Vape Review of Glas - Spiced Doughnut E-Liquid

April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Glas - Spiced Doughnut E-Liquid

Vape Review of Glas - Spiced Doughnut E-Liquid

A seasonal eliquid flavour from Glas Vapor. Spiced Doughnut is a pumpkin spiced vanilla doughnut ejuice. This flavour is seasonal and not available all year round.

Vape Review of Glas - Spiced Doughnut E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas - Spiced Doughnut E-Liquid

what's going on YouTube everybody out
there in the northern cali babe
congregation Matt northern cali vapors
back with you with another juice review
tonight it's going to be another donut
review you guys what I have for you is
glass that is there Spice donut now this
is a seasonal flavor you guys be only
available till the end of december will
not be available until next holiday
season which I'm guessing is like
Thanksgiving through Christmas for the
flavor it is now what it is is it's a
pumpkin spice doughnut talk with vanilla
frosting chopped almonds and cinnamon
spice you guys it's pretty damn good fan
of pumpkin pie pumpkin spice in any way
definitely suggest you try it how we're
going to be judging this juice you guys
on a one to ten scale flavor vapor
production throat hit the throat hit you
want to have a five on an all day babe
especially for a three milligram juice
all right so let's give it a smile you
now the smell i get is exactly how they
describe you guys no joke good
definitely good smell I get the pumpkin
spice get the doughnut get like a
vanilla in there kind of like a frosting
going on a little bit like on the Civil
cream I'm not smelling much almond
though cinnamon spice is already in the
pumpkin spice that's why it's pumpkin
spice partly and uh so you're not gonna
really smell it now when I got this
juice you guys smell like a maple bar no
joke straight-up smelt like a friggin
maple bar I was really disappointed not
big fan of maple um I mean for pancakes
and stuff yes it's good but on a donut
not really big a fan of maple bar donuts
but I let it sit I let it steep for
about a month then I was like you know
what the flavor of this supposed to be
way different let me go back it's been
steeping four-month let's check it out
sure shit flavors came out everything
SAT melted together very nicely let's go
and fire this up you guys dual Clapton's
22-gauge kb nichrome 80 and 32 gauge
master of clouds nichrome
hmm it's pretty damn fucking good man so
cloud production you guys I'm gonna give
it an eight for 70 30 comes out nice and
thick they stick around and float around
like you like them too they don't make
sure you sink to the floor kind of stay
like midair you know what I mean just
cloud up your room for you if you like
that flavor I'm gonna give it an eight
to the flavor on it's beautiful you guys
absolutely beautiful get the pumpkin get
the like cinnamon spice in there get the
vanilla frosting to you guys and the
doughnut I don't taste much on like I
said didn't smell it didn't really
figure i would even taste it pretty good
am good now should you just go out and
run out there and buy a ball of this
stuff i mean if you really want to try
it it's a seasonal juice it's not gonna
be back till next year we'll be back
again i mean if you haven't tried
pebbles doughnut though you guys that's
a flavor i would run out and buy that to
me is my all-time top favorite doughnut
right there have not got to try a chance
alright not gotten a chance to try the
raging doughnut but pebbles doughnut
just the doughnut flavor and it's so
unique you guys it's so unique itself I
mean I even just did a review on this
stuff it slowly gentleman really nice
bottle you guys and that is the
California donut which is a one glazed
doughnut top with fruit loops if you
want to see that review could go find it
as well but I don't know you guys I'm
definitely going to rate this juice
right below pebbles donut I mean out of
the donut flavors I've tried I mean
freakin between a Doughboy
is California donut pebbles donut that's
made by the same makers of donuts you
guys ray pebbles first I'm gonna put the
glass right in behind it second I'm
gonna put this guy in at third and uh
it's got a great donut flavor you guys
pumpkin spice doughnut with the vanilla
frosting I don't get much Holliman
though but otherwise it's damn good you
guys damn good smoothie shit to the
throat hit five
it's nice and smooth so make sure you
guys like share comment and subscribe
and I northern cali babe congregation
stay vaping you guys and I make sure you
check out some of this spice stone it's
pretty damn good if you tried the
pebbles Donna I definitely suggest you
guys try this stuff thank you so much
for watching you guys and you have a
great night

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