Vape Review of Glas - Guave E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Glas - Guave E-Liquid

Vape Review of Glas - Guave E-Liquid

By Ksenia Sobchak

Guave from Glas. A unique e-liquid consisting of a number of intoxicating flavours. Guave is a mixture of delicious guava, fresh berries and finished off with a delicate splash of pink lemonade. Guave really is a tropical paradise. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

 Vape Review of Glas - Guave E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas - Guave E-Liquid

what up YouTube man sample flavor chaser
vapour reason take on me liquid review
for you guys today we're gonna be
looking at this is their new flavor this
is a guava or guava is it guava
yeah fucking guava bye
so this was sent to me by my man Ian a
vape society he did send me a
bunch of goals papers that I will do a
nice giveaway package once we hit 10,000
subscribers we're almost there guys so
fuckin hit that subscribe button
motherfucker we're gonna go ahead and
throw it on my flavor chaser dna200 by
GW customs and we're gonna go ahead and
get into this bitch this is their new
flavor and which I did like their other
flavors but um a little bit on a fucking
pricey side but what can you do right it
is what it is excuse me I'm fuckin tired
and it's like 12:30 in the morning stay
tuned till after the intro and we'll go
ahead and get down with some fuckin
today we're gonna have a good look at
Java now this was sent to me by VAP
society supply calm and this is a new
flavor byte
this will sent to me by my man in a
shape Society
this one is $19.99 for a 30 mm cake
in the middle of fucking yeah but it is
what it is okay this one does come in 0
3 6 and 12 milligrams nicotine strength
vape society supply gives you their take
away and from the brand and before I get
into that I would like to remind you
guys to do your part as vapors and it's
human beings because we have less than a
month to get our act together and get
the FDA or far asses and to get that
predicate date pushed all the way to
2016 and to get our shit straight
because of the FDA right now they're
looking to take away vaping from us
completely they wanted ban 99.9% of all
vapor products and need use on the
market today and I'm not gonna stand for
this do your do your part go to August
8th dot org go to our to be smoke-free
org visit Casa org go ahead and answer
all the call to action do you think as a
fucking vapor do your part as a human
and save vaping now that that said I'm
done what's going to get into this
fucking liquid a juice all right here we
go sweet juicy guava a medley of season
fresh berries and a splash of pink
lemonade a tropical butter days bone the
fuck up nigga so tell me why you guys
answered see that's funny
we're doing a review and you guys
fucking answer me wanna do the reveal
dawning on our way nope alright so from
the brand just gave you that vgp D ratio
this one's a little odd this one's are
fairly thin it's a 65 35 the flavor
profile is guava varies and pink
lemonade so let's go ahead and crack off
their wax seals there you go ahead and
pull this top off you got these really
nice frosted fancy-schmancy fancy-pants
bottles does give you the indication
there of the nicotine strength gives you
a little information there at the bottom
really nice presentation they do a
really really good job of presenting
their illiquid so we got the Visnjic
indestructible on the GW customs dna200
this one's open I will turn around point
six I can three so let's go ahead and
give this one Oh
took my top cap off because you guys
know I'm gonna saturate not fucking
let's go ahead and give this bitch a
shake it starting to give her a shake
now let's go ahead and give her a small
test drippy squeezy pulley pushy fuckin
drip tip there drip tip droppers with
child safety locks very good it's gonna
give her a smell house you guys can see
I have not touched that since I got it
so alright this one I'm smelling pink
lemonade Mugu Ave yeah it's a really
nice refreshing smell really really nice
and like I said it's a fairly thin
liquid so it's not that bad you could
tank the fuck out of this because it is
so let very refreshing I'm into
summertime babes now because obviously
it's the summer fucking dirt anyway like
I said 1999 and vape Society
now it's time to fucking saturate night
do you have the Visnjic indestructible
sitting on a point 6000 rap fucking
build this was meant for my noisy
cricket the setup the series setup so I
did wrap it like 4.6 billion times do it
the right way
alright let's fucking do they all smells
really nice I smell a lot of the fresh
guava I think it's how do you say that
guava guava Hey how'd it fun
whatever doesn't matter I don't need it
but smells really nice alright so let's
end up the fucking air holes yeah
alright so here we go this is a guava
bye wrong-o very tangy and tart yes I
said tart
this one getting a lot of guava guava
I'm having trouble with that word guava
or guava here but I'm getting that pink
lemonade and I'm getting a lot of citrus
on this so this is a really pleasant to
be honest with you I'm getting a lot of
new laughs hey and that pink lemonade is
coming through so we're at 67 laughs
let's push this bitch up to 70 I'll wait
for the fucking DNA alright 70 was not
that bad vapor production for a 65 35
but three milligram nicotine milk throat
hit and yeah I like the flavor is pretty
nice yeah this is really refreshing this
is a really nice addition to their
flavor lineup being that they got a lot
of like I would say desert vape since I
get all my slippers a lot of desert
babes like the cereal the pebbles the
donuts and all that good stuff so let me
keep it in the fucking read rip and
saturate hey fuckin
child safety lock let's fucking do this
let's go ahead researcher a those W III
III III c KS wax really nice I like this
one I I like pink lemonade innovate and
the guava guava begin to bhava right
guava but most sound like a fucking
idiot saying who all day or whatever
fucking really really nice
I can all day vape the ever-loving
fucking basin but that's really great
flavor so yeah that's pretty much it I
mean that's you're getting guava Dwight
get berries that said berries I'm
getting a hint of berries and pink
lemonade and the guava so yes lava and
the pink lemonade is dominant in this
flavor and I'm getting a hint of berries
on the exhale so I like it believe it or
not my old a vape right now is naked 100
that's the green blast and that's a
honeydew melon and a granny smith apple
smoothie and it's really fucking good I
cannot get enough of that I'll leave you
guys off with another fucking another
fucking bait and then I'll end this
video cuz there's only one flavor so
not bad for a 6535 it's good I like it
I'm giving the two thumbs up
very creamy very tart not creamy I want
to say we freshing cuz that guava is
really nice it's a really really nice
addition to their flavor lineup and I'm
gonna recommend this has got a really
nice flavor profile and I like it that's
yeah I'm tasting that pink lemonade it's
like a very sweet pink lemonade and the
guava not guava so so yeah that's pretty
much it thank you very much for watching
you guys know I love each and every
fuckin money motherfucker that is stay
tuned to channel I got a whole shitload
to mess up fuckin mods and juice and
coil masters stuffing and juice and
vaping stuff so yeah really cool and I
notice I have the disrupter mod with the
curve sell the NSL this is the curve
this is the C 50 with the axiom tank
coming up for review so stay tuned for
that also have the sigelei 203 let me
take it out of this fucking protective
fuckin sneaky bitch this was sent to me
by gearbest
really nice nice orange color it's a
really really nice mod I love this mod
it been using it every single day since
I got it and I got it for about a week
and a half now and it's been doing
really really nice had no issues with
that mug whatsoever but back to the
juice review I'm giving you two thumbs
up really really nice yes excellent babe
alright so $19.99 for a 30ml that's all
up to you guys don't forget to support
the Cole bishop amendment HR 2058
support your calls to action by casado
org so our to be smoke-free org vaping
militia Augustine or excuse me
it's fucking late no tired but that's
pretty much it so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you did go ahead
and leave it a fucking thumbs up and I
see you motherfuckers in the next one
dueces bitches

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