Vape Review of Green Ape E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

April 17, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Green Ape E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

Vape Review of Green Ape E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

Green Ape e-liquid from Nasty Juice is bursting with succulent, juicy green apple and subtly-sweet notes of tropical melon. Pleasantly mild with just the right amount of sour tanginess from the first vape to the last. This multipack comes in an attractive and convenient tin carry case. Details Multipack (5 x 10ml Bottles) 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Nasty Juice Based in Malaysia, Nasty Juice create the most advanced flavours in high-tech facilities, making it the most popular and sought after e-liquid name in Malaysia.

Vape Review of Green Ape E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Green Ape E-Liquid by Nasty Juice 50ml

what's up guys ESCA vape back again in
association with vapor makeup code at UK
we are well then this is going to be a
pretty quick review because I got so
many things to do it's unbelievable I'm
sorry about a light in its in the middle
of the day
and there it's just so bright outside it
just messes everything up there we go
you'll get the purpose of this review
even if I am pale-faced so today I'm
going to be doing part two of the
luminosity use line and it's from the
yummy fruity series but it I've got
wrong link series on it as well so now
comes in this cylindrical tube this
one's called green eight beautiful
packaging as you can see but you pop
blood at the top inside we get a sticker
and we got the bottle itself nothing
else inside and clean vehicle mentioned
in there the first review this is a
three make neck it's a 50 ml bottle
70/30 VG PG scroll with social media all
the information you would expect from
enough to juice on the side of the
canister and pull links in the
description down below for Matthew use
and and it comes in this wrap up so if
you want do the wrap up sorts of
information on the back there as you can
see it recommends what kind of volts you
should be vaping up or ohms all that
caper it's got a competition describe a
side effects safety precaution a really
professional job and at the bottom it
says don't forget to be awesome
like I said in the last one and on the
front so we have cool cartoon guide so
pretty good so take a look at the ball
it's the traditional style with an oxy
juice the kind of like aluminium type
and finish
non-fee through you've got you jump on
it on the side there and the writing in
green green ape apple at the bottom on
the back you've got information to
people to focus from where I am in the
room with this light coming in well so
you can get the general idea like I say
70 VG 30 bg3 magnet and 50 ml sized
bottle so without further ado and I
believe that a flavor profile lists on
this is a sour apple candy and I have
been using it I'm going to be honest
with you of the one thing that I can't
stand I mean the like apples as a fruit
I'm not into Apple dates whatsoever I'd
never buy them and quite been quite
enjoying this to be honest with you
so I think those of you who are in fault
right bait will definitely like this one
and it isn't that sour as you will see
so today we're going to be using the
tsunami on the leaf a power let's put a
few drops off and we'll other blasts
that's coming at a point to five hours
75 watts but Summers eight let's fill up
a chair
Smoove on the inhale and exhale
and obviously the the Apple is the
prominent taste in this vape and they
have got like an undercurrent of a candy
bar gum type taste on the exhale and
really smooth someone with a bay yeah
that's really nice and not my cup of tea
but I can see that it's a quality
e-liquid and it will definitely appeal
to those who are into Apple type of
eights it's not really that sour and
there's a sense of sourness but you can
taste the sweetness as well so it's kind
of well-balanced like all when I stood
you see that and like I say it's it's
not something that I would go out and
buy us because it doesn't appeal to me
it's not my it's not a flavor profile I
will go after but that doesn't distract
from the quality and have a couple more
drips and then we'll rolled up because
there's not learning much else to say
what's all over the blast so all in all
surround or another quality liquid from
nasty juice and highly recommended for
those of you who like your Apple vape
and like I say and it has got that candy
element on the exhale what the prominent
fourth bit Soviet is the year is the
Apple that I think is more sweet than
solar from yourself but we're all
well there yeah it's a good e-liquid so
for Macs
for rare but what it is doing seven
listen so that was it guys hope you
enjoyed this video if you did hit like
and subscribe button feel free to share
this video and comment I'll always get
back to you at some point and thank you
for watching
it's been emotional and thank you to the
sponsors of the video which was a vapor
makes cold at UK poor links in the
description down below for them take
care I'll see on the next one take it
easy guys

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