Vape Review of Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

April 21, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

Vape Review of Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

By Ksenia Sobchak

You'll go bananas over Go Nanas vape juice by Naked 100 Cream.Go Nanas serves up a beautiful sweet creamy base topped with freshly sliced bananas that deliver a smooth, light and one of the most delicious flavors you'll ever try. The inhale consists of a tropical banana while the exhale is when the cream sensation comes into play. Grab your 60mL bottle of Go Nanas by Naked 100 today!

Vape Review of Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Go Nanas by Naked 100 Cream E-liquid (60mL)

okay hey guys it's Dale I'm here with
another roundtable flavor review yes and
today we have Alex and Zack and yeah I
know you know them so we're just going
to get on with it
so today's flavour or branch is naked
100 cream today that we have picked up
three flavors and we're just going to go
in on the first one and it is go Nana go
Nana by naked 100 cream is it tasty
combination of a rich sweet cream base
topped with slices of rich and sweet
banana Leah I expect Asians here fun
fact about Dale I'm allergic to bananas
you Briana Heinz if you available I
don't know we're going to find out
allergic reaction our with Dale ha ha ha
ha I don't know but it smells like
banana like like hair smell it it's like
this weird like candy while you're happy
banana or it's like it's not that kind
of banana ok I'm going to say it's more
Laffy Taffy bananas in runt banana yeah
on both descriptions alright all that I
can taste like bananas cinnamon this
needs to be like mixed with the tobacco
that would be good
there's this weird like I can't tell I
can't tell this like a crest or if it's
in Amman
I need assignment you're ten minutes
struggling the same thing about cinnamon
in the flavor description though but
yeah I mean I taste it don't train your
favorite it's rude
yeah it's good it's the banana isn't
it'll rebound the flavors I thought I
based on the smell but yeah I get it and
I like cinnamon in there or something
there's something else in there no I say
well maybe it's the nicotine that they
make is that y'all do so you know tell
it is about that but it's not bad it's
not bad agents and it's not sweet no
it's kind of don't take mellow banana
flavor like probably the cream is low
just kind of milling out of banana a
little bit yeah it's not like a candy
banana like it smells it's much more of
a settlement fresh oh yeah
and we're vaping a 2.6 ohm coil at 60
watts so it's not too high and wonder
what would happen put up 200 watts
I'm telling that's right I'm a bid 100
watts roughly 100 all right what do you
babe on wattage pendulum like juice
between like or the coil - I'm like oil
tire right now lady you have about 42
6-pack a I got one on 80 right now it is
much better and a higher wattage because
I don't taste banana
I taste straight are you ready a dream
you ready for the higher wattage I don't
know it's just really hot like don't
blow on it but it is you can have your
coffee finish it's funny for the video
yeah you make it like fun of me like
there's a lot of money it takes exact
thing to me oh I I don't taste the
banana oh I'm sorry it's just a for me
it's like this little nicotine
hit that I'm not used to like cosmic sea
that's why if you're like wow look at
ILS great yourself now for me the banana
flavor is automated or stronger what is
it up for none that was super weird
alright that was a fun experiment but if
you like bananas but you don't want
super sweet I think it works yeah yeah
their bold statement there
Oh go Nana's is the go-to banana flavor
on the market well I don't know how
about that except that's not a banana
flavor like there may be something
better out there I'm gonna say probably
like a four point five or five I can see
vaping this in the morning with my
coffee even though I'm allergic span we
have brown dodge I have not
we are laters you know my throat didn't
close up so I like that it's a good day
when your first throw doesn't close it
is real Zac I'm probably going to go
I'll run with you like 5 like it's not
it's not bad at all it's just I'm not
sure it'd be one that I would would be
like it go to everyday Taipei for me but
every once in a while I might be good
but I would definitely say if you like
bananas and more of a natural and a
flavour it's not that it's good but for
me yet middle ground point five five six
i'ma say six and it's tasty enough it's
there I dig it
oh but you do like Vince banana Veit so
that makes sense
yes so this is naked unicorn organic
ones always naked technically I'm gonna
say this before we start mazing on this
I am upset that people think that
strawberries and cream equals unicorn
it is not it is not everyone wants to
call strawberries and cream flavor
unicorn something or milk something like
have you ever seen a unicorn with board
shorts on all right
what a shame flavor profile I love a
sheltered life takes the world famous
heritage of naked one hundreds fruity
liquids and blends as sweet juicy and
out-of-this-world strawberry blend with
the smoothest creams to present a
perfect balance of notes need to script
you know our descriptions these
descriptions are making very bold
statements this flavor smells like that
Bloomberg flavor that I love the only
flavor that I've given a ten out of ten
for our strawberry banks out there so
here's three mounted market we're going
to test the waters of this one that's
not a good face initial oh oh my
goodness um let me turn it down just
because I want to so I do like SC
squared and this is going to be a
straight comparison to that for me so
yeah as well as well have fun with that
one yeah that's an austerity that's the
strawberries are clear I've had so the
smell smells like that it also smells
like s MC squared very similar to that
but man that there's this aftertaste
that's artificial it's like an
artificial strawberry I totally get it a
little maybe a little candy-coated a yes
okay I could call it a TV show did
something yeah it's not bad it's not bad
is not good special you can get
strawberries and cream from five
different companies and they all smell
similar that tastes different and I
don't know if it's because I'm burnt out
on strawberries and cream that it's just
like let me see
something new maybe we need to do a
blind taste test I'll just charge all
the strawberry cream flavors that you
had a cool BAM next video over the old
blonde Titan but it is a strawberries
and Korean flavor that I really can't I
don't know if I'll be able to pick it
out into the crowd does that make sense
nice I would say here's my view on it is
if you like strawberries and cream but
if you're pushed away by a sweeter
stronger strawberry flavor you want more
of a cream with some strawberries this
