Vape Review of GLAS GLAZED

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of GLAS GLAZED

Vape Review of GLAS GLAZED

By Nataly Komova

las has produced some of the best mechanical mods on the market, and they have applied this level of expertise to constructing their own line of eliquid. Each bottle is hand crafted into its unique shape, capped, and individually sealed with a wax stamp, which makes every experience with Glas eliquid unique. Glas Glazed is a sinfully sweet glazed donut. The taste of freshly baked, warm donuts is the first to taste on the inhale, followed closely by the intensity of Madagascar vanilla beans cooked into a sugary glaze, and finished off with a subtle cream. A complex, but beautiful combination of unique flavors constructs this BEAST of an eliquid. VG to PG Ratio: 65 / 35 You Will Receive: 1x - Bottle of Glas Glazed BEASTLY BECAUSE Glas eliquid is the premium of the premium, each and every bottle is custom molded glass, filled with the best of the best, and each and every one is individually stamped with the Glas wax seal of authenticity and perfection. The sheer premium quality of this eliquid is engineered for excellence, making this a BEASTLY brand. Warning for California Residents Regarding Proposition 65: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Vape Review of GLAS GLAZED

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of GLAS GLAZED

today we got glass glazed
by classy liquids now before we get on
with this review just want to give a
huge shout out and thank you to premium
vape supply for sending us this juice to
review very much appreciate it so let's
get on with the review so you can find
this stuff off of premium vape supply
calm its 14.95 for the 30 milliliter
bottle comes in nicotine levels of zero
three six and twelve and I'll go ahead
and read you guys the description off of
premium vape supply so pleased a liquid
by glass e-liquid is a triple layered
donut with buttery pastry and Madagascar
vanilla topped off by a sweet sugar
please sounds pretty damn bomb in my
opinion we'll find out soon enough
though so this is what the bottle looks
like it'll close up on that nice fancy
looking like cologne tight fucking
bottle that's what it reminds me of like
a fucking bottle Cologne or something
top pops off like that and you got the
drip tip in there I really enjoy the
packaging I think it looks really nice
so go ahead and give it a smell let you
guys know how it smells
almost smells like me bowl or some shit
in the way like you get like a keiki
donate like smell almost smells like a
me like a cinnamon like maple type thing
I know I know how to describe it
smells good though I can't I get like
donut smells like a cinnamon like maple
I guess that's the glaze the glazing
that I'm supposed to be smelling the
sugary glaze or whatever 22 it says this
juice is a 6535 I guess so oh no I mean
it looks a little thicker than that but
I guess it's a 6535 anyways gonna be
Deeping this off of the this is the
twisted messes box mod I got the Mad
Hatter version too RDA I've got some
dual fuse Clapton's in there I'm going
to 1:09 they've been out a hundred watts
gonna go ahead and give her her vape
right now I mean if it really is only a
65 35 if I can produce it's like
excellent clouds I guess I guess they do
dissipate like pretty quickly but still
produces some nice thick clouds
especially off these fees Clapton's
flavor on is really good though um I'm
oh I like it said in the description
like vanilla I don't really notice like
no Nullah notes or anything it's like I
mostly just know this like like a
fucking plate and they taste like please
do it and honestly does it's a nice and
sweet I mean I been like this this juice
is actually really sweet like you'll
probably like fuck in
I'll probably like dirty up your coils
pretty fairly quickly but uh you know
the flavor your skin like I want to give
it like the flavor on this juice I'll
give it a seven like it's not like the
best like donut like babe I've had so
like I'm gonna give it a seven I mean
there's other better donut beeps out
there like I I give it a thumbs up
though definitely like I don't like
recommend running out and buying you and
trying it right away but if you're like
tired of all the other donut beeps and
you really need to try something new
then I guess like it would be worth
checking out and the pricing is like
pretty good - 1495 not too bad and he
came to get a 10% off off of a premium
beef supply with a coupon code and Cal
yet checkout so I'd say it's worth
checking out if you're interested in
trying a new doughnut beep other than
that though it's pretty much all I got
to say about this juice it's pretty good
it didn't kind of has like a slight
throat hit not like not too bad but it's
like it's pretty much smooth in and out
and it tastes good so I'm gonna I'm
gonna recommend it give it a thumbs up
if you found this video useful in any
way make sure you hit that like button
leave comment below let us know what you
thought and subscribe not already and
stay tuned for more reviews this has
been packed up in CV signed peace

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