Vape Review of Glory Glaze E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

April 16, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Glory Glaze E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Vape Review of Glory Glaze E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

By Nataly Komova

Lovingly prepared, this e-liquid is a satisfying flavour of glorious glazed doughnut that "fills every hole". Every vape will deliver freshly baked doughnut, smothered in a warm sugar frosted glaze, and a sumptuous hint of blueberry. Details 10ml E-Liquid 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strength About Cheap Thrills Juice Co. Cheap Thrills Juice Co. is a UK based e-liquid company. They embarked on a lengthy R&D programme, holding 20 customer tasting sessions, and worked with the UK's leading retailers and wholesalers to develop the flavour range they are known for.

Vape Review of Glory Glaze E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glory Glaze E-Liquid by Cheap Thrills 10ml

hello fellow vapers and time for another
illiquid view and today we've got one
from the cheap frills juice Co and today
it is glory glaze now this is one of two
e liquids from the cheap thrills juice
Cove range obviously glory Gert glaze
let's have a look at the box
you've got your warnings your
ingredients and your manufacturing
dailies on there your hashtags your
websites use social media links there as
well you've got a little bit of cheap
frills juice Co there but when you get
another box the other juice you can
match it up like that and it looks
bloomin good on your shelves on the
bottom there's a bit of patty there on
top you've got your milligram content so
that is the lovely box now this is the
60 milk the 120 ml hopefully comes in a
in a bigger box and we we hope that
so right inside you have got that 60 ml
bottle there so it's your glass bottle
with your dropper on top all the info
you need on there
lovely jubbly so right let's take it for
a whiff straight away I'm getting like
your icing sugar literally today before
I come home I add a Krispy Kremes donut
just one of their simple bloomin glazed
things and it just has taken me back to
like 3/4 I'm now go to an hour ago of
that smell you've got like a glazed
icing sugar smell then you've got like
that warm bakery dough smell there but
this one seems to have a bit of
blueberry knocking around in the
background but it's definitely one of
those like sugar frosted donuts it
smells bloomin lovely and you may have
seen me ranting and raving about this on
Twitter the other week and yeah some of
you responded to that some of you didn't
but yeah a lovely tasting juice so I'll
be vaping this on the ipv5 with
okay period on top inside the or VAP
druid there's a simple point 5 ohm
stainless steel build in there and we
will be vaping at 60 watts and it is
wick by li OD designs texas tough so
there's the packet for lee OD designs
texas tough and there's the hat as well
so right let's take it for a vape at
sixty watts a lovely amount of clouds
there you have you've got like that warm
doughy bakery flavor there like a bakery
doughnut flavor and then you've got like
a the lovely glazing on top and then
there's like a little hint of blueberry
I really don't like blueberry and this
one it kind of complements it very well
it's lingering around in the background
there on the exhale but it's not too
overpowering so if you're not a
blueberry lover like myself you may find
this alright I find it absolutely lovely
and said on Twitter I would rate this I
think I sit in my top five I would rate
this in my top three I'll probably say
this is my second favorite and donut
flavor on the market at the moment and
I've tried a fair few and being a fake
German vapor expo so if that's anything
to go by this is a lovely juice and it
does like another and donut flavor tea
like Italy liquid it makes you lick your
lips after it's like you've got a bit of
sugar or a bit of frosting on you on
your lips
but that is just simply simply bloody
gorgeous so right let's go through that
all-important information on the side
there you can find this and buy this at
cheap thrills
juice dot Co there are two flavors to
choose from you got glory glaze and rush
ratio that will be coming up very soon
check the other videos in this playlist
it's a 70/30 VG PG and comes in zero
three and six milligram nicotine and
these lovely 60 ml bottles are 24 pounds
and 99 pence and the 120 mil bottles are
34 pounds and 99 pence now for the for
the 60 mil I don't know looking at the
price point there I've only looked at
the prices today I think that you better
off going for the 120 mil for an extra
tenner and you get bloomin loads more
but I do believe they may do 10 mil
samples so it may be worth contacting a
company on their social media all their
website to see if they do 10 mil samples
just so you can try it out before
splashing out on 60 mil or hundred and
20 mil and they do offer free UK
shipping on orders over 30 pounds so you
know a bottle of 120 mil will get you
free shipping if not get to 60 mil get
both from the range job done so right
let's round off this review I've got to
start the IPV again because I replace
the batteries all right let's go back at
60 watts again
is is very sugary but it is not sickly
sugary I've been vaping this a long time
I've had to put it in the cupboard
because I've ate through half the bottle
in like a few days which wasn't very
good I was gonna end up vaping it all
the way through if I kept it in my bag
so yeah that went straight in the
cupboard so I didn't pay a penny more so
I'd have enough for review overall a
lovely juice and I don't know if you're
into your blueberries you probably might
think that it needs a bit more blue
brilliant but the balance of like the
the doughnut and the the sugar frosting
on there goes pretty damn well I
wouldn't change it in any way if I was
gonna change it at all
I'd probably up the blueberry a bit and
that is coming from someone as I've
previously said that doesn't like
blueberry so right I'd like to thank
cheap thrills juice Co for sending me
this fruit or foot for review
got a bit tongue-tied there and I
believe it was Kirin that sent me the
message so thank you to Kieran
thank you very much mate and don't
forget to go to cheap thrills juice co2
buy this to have a look at their range
of work links in description as well we
can go straight to their website I've
been a devil vapor and you've been
watching del vapors bate reviews

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