Vape Review of GLAS PEBBLES

April 23, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of GLAS PEBBLES

Vape Review of GLAS PEBBLES

Glas has produced some of the best mechanical mods on the market, and they have applied this level of expertise to constructing their own line of eliquid. Each bottle is hand crafted into its unique shape, capped, and individually sealed with a wax stamp, which makes every experience with Glas eliquid unique. Glas Pebbles is an energetic dessert made of delicious fruit cereal and sweet macaroons. The taste of fruity cereals comes out first, slowly followed by the creamy coconut from the macaroon, and finally a smooth vanilla finish that ties whole flavor together. A complex, but beautiful combination of unique flavors constructs this BEAST of an eliquid. VG to PG Ratio: 65 / 35 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Glas Pebbles BEASTLY BECAUSE Glas eliquid is the premium of the premium, each and every bottle is custom molded glass, filled with the best of the best, and each and every one is individually stamped with the Glas wax seal of authenticity and perfection. The sheer premium quality of this eliquid is engineered for excellence, making this a BEASTLY brand. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of GLAS PEBBLES

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of GLAS PEBBLES

oops turned it off what's up guys
Christian the kid won here back for
another ejuice review today and this
each you so I'm going to review today is
kind of a premium eliquid
it's a little pricey I'm not going to
lie cool looking bottle let's look at
the bottle right now it is by glass
vapor or glass liquid cool little wax
looking stamp right there a vape the
shit out of this this is the 30 mil this
is pebbles so it is a fruity pebbles
type of desert babe three milligrams
very very very simple you know very
classy looking really cool has all the
warnings and information on the bottom l
glass ingredients you know VG PG
nicotine grass flavoring so no warnings
blah blah blah ww glass with 1s 2s s 1 s
glass vapor calm so wwic vapor calm is
their actual website um that's not the
website that I'm going to give you to
buy this off of but if you want to check
that out check it out so you open this
bottle and to open it it has this little
wax seal right here alright so if you
want if you're weird like me and you
think it's really cool that it has this
you know little seal it does say g4
glass on it if you want this to like
stay on the top cap you kind of just go
like that with your finger a little bit
and then you know gonna pull it off and
that'll stay there so it does come with
a it is a dripper bottle I'm at first
when I bought it I thought it wasn't but
does come with a dripper so that's great
everything about this bottle is just
quality it's
fucking hefty thick glass I mean this
thick glass I just love the classy look
and even this is weird to say but I'm
weird in OCD even the drip arrived I pay
attention to drippers I've had drippers
like break on me and then I don't want
to vape e-liquid anymore except feel
like I'm making glass all over the
glasses but this is just a really nice
you know dripper
really nice long nose eye it's just nice
all around and fruity pebbles I have not
really had a fruity pebbles nape a fad
maybe one I don't really remember the
company though so this is the first you
know actual fruity pebbles vape that I
have purchased let's read the
description well I hit this and put it
on its charger now I am vaping on the
mutation X right now it's not the best
for flavor but I've been vaping on the
freakshow with this juice and it is
fucking stellar man it's badass I said
stellar I never say stellar look let me
take a two real quick alright fuck it
fuck the charger
alright so vapor production is great
let's see what VG PG this is our PG VG
I'm not sure if it says oh so this is a
60 VG 40 PG liquid I thought it was
higher than that to be honest I thought
it was like a 70/30 for a 60/40 this is
this is chucking some clouds whoops
dry it now I'm just running a single
coil on this some 24 gauge macro coil
nothing new you know I don't do any
really crazy builds I'm just not that
I'll do them every once in a while um
but uh yeah so we are going to put this
on of a pin um this mutation X Dec with
the still layer cap actually because it
fits perfectly on that debt on this deck
and I was getting great flavor it's just
it was it was kind of cool anyways back
to this ejuice great ejuice guys great
ejuice great liquid I love it all day
vape for sure 60/40
all right so 6040 vapor production I'll
give it two thumbs up for sure not a
crazy you know two thumbs up but uh four
vapor production for 60/40 its Bob
alright so this let's read the
description pebbles
a sophisticated desert blend of fruit
cereal and Mac macaron I have no idea
what macaron is so if you know tell me
in the comments please I'm guessing it's
a desert creamy dessert
I guess pebbles boost whoops computer
went out alright let me redo this a
sophisticated desert blend of fruit
cereal and macaroon pebbles boosts a
powerful balance of creamy and fruit
flavor with a sweet vanilla crisp on the
exhale alright and this comes in only 30
mils okay so no 15 mils here guys
nicotine zero through 12 all right now I
am vaping on three this is a pricey
juice guys it is too pricey juice it's
the most expensive to use I bought in a
very long time very long time I'm
actually going to switch over to the
still air cap on the mutation X version
to just because it doesn't fit perfectly
but it fits it fits great it's just a
little gap right here
I love it I love it now the only
downside to this is there's just a
little little little bit of kind of waxy
