Vape Review of Glazed E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

April 18, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of Glazed E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Vape Review of Glazed E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Glazed E-Liquid has freshly baked layers of buttery pastry and a warm, sugar glaze, with hints of Madagascar vanilla. Your favourite doughnut redefined into a warm and sweet vape. Details 70% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 30% Propylene Glycol (PG) Available in 3mg nicotine strength About Glas Vapor Based in Los Angeles, California; Glas Vapor was born from a passion to create the finest products possible while deploying craftsmanship that is committed to quality. With award winning flavours such as Pound Cake, Glas Vapor is ideal for vapers looking for sweet or creamy flavours that come to life.

Vape Review of Glazed E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glazed E-Liquid by Glas Vapor

hey everybody Mike here today we're
gonna do a little eliquid
review from glass and this is their
a liquid and it is very fine indeed the
fine folks at glass contacted me a few
weeks ago and asked me if I would be
interested in reviewing their a liquid
in fact it was Rachel I won't give
Rachel's last name because she may not
want it out there but she is the brand
manager for glass and I said yeah sure
I'd be glad to review your eliquid and
so she sent me this box it was a giant
box I mean it was literally like this
about that deep and I was like holy cow
how much eliquid did they send me what
they did was they sent a bunch of hats
and t-shirts and all kinds of cool swag
very classy very cool really appreciated
it and they sent me my 30ml bottle of
glazed and so I've been enjoying this
and it is quite good what I'm doing is
I'm testing it on two different devices
I know a lot of people drip on their on
their tanks they use a rebuildable
dripping to use my derringer I just love
the flavor that I get out of it so I'm
using that and I built it to a 0.5 0.5
right on the money
thirty two point two watts
outstanding I'm going to put a little
illiquid on there while I talk because
it is just on the verge of going dry and
that would be no bueno
so the other tank system that I'm going
to use is the Kabuki from house of
hybrids because it uses an aspire
Nautilus coil and I know that there are
thousands and thousands of people out
there who don't rebuild and don't sub
own and would enjoy a good illiquid as
well and so this is the kabuki with the
aspire Nautilus coil this is a 1.8 ohm
coil and I'm using my Nikko mod
really good
now this e-liquid there was no listing
as to what the mix rate of PG vs. VG was
on the website but based on my
experience it doesn't look like it is a
max VG e-liquid it definitely is a
little thinner looking so I'm going to
Ballpark it and say it's probably in the
neighborhood of 7 d VG 30 PG it could be
plus or minus one way or another a few
points but it's pretty close to my
holiday vape and that's about a 70/30
and it looks pretty much the same which
is good news because people who don't
sub ohm or don't do rebuilding and
they're using an aspire Nautilus or
something similar a tank system with
coils that are 1.2 1.6 1.8 homes are
going to be able to use this e-liquid
and enjoy it the flavor is insane on
this kabuki so if you're using a spire
Nautilus or a tank system with a
Nautilus coil you're gonna love this
illiquid as far as the dripper goes of
course it's going to be spot on good
every time I do notice and this is just
my own personal experience I get a lot
more of the vanilla notes in the nod
list coil tank system than I do in the
sub ohm at point 5 that I it doesn't
mean that I don't get them but I just
get a more intense flavor from the other
tank system but both are exceptionally
good I'll probably spend the rest of the
day vaping on both of these tank systems
as I do my running around today so very
good illiquid if you're interested in
donut vapes in trying one or you're
already an aficionado
I'm going to put the link down below for
where you can pick this up at it comes
in 30 and 15 mil bottles and they are a
fancy smoked glass bottle that has been
redesigned to allow for exactly 30 and
15 mils of e-liquid because it takes
care of the displacement of the dripper
and so when the dripper is in you're
still getting a full 30 mils which is
outstanding it is very classy look and
you know I'm a guitar player and there's
a famous guitar builder named Paul Reed
Smith and he has always said that people
when they're shopping for anything not
just guitars are illiquid but for
anything people shop with their eyes and
people buy things that are pleasing to
look at and this bottle is very smart
looking it's a very nice classy design
it's a it's very nice I'm very impressed
with it I'm impressed with this company
they've obviously invested a lot of
money into marketing and into the design
of their packaging and that says a lot
I believe that eliquid manufacturers are
finally moving away from the days of
plastic squeeze bottles and labels that
were printed on a dot matrix printer
from 1983 and they are really upping
their game and giving consumers great
looking packaging to go along with high
quality liquids so like I said I will
put all the information down below if
you have any questions comment down
below you can reach me at vaporizer at i'm on facebook as vaporizer
and you can reach me at all those places
thanks so much for watching and i'll see
you guys again real soon have a great
day bye bye

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