Vape Review of Green by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

April 18, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Green by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Green by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

You'll fall in love at first puff with Green e juice by Beard and here's why. A blissful melody of tropical honeydew and cantaloupe are layered with a creamy and thick sweet custard that blend elegantly. The inhale provides a melon and sweet custard that shines, while the exhale delivers a trans formative rich honeydew experience. Perfect for cloud chasers, those looking for their next all day vape and anyone in between, Green by Beard e liquid simply cannot be missed, buy your 60mL bottle today!

Vape Review of Green by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Green by Beard Vape Co E-liquid (60mL)

going on YouTube
truth paper here conventions in YouTube
review today got the entire beard coat
color long and for you go into it that
most folks real quick alright so feared
Co faith came out with five moon flavors
they have five colors red pink tan green
and blue right is a strawberry green
pink is a mango light key tan is a chai
latte cinnamon green is a melon custard
and blue is a melon cucumber all the
blends are 70/30 I picked up all five on
a flash sale on my vapor store for 99
cents a bottle so I got five sixty
milliliter bottles for $10.50 shipped I
must say this they're going to be about
22 dollars when they go on for full
price sales and she'll like that even on
premium vape supplies so will the 20%
discount premium vape light so I'm going
to be like 18 but then you gotta pay
shipping so they're going to cost you
I'm gonna tell you now they're not worth
the click to buy the flavors there
there's some serious throw hit to some
of them the red is a very weak
strawberry and cream it's they're all
well a little off-putting they're
definitely not my flavor choices I mean
I thought strawberry cream would be good
you know I've had some good strawberries
and cream and this one was just not at
that's not even in here Devore I hit all
these last night and I'm never putting
them back in my tank again the only one
I would say that was actually good to me
would have been pink some angle 8g only
because I like mango the light cheese
like a citrus for kinda anyway so that
one's not a bad point like the other
four just don't tell me even waste your
money when you wait got a lot more
reviews coming in guys figured I'd just
go ahead and get these up going to pass
them along to somebody else to get a
review out so who knows maybe they'll
like them better than me I doubt it but
pretty would be sure to follow me on
instagram guys don't forget i'm going to
be having a little giveaway singh giving
away a bottles
Brandon's birthday see it son open so
you can see you they are 30 milligram
nicotine so you have to be 21 I'm saying
21 I don't care at 18 in your state it's
21 to mean because I'm in Massachusetts
it's 21 in my state you're going to have
to go by my state's laws just let you
know so anyway guys down lookout for
more reviews safe on

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