taste that you get with cereal babes but
it's very its miniscule it's very you
know it's not like serial killer with
serial killer I get a lot of waxy type
of like taste with this it's just a very
very little bit doesn't bother me at all
because the flavor is phenomenal it's
really like creamy like dessert II
almost free pebbles
it's definitely a very creamy vanilla
cream Fruity Pebbles that's exactly what
it is a vanilla cream fruity pebbles now
the throat hit isn't that bad but it
does have you know it has in a third hit
that will satisfy you have promised that
I just can't stop beeping it I got this
yesterday I think and I've been vaping a
couple things trying new things out but
right now I just I like this I want to
try their whole line out glass liquids
it it's a badass juice it really is I
love the presentation
presentation-wise it's just classy I'll
give it 9 out of 10 um flavor-wise all
it's good man
for a serial babe actually just overall
flavor-wise solid eight out of ten guys
solid eight out of ten it's you know
it's not fucking crazy in your face and
um you know it's not a muted flavor like
serial killer in my opinion is a little
muted it's a little too waxy tasting for
me this is just a really solid you know
if you're getting tired of cereal vapes
which you know I got to that point a
little bit but I'm not tired of them um
but this kind of you know lid it back up
for me and now I am you know I'm
definitely getting another bottle of
this maybe two the only problem is it is
a pricey be liquid I got this bottle for
$24.99 it was like $25 okay and I know
that's really really expensive it was at
my local brick-and-mortar I always
support my local brick and mortars you
should too
I support both of them one of them has
great customer service I go there more
this has a four and a half out of five
rating all right and on this website it
is $21.99 so it's on the pricey side
Studio vapor comm that will be in the
link below in the description and they
have ever I think I'm not sure how many
flavors they have but I'm almost
positive they have like five flavors I
think they have a sale going on right
now where you can buy like two liquids
for something I'm not clicking on that
anyways it's a pricey e-liquid but it's
good and it's worth it
try it out once if you don't like it
then you don't have to buy it again and
you don't have to spend crazy cash on a
30 mil would I buy this if I lost this
bottle again um or if I lost this bottle
yes I would yes I would I've been vaping
it all day today I just like it I love
it I like the like deserty
type of blend with the cereal it's not
just like straight-up cereal and it's
not just straight-up like really milky
waxy cereal it's the perfect blend
perfect cereal vape for me and I love
for you pebbles you do get that like
mealy you know cereal taste as well but
it's not you know like nasty or crazy
overpowering it's just really it's
blended perfectly and that's about all
I'm going to say about this great
presentation great pretty much
everything the only problem I have is
the price if this was an $18 bottle
which is you know that's in my opinion
because I buy all my liquids from a
brick-and-mortar so in my opinion in $18
bottle which is a 30 mil that's a good
price in my opinion so I would recommend
them lowering the price I'm not sure if
they're going to listen to me maybe
enough people will bitch about the price
but other than that glass liquids you
guys are doing your thing two thumbs up
no I'm going to give it like one and a
half thumbs up just because the price
the price it's really expensive I
understand if you guys are like this
dude's crazy for wanting to buy another
bottle but I just want it I want another
bottle or two to just sit around second
baby whenever I want great fruity
pebbles taste to it you know it's just
good it's good I like the desert blend
okay so overall I would give this a very
very solid 8.5 out of 10
no one know I'd give this a South yeah
solid eight eight point five out of ten
no solid eight all right solid eight out
of ten just because the price solid
eight out of ten if you want some in the
description below it's going to be
$21.99 go get yourself some if you like
cereal babes if you're getting bored of
them there's something just a little bit
different it's not crazy different it's
just a little more creamy it's the
blunts great so well that's about it and
I fucking love the bottle dude I like I
just I like it a lot
it's classy cool fits in my pocket nice
it's a little big but it still fits in
my pocket knives just the shape of it
anyways that's about it I'm enjoying
this still air cap on top of my mutation
X I just tried it out one day and I was
like damn I get the mutation X Dec which
I can build some crazy builds on and
then I get a flavor chasing top cap to
go with it so you really can't beat that
I'm diggin it I'm diggin it anyways
that's all for me I'm gonna take a drip
and going to vape the only thing I hate
about the still air top cap is the drip
tip it comes with um a lot of drip tip
well most drip tips fit it to be honest
but a lot of the ones that do fit this
you can't really drip right into as you
can see very very small all right so I'm
gonna take a hit let you guys go solid
eight out of ten I would recommend you
trying it out I know it's a little
pricey but yeah you know they budget
hands as Grimm Green says
by the way this is only a point five
build mate point yeah point six build so
the vapor production is fucking great
for 60/40 in that build and I'm only at
30 watts so I'm gonna let you guys go if
you want to get some in the description
and comment subscribe like I love
feedback all that good stuff
see you guys later for another video

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