Vape Review of Glas E-Liquid Juice Pack

April 19, 2018 14 min read

Vape Review of Glas E-Liquid Juice Pack

Vape Review of Glas E-Liquid Juice Pack

This Juice pack contains 3 x 10ml bottles of liquids from the Glas Vapor E-Liquid range; Poundcake, Milk and Guave. Available in 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vape Review of Glas E-Liquid Juice Pack

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas E-Liquid Juice Pack

hey guys rugged babes come back at you
with another a liquid review this is
what I've been talking about all week
and my videos in one I'm super stoked
for we are gonna be looking at the glass
eliquid line by shawn glass same shawn
glass that brings you the amazing
amazing glass mechanical mods so on just
because you make a good mod doesn't mean
you make a good juice so today we're
gonna find out if the juice lives up to
the mod hype we are gonna take a look at
all three flavors from the let redline
milk pebbles and pound cake we're gonna
be looking at the seasonal spiced donut
I believe it I know it is it is still
available on the website so if you
haven't gotten the spice donut we'll
talk about it get it soon and release
last Saturday glazed I believe it's the
first juice in the blue line I heard
there's no one coming out a couple
months I can't wait til that blue line
is complete you guys are gonna see why
I'm super stoked for this review but
we're gonna jump right into it I'm gonna
be vaping off my brand new cuboid got
yesterday and the indestructible RDA
both reviews will be coming up soon get
excited about that hit like subscribe
you guys will see some some of those
reviews coming up shortly but we're
gonna start with milk by glass this
first let's talk about these bottles
guys check out these bottles I mean you
take a look at that bottle this is a 30
milliliter bottle I feel like man you
know do I really want to pay thirty
forty dollars for the third don't want
to pay a dollar a milliliter but you
know what price just just like the
market 22 bucks for this thirty
milliliter bottle unbelievable pops
right off you have a great sealed drip
drip cap here that is just on believable
I do not understand why companies can't
good caps on these are excellent
excellent caps and you even got the top
cap to go over it present at home my
gosh presents that super clean fresh
look high-end look for a reasonable
price $22 a once we get into these
flavor profiles you guys are gonna
understand definitely definitely worth
the $22 I will preface this I'm gonna be
as critical as possible I always am I
try to bring you guys honest honest
reviews you guys are seeing I've had to
Bosch from juice lines but uh it's gonna
be tough on this one I don't think
there's gonna be much bad to say but I
did hang out with Sean glass last
Saturday he was in town for the glazed
release and hung out with them some
during the day at the event and then got
to hang out with them afterwards and
then go to a hockey game so it was an
experience of a lifetime something I
will definitely never forget you know
hanging out with someone that's that's
created such an amazing mech mod and now
recently has come out with an excellent
juice line it's just it's a Gershon is a
great example of the leaders we need in
this industry you know doing things the
right way
presenting things the right way he's
ready I mean huge props he's telling me
way over $10,000 the week before just
spent a nicotine consistency testing
these are things companies are not
required to do right now he did it
because he wants to make sure he's
presenting and providing the most
outstanding product on the market and I
have made a commitment to stop saying oh
my gosh this is the best use of ever
tried because I'm just constantly
getting presented lately with very high
quality juice lines so I'm done saying
that but I will say this glass will
never leave my shelf but we're gonna
walk through all five juices as quickly
as possible I still want to give it all
the fair fairness that that it deserves
because it is a stellar line guys we are
gonna start with milk and milk on the
I love his simple simple flavor profiles
on the website
as a smooth and complex blend of
strawberries and sweet cream you know he
doesn't go crazy with visualizations or
gimmicks it's just a smooth and complex
blend of strawberries and sweet cream
man so everybody makes a milk and
everybody tends to throw strawberry on
them you know everybody in their mother
is a mother's milk or you know a gentle
strawberry milk or a gentle strawberry
cream every lines got one so you know a
lot of lines have one so when I saw the
milk I was like ah that's probably gonna
be my least favorite you know it's gonna
be one of the many I've had so many
strawberry melts in my day it's not even
funny so uh when I tried it I was
actually pretty shocked this I'm not a
strawberry fan I like strawberries in
kitchen I like strawberry desserts but
when it comes to juice I've just never
really found this strawberry that I want
on my shelf at all times and this is the
first one that gives me both complex and
smooth as he says I get just enough
strawberry to make it very very very
desired desirable the CLE minute is
excellent and I was trying to decide
