Vape Review of Green Blast by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

April 18, 2018 7 min read

Vape Review of Green Blast by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

Vape Review of Green Blast by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

Experience a piquant vape juice that will redefine the way you experience fruit e-liquids forever. A tart green apple joined together with a succulent pairing of honeydew and kiwi provide the palate a tangy surprise. The green apple note weighs heavy on the inhale with subtle inflections of kiwi and honeydew. Kiwi takes full control of the exhale with pockets of honeydew and green apple support the finish with excellence. Be sure to buy Green Blast by Naked 100 E-Liquid (60ML) now!


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Green Blast by Naked 100 E-liquid (60ML)

today it's all about naked 100
manufactured by the Schwartz hey there
ladies and gentlemen KJ antio is back in
the house this time it's to go over a
juice line from naked 100 they are
manufactured by the same people that
makes warts and there are three
different flavors to go over they were
sent my way for the purpose of this
review from vape society supply again
thank you guys very much for sending
them my way
very interesting flavors very interested
indeed they're all kind of like it got
creamy notes to them they all come in
these glass bottles with childproof
dripper caps they have standard warnings
on the side there that you'd know to
know to expect it's cool they they
actually show what's in each juice on
the side there's like little outlines of
fruits and stuff and it tells you the
blend they're 70/30 blends I like how
the the labeling is here it's really
simple it's straight to the point and it
looks nice looks really nice so these
flavors do retail for 60 mils you $25.99
really $25.99 for 60 mils of juice
really a decent bargain you also could
use the code ejuice when checking out a
vape society supply for an additional
savings and the first one I'm going to
go over is amazing mango that I got in
my hand right here amazing mango is an
interesting one it says quench your vape
thirst of ripe mangoes with light notes
of peach and smoothie cream exhale get
your taste buds going with this
delicious mango all day vape I'm sure
all you guys know by now I really don't
care for mangoes or peaches when I'm
vaping but it's not about that that's
not the way my channel works because
some of you guys might actually enjoy
this flavor profile so what I'm going to
rate it as does it match the description
okay that's what I always do and this
one I got loaded in my dark horse I got
a fuse clapped and build 0.18 in here
let's see how she vapes these are all
three milligrams of nicotine that's the
strength I like here goes
yeah I mean peaches and mangoes you know
but there's a creaminess to it there's a
total creaminess to it that I didn't
expect interesting to see them pear
cream with peaches and mangoes I don't
usually see that too often really smooth
that's the other thing about peach vapes
usually they're like a little bit harsh
at least to me they tingle my throat a
little bit
this one's smooth totally smooth and I
think the cream
I think the cream helps even it out and
smooth it out that's what I'm thinking
when you smell it definitely getting the
mango up front and the peach is a little
bit behind it but there's a creaminess
of that creamy essence to it you could
say really decent if I like peaches and
mangoes I would love this juice and I'm
sure you guys would too and actually for
peaches and mangoes it's not a bad vape
at all I actually kind of like it I
wouldn't do it all day for me but some
of you guys might do it the flavor it
totally matches the description so I'm
going to give it a 5 out of 5 the vapor
production it's a 70/30 but it produces
a lot of vapor check it out
nice dense clouds really clouds up quite
so yeah vapor production I'm going to
give a four and a half out of five
really good stuff get yours today
amazing mango by naked 100 the next
flavor I'm going to go over is green
blast another interesting one I mean
these guys are pairing up cream with
things that I have not seen paired up
with cream before which is really good I
like to see different things I like
innovation and what it says on their
website is experienced a trio of
expertly balanced flavors combining the
smooth and subtle sweetness of honeydew
the crisp tartness of Granny Smith apple
and finishing with this bright creamy
and zesty notes of Kiwi and the flavor
profile for this is honeydew green apple
Kiwi and cream and normally again I
really don't care for honeydew vapes but
this one is slightly different so uh you
know I'm open to new things I'm willing
to try it out I mean I actually opened
this one up last night started vaping at
