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Glas has produced some of the best mechanical mods on the market, and they have applied this level of expertise to constructing their own line of eliquid. Each bottle is hand crafted into its unique shape, capped, and individually sealed with a wax stamp, which makes every experience with Glas eliquid unique. Fall is in session Glas Spiced Doughnut! A pumpkin spiced doughnut is drizzled with rich vanilla and topped with nutty almonds bits. A complex, but beautiful combination of unique flavors constructs this BEAST of an eliquid. VG to PG Ratio: 65/35 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Glas Spiced Doughnut BEASTLY BECAUSE Glas eliquid is the premium of the premium, each and every bottle is custom molded glass, filled with the best of the best, and each and every one is individually stamped with the Glas wax seal of authenticity and perfection. The sheer premium quality of this eliquid is engineered for excellence, making this a BEASTLY brand. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of GLAS SPICED DOUGHNUT

hey there YouTube Darryl back at you
again for another episode of Darrell's
fake tape so a little different scenery
I'm at work right now but I told you
guys I was going to bring a video I
wanted to get a video done before
christmas eve and christmas comes i'll
probably not doing a video on those days
so i had to bring it to you guys so
we're looking at glass eliquid alright
and we're looking at spice done' their
seasonal flavor okay so it's just it's
just on for the season alright when it's
gone it's gone and that's why I had to
go down today to the local vape shop
pick up a bottle and bring it to you
guys because I know it's going to be
gone when it's gone and that just it
kind of disappoints me I just filled my
tank up maybe 10 minutes ago and you
know I'm a probably took in three or
four vapes on it and it is fantastic I
mean it just it tastes great I mean I'm
not usually a cinnamon guy myself I'm
not really donuts into that kind of
thing but this stuff right here I mean
it's just great I mean it performs great
it's it's just a great flavor I just
love it it's just a perfect blend of all
of it so um let's take a closer look at
the bottom real quick you got your glass
right down the front um it usually comes
with this little wax seal right here on
the side I didn't get that with this one
and I was kind of a little disappointed
it just makes it feel authentic premium
it's just a wax press seal with a big G
on it now I didn't get in on this one I
don't know why ok I'm right here on the
back you got your spice donut 3
milligram right here on the bottom you
got your grass glass logo right there
with 30 milliliter ok um pop this top
cap off and you got your standard
eliquid bottle ok frosted glass I'm
pretty impressed with their packaging i
really like it it feels like a premium
e-liquid I mean it looks nice it just it
looks really nice i did i just really
like it I mean I just got into glassy
liquid and so far I'm impressed i really
do like this stuff so um if you guys are
you know into cinnamon into donut flavor
into that kind of stuff this is probably
going to be your eliquid so um you know
without further ado I'm gonna take
couple vapes on and just to let you guys
know how rolls off the tongue
alright so I'm going to try to explain
it to you the best I can I know you guys
can't taste it through the video but
okay right off the front I get a lot of
cinnamon roll all right right off the
front of the day all right towards the
middle of the vape I get kind of a
vanilla vanilla frosting kind of flavor
okay and then went on the exhale I get a
lot of cinnamon a cinnamon punch and
it's a good cinnamon punch on and and
then the three together you can
definitely know why they named it spice
Dona it's just a great flavor great name
I mean the shitty part about it is it's
only a seasonal flavor so I mean you
can't get too addicted because it's
going to disappear for nine months you
know 10 months out of the year all right
so if you guys are looking to get your
hands on this glass actually has their
own website you can find it on there for
22 bucks for a 30ml bottle they have a
16 milliliter bottle for 12 bucks and
they have a couple different flavors
they have pebbles of fruity pebble
flavor I haven't tried that yet the milk
already told you guys about it
phenomenal all day strawberries and
cream vape I really do like it probably
my new number one strawberries and cream
and then they have the spice doughnut
like I said just seasonal okay so you
know if you guys are into that kind of
fate and you guys like that kind of
cinnamon flavor this is going to be your
stuff I mean this is the stuff I really
do like it so far okay so you know
besides that I think that's pretty much
a bit about it for me tonight um I'm not
going to be doing a video tomorrow or
Christmas so you guys take a look at me
you know day after Christmas I'm going
to do doing a video on some of the
future giveaways I got going some things
like that and you know if you guys
haven't subscribed yet please subscribe
I got a thousand more videos coming I
got a ton more things coming out to you
guys so just you know stay tuned
subscribe if you guys like this video
any given time make sure you guys give
me a thumbs up you know besides that i'm
going to close this video out with a
vape you guys have happy holidays Merry
Christmas and thanks a bunch

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