what you know what I was gonna compare
this to and there's two things I'm a big
strawberry milk fan like straight off
the shelf in the in the store and that's
what a lot of these juices you know in
the industry I think are going for but
none of them seem to really nail it down
this tastes like strawberry milk out of
the bottle and I love that the other
thing I want to compare it to it's so
the other thing I want compared to which
i think is awesome is um that instant
oatmeal strawberry oatmeal it's like my
favorite oatmeal of all time if you're
an oatmeal fan and you that that
strawberry oatmeal is just rich and
that's what this tastes like
I mean on every single poll
it's un-freakin'-believable this is the
first strawberry milk that I can all day
for sure this will remain on the Shelf
blown away by their milk I thought this
would be my least favorite juice
definitely not this juice far exceeded
any expectations
super super thrilled about this juice
unbelievable sean glass excellent job
juice number one ten out of ten for sure
the next one we're going to take a look
at is pound cake so on the website is
bottles are available in 30 milliliters
they're also sold in 15s mo if you
probably have a local shop that carries
this line there are thousands and
thousands and thousands and thousands of
stores that this line is in
I don't remember the exact number but it
was an absurd amount one of the highest
I've ever heard and for good reason I
mean this excellent juice excellent
bottles excellent design excellent
message and the guy just has excellent
excellent values he's doing this thing
the right way and a lot of people need
to look to Shawn glass you know for an
example of what we need to aim to be in
this industry but pound cake which I
also have in it one twenty milliliter
crystal bottle from Shawn himself very
thankful for that blown away I did some
stuff for the local event and between
the the store that put it on and Shawn
this was just an amazing gift that I
will I will never ever ever forget
very very stoked you sign the box for me
and you know normally I think that was a
tad cheesy but with this line it was
like when they were like you should get
your box signed I was like absolutely
because again Shawn has just created a
line and a message and a business model
that is exactly what every company in
this industry should aim to be I'm just
so blown away but let's uh but that's at
the same time we're gonna be critical of
the juice because I have to be I have to
tell you what's good I have to tell you
what's not and I'm gonna be as honest as
I love these bottles
I can added my pot one of them in my
pocket all day Saturday it's easy to
create a bottle that doesn't leak I
don't know why more companies don't just
pay a little more and put it in a bottle
that doesn't leak these bottles are
excellent I love the cat you know you're
not gonna get me in your pocket but
anyway pound cake let's go over how Sean
describes it on the website he does sell
all these in 30 milliliters directly on
the website I believe he said on
Saturday that there will be once when
he's on the website soon I don't think
they'll be in that crystal bottle but
that I'm sure they will look and feel
amazing nonetheless so pound cake named
after century-old traditional recipe
pound cake is marked by its premium
balanced flavor the liquid captures that
same insult taste with notes of fresh
citrus and vanilla on the inhale that
are followed by hints of warm cake and
lemon zest on the exhale what I love
again about that flavor profile is he's
not paid in pictures of you out on the
beads short he's not painting pictures
of this or that he's just telling you
what's in the juice and I love it he
does it in a clean crisp direct way very
good you know exactly what you're
getting so we're looking for a subtle
taste of that creamy balanced flavor
some fresh citrus and vanilla on the
inhale with warm cake and lemon zest on
the exhale I'm a big pound cake fan in
real life you know in food in real life
this is real life boys vaping is real
life but uh yeah and food I love the
pound cake so let's take a look I'm
hoping for some of that lemon zest on
the exhale
oh man the reason I picked down cake in
the big bottle is because I absolutely
love this juice so I knew there is gonna
be some lemon zest on the exhale but
mean it's pound cake on the exhale it's
exactly like that warm lemony oh it's
just that's what it tastes like like
you're biting into pound cake and on the
inhale I'm definitely just like it says
getting a little more vanilla and then
on the exhale it's just like pound cake
it's unbelievable it definitely matches
exactly to what they claim it is
unbelievable loving the pound cake
another ten out of ten first three
juices here we're going to try are all
from the red line they were the first
three out if you look up other glass
reviews they all pretty much have these
three juices so after these three we're
gonna get into the two special ones two
amazing flavors as well so this third
one is gonna be pebbles one of the
reasons I had to do this review just
like a couple of last juice line reviews
is why I was stoked because got to hang
out with Shaun Saturday wanted to get it
fresh when I was excited but I don't
