Vape Review of GLAS MILK

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of GLAS MILK

Vape Review of GLAS MILK

Glas has produced some of the best mechanical mods on the market, and they have applied this level of expertise to constructing their own line of eliquid. Each bottle is hand crafted into its unique shape, capped, and individually sealed with a wax stamp, which makes every experience with Glas eliquid unique. Glas Milk is a smooth blend of strawberries and milk. Creamy and sweet notes are first to hit your taste buds, followed by the fragrant sun-ripened strawberries, and finished off with a cool and refreshing exhale of ice-cold milk. A complex, but beautiful combination of unique flavors constructs this BEAST of an eliquid. VG to PG Ratio: 65 / 35 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Glas Milk BEASTLY BECAUSE Glas eliquid is the premium of the premium, each and every bottle is custom molded glass, filled with the best of the best, and each and every one is individually stamped with the Glas wax seal of authenticity and perfection. The sheer premium quality of this eliquid is engineered for excellence, making this a BEASTLY brand. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of GLAS MILK

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of GLAS MILK

what's up guys my name is Shauna we're
back again so it's actually been a
little bit I've been out of the game for
a little I had a tooth infection and I
wasn't able to vape for a little bit
I know shame on me right anyway we're
back again today we're taking a look at
milk by glass I want to say that some
weird accent comma thing on it I don't
know how to say it I believe it's glass
we're gonna go with glass because it's
easier so anyway you guys know what I'm
talking about
so I originally went to go pick up the
pound cake by glass I believe that's
what it's called it could be completely
mistaken regardless it's a pound cake
type you'd use that's supposed to be
really good however they didn't have it
they had milk I didn't even know there
wasn't milk so I got milk which is
supposed to be a strawberry and sweet
cream like strawberry milk I've seen
people compared to like a strawberry
milkshake and I have been vaping this
because I got this before I realized I
had a tooth infection and then I had the
tooth taken out and I couldn't fake it
and then I just started vaping it today
and I baked a lot of it okay so this guy
is a 60 VG 40 PG blend and the bottle on
it is absolutely amazing look at this
guy the packaging on this thing is
supreme it's got like a nice sandblasted
bottle you pop the cap off and you got
your nice little drip top and it was
sealed right here on the line I kind of
folded it back it ripped once I opened
it and had a little fake plastic wax
seal on it that I stuck to the top of
that now it looks like a little nipple
and it's kind of cool so in short I
think the presentation of this juice is
absolutely fantastic now how does it
vape though that's the big question here
how does it taste it doesn't matter how
good the packaging looks so just because
the packaging is Kremmling the Crim
doesn't mean the juice is good you know
you can put glitter on a piece of shit
and it could be all nice and sparkly but
in the end it's still a piece of shit
we're gonna go ahead and sort the smell
test on its mana Jam and see what it's
all about if I can open it because my
jerk look at that it opened the first
time my drip cap kind of gets stuck so
this juicer here actually it definitely
has a strawberry cream smell coming out
of it it definitely smells like a
strawberry cream however it has like a
buttery hint to it that's like the smell
you have a little bit of a buttery smell
to it kinda like strawberry cream and
butter that's exactly what it smells
like and you know strawberry cream and
butter is good stuff that's amazing I
wish they had a strawberry cream butter
stick cuz I would probably eat it and
that'd probably get fat so anyway
regardless I haven't loaded up right
here in MVP 3.0 Pro Edition tugboat RDA
a brand new dual coil build new set of
cotton here new everything nice to know
who you know rebuilt the whole situation
going on here and this is glass this is
little milk by
almost no throat hit this is a three
milligram strength like most of the
juices I do try out here almost no
throat is smooth creaminess on the way
down and I even get the strawberry on
the way down too
now right off the bat this does not
taste like your average strawberry and
cream generic premium juice right here
this is actually a formulated pretty
good they put a lot of work and time
into this blood sweat and tears kind of
situation here because this is really
good I'm not really getting a milky kind
of juice out of it it's called milk but
I am not really getting a milk it's a
cream which I guess to some people milk
is kind of cream cuz I drink like whole
milk and I go around people and they're
like oh my god how do you drink that
that's like cream well I don't know I
like it it is very creamy I'm not really
getting a strawberry milkshake out of it
which I know it doesn't present itself
as such however there are a lot of
people that be like yo this is a
strawberry milkshake right here it's the
best drummer a milkshake I've ever had
I'm not really getting a strawberry
milkshake out of it I'm getting like a
really nice blended strawberry cream out
of it it's like when they blended it
they mix the strawberry and cream as one
flavor and then they added another set
of creaminess to the formula as well
bottom line this is the best strawberry
cream I have ever had it's really really
good stuff and again not a strawberry
milkshake I can see how people leaning
towards a strawberry milk I'm getting a
strawberry cream out of it which is
absolutely perfect for me I could
definitely bathe this all day big fan of
strawberry big fan of strawberry cream
big fan of strawberry milk in general I
love it I haven't had it in a while I'm
actually gonna go get some after this
video maybe probably not it's raining
out and I really don't want to go out
and all that
regardless it's a really really good
strawberry milk I highly recommend it to
thumbs up I really want to go ahead and
try the pound cake from them because I
heard it's just really really good stuff
I'm probably gonna go get a bottle
sometime next week hopefully I'll be
back doing videos again now so so I
think that's about it really really good
stuff highly recommended put a link for
it down in the description it's right
down there you guys can go check it out
if you want to now on an unrelated note
I do want to apologize because the
lighting situation might be a little
weird here in the audio situation might
be a little weird here I'm not entirely
sure about that cuz I have the mic
sitting right here said I won't put it
right here in front of my face because
it will block my face so I have it all
setting up right here I just setup I
need another table thing and
my lighting is horrible and I will fix
that I just really want to get this
review out because I've been I've been
really excited to go ahead and do this
review especially since I've been like
out of commission for so long I hope you
enjoyed the video and I will see you
guys next time yeah

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