it just to get my opinions together and
my thoughts together on this and let's
see how she babes
and I'm vaping this one on the autofill
IceCube on my are 80 70 watts also I got
a regular Clapton build in here 0.5 -
interesting very interesting when I'm
first when it's first coming in let me
try this again I'm getting like a creamy
honeydew is what I'm getting on the way
out I'm also getting the honeydew
followed up with a green apple and kiwi
kind of like almost half and half the
Apple I don't really taste the Apple as
much as I do the Kiwi in the honeydew
but totally a creamy essence to it and
that's what also helps like balance out
this flavour so it's really a nice
flavour it's also really smooth on the
throat really smooth out the nose exhale
interesting when you smell it I'm
smelling more Apple then I have to
actually get what I'm vaping it but I'm
also getting the honeydew and the Kiwis
in there too bit as it gets a creaminess
you could totally smell it's like a
creamy type of flavor really well done
totally matches the description and
that's what it's all about
so you get a 5 out of 5 for flavor four
and a half out of five for vapor
production that is green blast from
naked 100 the final flavor that I'm
going to go over is lava flow another
interesting one here as you can see on
the side it's got strawberry it's got
coconut and it's got pineapple and
another really interesting combination
right here this one doesn't really have
the creaminess that the other ones have
you open it up and I'm mostly smelling
the strawberry right up front
pineapples also there
the coconut is very faint very very
faint and I think that's also what helps
balance this flavor out because
pineapple could be a little strong
sometimes but the straw
he is foremost up front I got this one
on my Dark Horse Mini it's also a
Clapton build and it's 0.42 resistance
70 watts and let's see how she vibes
goodness I love this flavour by the way
this is my flavor profile I love a good
strawberry baby you guys all know that
on my channel this one is really good
it's got like a rich strawberry the
pineapple sits right behind it on the
exhale the coconut like I said it's
really faint it's at the very tail end
you almost got to like search for it a
little bit but it's there it's
definitely there
vapor production is great just like the
others man I love this flavor this one
I'm definitely vaping the whole bottle
of man this is really good so on the
inhale inhale mostly I'm just getting
the strawberry but on the exhale mine
Apple is right behind it and like I said
at the very very tail end I mean really
at the very back end of it all finishing
it up is a little bit of coconut okay
really delicious
totally love this juice really makes me
happy to vape this juice but that's me
like I said some of you guys may not
like strawberry or pineapple you know
different strokes for different folks
tastes are definitely subjective okay so
just because I like something you may
not like it or you may like something
that I don't like but like I said I
always rate these things do they match
the description and this one is no
totally does so I'm giving it a 5 out of
5 for flavor and it's getting a four and
a half out of five for vapor production
just like the others really good stuff
so would I recommend this line heck yeah
double thumbs up KJ Andy Oh approved I
totally recommend it 60 mils of juice
for $25.99 plus the e-juice discount
that you're going to get it over at vape
society supply makes this a win-win
situation all the way that's why that's
what my take on it is you know sorry
can't talk right now I'm getting a
little bit nicked out haha and this is
good nicotine in here by the way it's
not harsh it doesn't burn on the nose
Sall they use very good quality
ingredients I could tell see that nice
dense clouds that just drop down really
good stuff so definitely check them out
head over to VAP Society supply and get
yours today I will put a link to the
website in the description down below
where you could order these and other
than that I think we're about done we're
going to wrap this up I hope you all
enjoyed my review of naked 100 and if
you did please show me some support
click that thumbs up button and if you
haven't subscribed go ahead and
subscribe you know got nothing to lose I
got so much stuff coming you have no
idea coming up soon I just got this in
I'm really enjoying it actually my first
dna200 device I got this bigger box
takes 318 650s dna200
really starting to like this thing more
on that later though I'll be reviewing
that soon but otherwise have a great day
you guys have a stellar day be excellent
to one another and most of all remember
I am KJ Andy oh your host with the most
take care and I'll see you guys on the
next video bye for now

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