know if I'm gonna lose excitement over
these ever these are just high-quality
juices but this pebbles like I purposely
not beeped too much of it because I know
that if I did it was gonna be gone and
then I was gonna have to go buy another
another bottle for the review which I
will definitely do buying all five of
these again but this was the one I was
most worried about because out of the
initial red label pound cake is like
unbelievable it's an all David for sure
I could all day vape that crap for a
week crap it is not crap but this
pebbles has such a distinct flavor
another one a lot of people go for these
fruity cereals everybody you know most
companies tend to have a cereal in their
line whether it's Froot Loops or Captain
Crunch or whatever it is they're all you
know trying to hit one thing because
their cereals we all like but this
fruity pebbles
it's fruity pebbles I mean it's not an
attempt at fruity pebbles it's not like
a lot of the fruit juices that just you
get a little but you wish you got more
I'm getting a mouthful of fruity pebbles
on every pole fruity pebbles fruity
pebbles fruity pebbles so let's take a
look what Shawn has up on the website
here pebbles and you can order these
directly off their website for $22 a 30
melons soon I believe you'll be able to
get those 122 so keep an eye out on that
but he just said is a sophisticated
dessert blend of fruit cereal and
macaron pebbles boasts a powerful
balance of creamy and fruit flavor with
the sweet vanilla crisp on the exhale
and I love that it's it's it's pebbles
its fruity pebbles with you know some
more cream in there to make it feel like
you are enjoying a nice big bowl of
Fruity Pebbles and I love me some fruity
pebbles so man if you like fruit cereal
at all and I know many of us like me
have tried it fruity cereal juice after
fruity cereal juice after fruity cereal
juice say that three times fast
but uh and we just I'm always wanting
more this is the first views I've tried
in the industry that doesn't leave me
desiring more it gives me everything I
need it gives me the pebble taste it
gives me the cream it gives me a melt
taste literally like a bowl of Fruity
Pebbles oh my it it's fantastic
so as you can assume these juices are
made in a topknot cloud one of the one
of the only seven rated labs in the
country he makes his juice in the most
stellar pristine environment it can
possibly be made with the obviously the
highest ingredients you could possibly
the neck is must must just be in the
same I gotta find out which Nick this is
because it is so smooth I've made the
three but I'm to the point where I was
like almost going to a zero because I'm
almost ready but I want to give you guys
true you know true examples of what
Nick's are good and what Nick's our bet
so reviews I'm only gonna be using
threes and I'm still at a three but this
is a very very smooth three so I'm sure
if you and I've heard it from other
if you vape six sort of you you know
it's still going to be a very very very
very smooth six and they do offer in
zero three six in twelve so even if you
do you know I may even buy a couple of
these and twelfths for those rough days
because it's such a smooth neck that I'm
still gonna get a little more kick but
but not kind of it's not gonna you know
kill me even at a 12-1 a month three
because it's just so smooth a good
example of that is Saturday first time I
tried the spice doner out in somebody
else's mind it wasn't twelve I didn't
know that I hit it I'm like oh what Nick
is that assuming he'd say three maybe
six he's like oh that's a twelve so
smooth so so if you are a 12 it might
not give you that bite but to me it's a
good thing because it's still gonna give
you the nicotine that you're craving
absolutely amazing though weird three
four three milk
pound cake and pebbles all ten out of
ten for sure I mean maybe it's 12 out of
10 these are exceptional juices the only
knock that I've heard some people
including my girlfriend have is there's
almost too much flavor and for me
there's no such thing I've been on a
flavour chase for a while now and I may
have finally found a line that
that ends that chase this is as
flavorful as it gets on on unbelievable
so next we're gonna get into a seasonal
juice I don't know how much longer this
juice is gonna be available it is on the
website currently on glass vapor calm go
to the shop section of that website and
this is still available on Sean's
website so you can still get this I
would recommend if you enjoy you know a
spiced cake doughnut that you pick this
up as soon as possible find the store
locally or find you know go on to
Shawn's website find a way to get this
juice as soon as possible because who
knows how long it will be up so this is
the spiced doughnut and let's take a
look at what Sean says as the flavor
profile on this spice doughnut oh man
sorry I want to talk about it right now
a pumpkin spice vanilla don't up with
hints of almond and cinnamon spice a
perfect way to enjoy the holiday season
with friends and family so here's the
first visit visualization he's created
you know a perfect way to enjoy the
holiday season with friends and family
and you know on a seasonal juice I'm
totally okay with that
because you know it is something that's