is probably right up your alley
it definitely is a much metal or
strawberry flavor and I after taking a
couple puffs on it's like I'm kind of
liking a little more than at first
because it's more of a creamy with a
light hint of strawberry huh so I think
it's sort of in a way from great I
haven't have tried as many strawberry
flavors if you guys had but compared to
like se square is a little more of a
strawberry driven flavor and this is
more of a cream driven flavor so that's
like more what you want this might be
something watch out for you on Alex
berries scale trademark scale train join
mark scale I will give it probably 7
just because I do like it that it's a
heavier on the creams and it is on the
strawberry but I wouldn't say that every
single day because I got burnout on
strawberries and cream but I want you to
do that I know but I will give it a 7 I
will give this it I'm a knight of seven
- I like it I think I like it I like the
cream element of it from the fact of in
like I said in the quest video it's like
I tend to gravitate toward the artist
sweet so this isn't a super-sweet it's
more of a nice mellow flavor and I like
that - dessert any flavor but it's not
like oh my god I'm like shoving sugar in
my mouth kind of feeling I'm going to go
with a 7 as well
solid 7 meant yeah definitely between
the two we've done so far
this is a dual berries is that how you
pronounce that there's not a clear on
our berries only tools presenting an
exquisite flavor consisting of juicy and
ripe blueberries mixed with a cream
blend specifically crafted to bring out
and accentuate this delicious blueberry
flavor I think we can get weary when you
go berries and cream you got to bring it
because that's a classic
this makes totally different than it
smells and I'm kind of excited okay well
do the nose if the real galileo's gonna
do it in both ways
doesn't that dragon okay think they'll
like this please it is very very
I would agree different is good
sometimes it is thank you do I have not
tasted a flavor like this
Bogart that a little longer I mean that
reference I copy you can hold on to it
longer yes I am I'm going to Babel order
there's this flavor on it that you kind
of have to like what is this but I think
I know what it is and when I say it it
might turn you off of it but don't let
it say it's it I need a beef licorice
okay is it anise or any I mean it's this
it's this weird black licorice flavor
with some blueberries in the middle and
then cream and it all works like oops
got him again and they're in the lab
with me again say and like I said if you
if I were to go and tell somebody who's
this painted I know licorice African
this tastes like a nice they're going to
be like no because all they've ever
liked black Halloween honestly this is
probably everyone expects when they see
black currant not knowing what black
currant is okay they can licorice and
it's not it's not this is different I
compared like B and C squared it is very
much so an Smurf cake it's very
yep I like the flavor because it is
different I like the fact that there is
this weird licorice flavor to it I'm not
getting a ton of blueberry like I'm
eating critic cream and licorice on this
is more than more than blueberries I
wonder it's like a blueberry jelly bean
and like some cream if some more I do it
the more iteration I don't even licorice
them so long so I can't even tell you
what licorice really tastes like yes
they could plastic it has not as I
classic as bad it has to look it's like
oh it's just a little bit of a sharpness
to it not a bad way just all their
sharpness to it that it's not it
honestly but if I think of a bottle and
it says blueberries and cream I have
expectations blue it's a dream and not a
bad way this is not blue berry screaming
this is much more of a lik creamy
licorice which is interesting I don't
like licorice but I kind of like this
I have a thing for this flavor so you
going quest on it yeah this is them it's
different it is so different have it and
all the juices that are dried this does
not it's like a confusing flavor a good
because you're kind of like curious
about it you want to keep like trying to
figure it out because it's not like
London it's like the strawberries and
cream then they can unicorn it hits you
you know what it is it's right there
this is like oh I want to learn more
about it so this one's kind of more of a
complex flavor than the other ones yeah
and it could be it could be just the
type of blueberry concentrate that
they're using the flavoring but I will
tell you if you have if you say
blueberries and cream all the time
you're getting to where you can't taste
it and you have like vapors tongue get
this because it will change it will it's
a different kit on your palate then
mostly berries and creams you'll be able
to taste this yeah I'm just I like that
I'm just not getting blueberries and not
nice to battle I just get I get licorice
and cream is what I'm essentially
getting like but not in it's interesting
but to me I'm like fascinated on weird
way by this
I like that flavor um so I'm in and
coming it's Gaelic I'm going to scale it
you love school I'm gonna give this
flavor let me give a slaver a nine oh I
think that this is going to be an
interesting topic in the group this
flavor because this flavor this paper
interesting but good I could make that
all day I think that all day yep yeah
Wow whoa
I guess I'll go on the scale this is the
only flavor that we've passed around
okay I like the complexity of it you
know the description just says the
blueberries and cream basically but I
mean it's obviously a little more than
yeah what it seems like I'm gonna give
it a 8
yeah see I'm there too I need just like
we're all like kind of dressing in oh I
think it's the best of the three from
ESA neh
definitely so the overall line in
general I'm going to give the overall
line probably like a seven eight
just because of my issue with bananas
and then of course another strawberries
increase but I do like this line I'm
going to go with a 7 overall and the
only thing holding that back from being
higher is the uniqueness of some of the
flavors you know they're pretty
run-of-the-mill except for this soothe
babies now we only have three of the
flavors and listen to their lies I don't
know if we'll be getting more of their
flavors but they do have a bunch of
flavors so for me I would say probably
out of seventh the banana brings it down
a little bit but my advice on this one
is if you like the fruit and cream
combinations but you want more of a
cream a more of a subtle flavor I think
this is right up your alley
so this is what we thought of the naked
100 cream line and we do recommend you
trying them because they are interesting
flavors to say the least and you can
pick your bottle up adds a wild huh

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