Vape Review of Grape Vape E-Liquid by FAR

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Grape Vape E-Liquid by FAR

Vape Review of Grape Vape E-Liquid by FAR

By Elena Ognivtseva

This e-liquid by FAR comes in a 10ml bottle and is packed with grape flavourings. Prominent Flavours: Grape

Vape Review of Grape Vape E-Liquid by FAR

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Grape Vape E-Liquid by FAR

hey guys so today I'm going to be doing
a flavor review for one of the greatest
vaping flavors ever created in my
opinion it's not something I would beep
all the time but it's just an incredible
flavor that they came up with it's just
the great but I have a lot of great
flavors from a lot of different
companies but I've never had anything
like this I got to show you guys the
color on this I brought out of tissue
just so you'd be able to get an idea I'm
going to put one drop on here let you
guys check this out now that is purple I
actually had filled up a cartomizer with
some of this they turn the entire filler
purple in so now we're going to get
clean again so you got to be careful
with this but I'm going bake this today
on the law of the tube and this is this
company I got this from will put you on
a landing page for this exact grape
flavor and you can also check out the
lava tube while you're over there so you
can get this from the same site I got
this flavor from today
all right a couple of drops good to go
we're going to see how this does
Wow man I got to tell you that
incredible rich dark color on that grape
does not disappoint when you've ate this
stuff it is just amazing you literally
want to wipe your mouth and make sure
it's not turning purple because this is
feels like you were just inhaling when
compared to it's not a great like the
great fruit it's not a fruity grape not
exactly it's more like a grape soda
but it's not not necessarily kind of a
great gumming like a real sweet zebra
stripe gum or hubba bubba maybe it's a
really really distinctive grape maybe
more like do they make a grape slushie
at 7-eleven I know what it tastes like
this tastes exactly like the grape they
use for the snow cones like in the
summer time when you're down and they
got the snow cone shaped hot and they
squirt the juice on there this tastes
like a bottle full of that grape juice
this is exactly it tastes like a grape
snow cone
man innovates amazing - I can't believe
the vapor isn't purple coming out of
here I might have a little bit of a
purple hue to it if somebody really
likes that sno-cones sweet great type of
candy great flavor
god damn they don't do any better than
this now there are some more subtle
grapes that I would probably make more
often but man just to have fun with or
when you got the munchies here you go
man no calories and it's delicious
yum alright guys I'll put the link
underneath the video for you go check
out that grape and the lava tube if you
want you can get this for $59 for an
entire starter kit right now for this
lava tube and I'll put a link for this
as well underneath alright guys catch on
the next video

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