only gonna be out for a limited time and
it is you know it was a fall juice a
winter juice that's how it was released
that's how its presented and it's a
spiced cake donut man with perfect
frosting on top is what I experienced on
every pole
oh one of my favorite Donuts pumpkin
spice donuts those cake donuts the way
that flavor just and you know drizzle is
some frosting and you have my favorite
favorite dessert I love picking up from
time to time or all the time
you know a perfect spice doughnut and
this just cap capsule Isis that flavor
so amazing and throws it in a bottle and
allows all of us to enjoy it if I
created a juice line like this I don't
know if I don't want to share it with
the masses I'd be like I want all of it
but uh thankfully Sean shared it with us
man excellent excellent excellent juice
excellent again if you like spice donut
pick this up as soon as possible who
knows how long it will be on the shelves
or go to the glass paper com2 Shawn's
website and order a bottle as soon as
possible this stuff is delicious
you will not regret it and you don't
want to miss it for sure the last juice
of the line the one I am stoked about as
if I'm not stoked about aisle five is
glazed this came out Saturday it's
already available on the website if your
local store carries glass they
definitely already have this if they're
not sold out I actually purchased this
at the release I wanted to support the
cause I also purchased that spice Dona
the pumpkin spice doughnut and the other
three I won in the collection packages
to give away if you're loving this and
you want to try it out the red wine the
milk the pound cake and the pebbles you
can get all three thirty milliliter
bottles for sixty dollars on the website
and a little collection box
in fact I'll show you real quick what
that collection box looks like comes in
a very nice design just a clean crisp
black box with glasses G on the front
and then they come resting and beautiful
in let than just great packaging
get that on the website with the red
line the first three let flavours we
discussed for $60 so I may even just
order a couple more of those in the near
future I love supporting a line like
this that's doing what Shawn's doing but
this is going to be the glaze real quick
let's run down one more time what Sean
says about the glaze on his website
which was recently added in the last
week freshly baked layers of buttery
pastry meats a warm sugar glaze with
hints of Madagascar vanilla your
favorite donut redefine so it's a delays
to donut man literally the first time I
baked this I was like I wish I had a
Krispy Kreme or you know any google
glazed donut sit him right there to like
eat they cuz it's the same freaking
taste it's so unbelievable and this
almost provides even more flavor because
it does have that vanilla and hints of
Madagascar vanilla it does have such a
heavy vanilla to go right along with
that glazed donut on freakin believable
this was stellar I was glad to be there
at the release and how it was just
unbelievable glaze
it's it's my favorite glazed pound cake
spice Nona pebbles melt never mind
they're all my favorites but glaze was a
beautiful addition to this line
excellent excellent excellent deuce if
you've been a fan of the glass line you
definitely need to go out and buy a
bottle of glaze if you haven't already
because it is a perfect perfect addition
to the glass line so I'm super anxious
for the next two juices to come out out
of the blue line super stoked about what
Sean is doing for our industry these are
five I can easily recommend every single
juice in his line for purchase all five
of them for me our all-day vapes
I love heavy flavor and that's what
these provide if you are a flavor chaser
this may end
Chace glass will never ever leave my
shelf I will always have glass in my
rotation now excellent excellent
excellent juice I believe there is 70/30
blend I'm not positive but I'm pretty
sure that's what he told me on Saturday
excellent excellent
these are 30 mill bottles 15 mill
bottles are presented the same way just
a little shorter half is short maybe so
still excellent packaging all the
information you'd ever want is on a
sticker on the bottom so it doesn't you
know take away from the beautiful crisp
crisp look there's also a badge number
if you take that sticker off so that you
can trace it back to the exact batch if
something were to go wrong which I'm
sure it never has but just in case
anybody that's willing to spend the
money he does for consistency testing
and for the high-end ingredients but
still provides it to us for a very
reasonable price at $22 a 30ml I'm
totally on board obviously I'm wearing
the t-shirt I got another one on the
wall got this hat in the giveaway
it's just I'm totally down for
representing the company that's doing it
like this a great example of what every
company in our industry needs to aim to
be Shawn glass huge win your mech mods
are awesome and now we can say beyond
any doubt that your juice line equally
matches the perfection that is provided
in your mech mods so thanks to Shawn
thanks to everyone that continues to
enjoy and support the glass line I'm a
big fan I'm a big supporter as always
guys vape on

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