Vape Review of Grape Ice E-liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60mL)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Grape Ice E-liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60mL)

Vape Review of Grape Ice E-liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60mL)

By Elena Ognivtseva

Like an icey blast over a frozen tundra, Grape Ice e-liquid by Juice Roll Upz stakes it's claim as one of the best candy menthol flavors currently available. A sweet, ripened purple concord grape is delightfully met by an added menthol twist. As you vape this incredible flavor, your taste buds will be met by a classic juicy grape with an undertone of candy, while the exhale delivers a lasting icey menthol blast. Your tastebuds will thank you, buy your 60mL bottle of Grape Ice by Juice Roll Upz today!

Vape Review of Grape Ice E-liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Grape Ice E-liquid by Juice Roll Upz (60mL)

what's going on everybody this is our
cache of a vapor nation bringing you yet
another juice review man sometimes I
forget how much I like saying that I
don't know if you guys see my update
video but I released it probably about a
month I don't half ago and I haven't
gotten around to making Jesus review and
I'm sorry I really am
he just took me a little bit to get into
kind of a get in the motion of things
again I'm wearing a headset and now it's
a little different mom I just want my
quality to be a little bit better I'm
gonna work on my camera next I'm using
my iphone six-plus to record my videos
for now but I'm really planning on
getting a GoPro sometimes see I'm trying
to save up a little bit but this will
have to do for now so just get used to
the whole headset thing because I'm
probably gonna keep wearing it for for a
little while I do have a microphone but
it's at my guitars house and I don't
have a what's it called you know the
thing where you plug it in I forget what
it's called monitor I guess I forget
today we're gonna be talking about blue
raspberry fruit roll-ups but juice
roll-ups let's get it
so I found this in this juice at a vape
shop that I didn't even know was by my
it's literally maybe about three minutes
away driving distance it was really
convenient I was going to some shop on
the other side of town and so it's so
much more convenient to have a bunch of
stuff it's called super vape it is in
Alhambra California where I reside and
it is a great shop if you're ever in the
area I definitely recommend that you
check it out it's a half-smoked shop
half vape shop so they have like hookahs
they have cigars cigarettes like natural
tobacco's he could roll your own
cigarettes that you've got everything
and it's really cool and they have such
a wide variety of juices like I've never
seen a tobacco shop and vape shop
together like it's it's it's crazy it's
cool so if you've been there to check it
out and tell them Albert sent you don't
know build out what's up anyway so we're
gonna be talking about this juice thing
I know I didn't wake it up everywhere so
oh my god
it's ridiculous it smells exactly like a
blue raspberry fruit roll-up it really
does I'm gonna also have the flavor
profile on my computer here and I'm
gonna read that to you in a second but
this flavor man it is solid just just
solid all around so I'm gonna take a
vape off of it will show you some
favorite production off of it and then
we're going to talk about the flavor
there's like a two and a half second
draw vapors kicking still some left over
all right that's like the flavor profile
so this profile is coming off of a site
that I found called VAP Society this is not where I bought
the juice they do offer it on this site
though for 120 I'm sorry 120 milliliter
bottle it is a ATV g20 PG juice so it
says juice roll-ups blue raspberry will
bring you up will bring you back to your
childhood days of eating the blue chewy
fruit snack on the playground with your
friends I've never had that experience
cuz I've never had friends the tanky
blue has very candy flavored max VG
e-liquid is available in 120 20
milliliter bottles it says it's a max VG
juice but on the specifications of the
juicer says it's of 80/20 blend see if
it says on here nope oh yeah
so does a TV g20 PG it is not a max VG
juice but it sure performs like one
aisle tight that much so I'm gonna tell
you what I think about this that's their
flavor profile I want to tell you what I
think take another two off of this bad
does a half knows half mouth exhale I'm
gonna do a full nose exhale now so nice
when I tried in the shop it was okay it
was a zero milligram sample that they
had and I usually don't use their own
milligram juices and typically you'll
use a zero milligram dose to sample the
juice so for some reason with a six
milligram I feel like the flavor so much
better I like to throw hit on it and it
just makes an okay use taste amazing
that's my opinion that's exactly what
I'm thinking about this juice it is
spot-on blue raspberry free roll spot-on
like there's no other way of explaining
how I feel about the juice it is just it
is good it is good now if you're not a
fan of super sweet flavors I wouldn't
recommend this juice it is really sweet
like like I feel like I could get
diabetes it is really sweet but I don't
mind it I'm used to very sweet juices a
little different for me just because I'm
so used to custards and like milky
flavors so something fruity is
definitely not really in my realm of
vaping but this is something I could
definitely vape all day easily it is so
good and that's pretty much all I gotta
say about this juice a little bit of
water if you guys liked this video leave
a like thumbs up you know all that good
shit subscribe you know I'm gonna have
some more videos coming out soon if you
have any suggestions on juices that you
want me to review leave a comment down
below and I'll definitely pick it up
yeah I'm gonna have a couple more videos
coming out probably today or tomorrow
but you guys were sticking around I know
it's been a minute since I've made an
actual video and um thank you guys
maybe I'll do a little giveaway soon or
something who knows until next time
babe on

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