please go and hit the right button on
the Facebook page as of everything we've
just said definitely go and check out
the hist I really would recommend them
to anyone even if it's not to your taste
definitely worth trying out anyway from
your local vape shop thanks for watching
guys i'mthe of a piece like this done I
hope you've been enjoying the video
we're going to take one last favor my
beer from me and done today so yeah good
bye guys see ya

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