Vape Review of Glas - Glazed E-Liquid

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Glas - Glazed E-Liquid

Vape Review of Glas - Glazed E-Liquid

By Ekaterina Mironova

Glazed mimicks the taste of donuts, including flavours from Madagascar vanilla, sugar and buttery pastry. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of Glas - Glazed E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas - Glazed E-Liquid

what's up peeps like waves here today
we're gonna do a juice review and the
juice we'll be reviewing today will be a
new product a new juice from glass a
liquids called glazed there you go
this is their new addition to the family
from glass eliquid and yeah they sent me
this juice they sent me this glass hat
which I'll be rocking in this video why
not so yeah pretty cool Wow
in the past I've reviewed I'm sorry for
my voice I have like a kind of like a
scratchy throat thingy going but my
flavor buds are still intact so cool so
yeah in the past I've reviewed three of
their juices pound cake pebbles and milk
and all three of those juices were
awesome the pound cake one had like it
was almost like the Entenmann's like a
lemon pound cake that sort of resembled
then you had one I was like fruity
pebbles like a cereal blend and the milk
which was like a strawberry milk blend
awesome juices love them so they've come
out with this one here called glazed so
basically what glazed is is a freshly
baked layers of buttery pastry meets a
warm sugar glaze with hints of
Madagascar vanilla your favorite donut
refined redefined so yeah I have it on
the Joyetech this is the cuboid and
actually have it in stainless stainless
steel temp control mode on the ice cubed
RDA from Moto fo and yeah let me take
care of this shit
very nice I'm getting I'm getting the
donut I'm getting uh it's almost like a
spice in there but it's not really a
spice I think it's the Madagascar
vanilla which is giving it the spicy
effect or it could be the sugar that
they're using that uh the sugar glaze
could have like like a spicy effect to
it but very nice juice delicious VG PG
ratio is 6535 and they make it in let's
see here
nicotine strengths are zero three six
and twelve milligrams of nicotine and
they come in these bottles here they're
30 ml bottles they got these nice
bottles they have this effect it almost
looks like like a perfume or cologne
something bottle that's what it looks
like pretty nice nice touch here and the
average price that I see this just going
for for a 30ml is $22 all right yeah I
know you guys don't say oh that's
expensive that's pricey yeah I know it's
pricey that's but that's what their
prices are and they make a nice quality
juice so let me drip a little in here to
6535 vapor I get paper production from
it the flavor is intense off it very
nice flavor donut sugar spice like a
sugar spice with that vanilla hit the
vanilla the Madagascar in it very nice
delicious juice gotta be probably one of
my top donut eliquid right here very
nice flavor it's got a unique donut
flavor very nice who sells it Mike well
I've been looking to see who sells it
and I found that Evie cigarettes com
sells it and 22 dollars that's what they
for their shop their home based out of
Florida so nice reliable place I've
reviewed for them in the past if I'm not
mistaken did I get glass from them no
they didn't send me less it was another
company that I got the other glass
liquids from so I recommend it good
juice guys pick it up if you're into the
if you are of glass fan and like the
glass juices you will love this and if
you like doner flavors you will love
this it's a nice spin on a doughnut very
nice smooth and this is uh I can
honestly say this is an all day vape of
a juice right here so in a description
below I'll have a link to glass illiquid
so you guys want to check out their
website I'll have a link to evey
cigarettes dot-com do you guys want to
pick up some glass glazed juice I'll
have a link to my facebook page link to
my Instagram page and a link to casado
org cuz we all need to sign up the fight
for rights to vape all right thank you
and remember keep on vaping

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