Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Sugar Cookie

April 19, 2018 11 min read

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Sugar Cookie

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie from the Glas Basix Series is a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of 70% VG e-liquid and is to be used within your electronic cigarette.

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Sugar Cookie

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas Basix Series - Sugar Cookie

hi guys welcome back to V don't smoke
it's Paul here guys today we are doing
an Eli good review and we're gonna check
out five flavors from the glass basics
range after a look at the pretty colors
so we've got five for us to do of the
glass is it guys a basics range no funny
story there are six of these flavors and
one of them as less less as the
butterscotch reserved ry for now not
only do that's one in this video because
I'm going to do a lot of tobacco search
series of videos where I'm searching for
the perfect tobacco so that will be
included in that video so that guesses
on video just for being a tobacco how
lucky is that just name we're going to
check out these five flavors these five
flavors were sent to me by x MK d calm
now they are actually the only company
that the stocks this range of juice so
they do sell them to us and they also
sell them to a horse here was available
so that if you want to pick these up for
yourself or for your shop then check out
s NK decom no look at what the hell they
are shall we so first of all they come
in a fancy little box like this now let
me just get my camera and here fuck
fuzzy mod so you're coming a little box
that's exactly at a bar called one it's
got all your information on the front
tells you a little bit about the vapor
production and the flavor is a cha
throat hurt it's got all that can I fun
stuff on the back needs fancy a little
box on the back of the box we do get
your information
shake shake shake so the box will get
that so very very well presented and
then we motika out the box and the
bottles just ticket at the box and we'll
check out the bottles
and so that's as a sex tape Mel bottle
and again the bottle themselves has got
any angle one morning here we go that's
the bottle itself has got all that some
information on it all your usual jars
70% VG PG as you can see these are 0
neck 50 ml it's on a sec slim elbow I'll
come back to that and you got all that
fun stuff know the bottle cap itself is
one of those little drop off ones okay
so I'm back
so these costs 17 pounds and 99 pins so
417 pounds and maintaining paints you
get this okay but if you want to mix it
to three milligram nicotine which is up
to you if you want to do that then you
would need to buy yourself a little neck
shot and this is what the next shot
looks like now it does cost you one
pounds 50 more for your next shot and
all you do is basically mix the two so
I'll do it no just it can I show you
what what we do and how we do it so we
take our bottle pop open okay now we
just piles but you can use whatever you
want and you just want to kind of get
that cap off okay and you just put that
down next shot we open that up
take off that what will rang that always
calms me throw it and it that Ben
tweezers off so we've got an empty
bottle and we've got a knot into Bowl
open bottle open bottle and you just
pull it in and you can leave it to set
the hour you can help our Wong just give
it a squeeze cetera make sure you get oh
look at that
lovely jubbly
they gave us this 18 mulignan a khadeem
so I mean in terms of rubber gloves in
that it really it's really up to
yourself it's not going to hurt you 18
Malaga and nicotine it's a you know we
recommend that you drink it but
certainly and touching your skin earlier
it's not really gonna do anything but if
you do a few accuracy on the boat wear
some gloves yeah
so once we've done that we pop a little
cap back on we screw that went back on
and then we just give it a good shake
and so you maybe want to do a good chick
from 20 or 30 seconds and then before
you know maybe two or three more shakes
and then leave it this set for an hour
or so in where that can mature and max
and all that fun stuff okay so that will
be putting into the cupboard and we'll
get that back out when we're doing my
sips for the mic my ships for the
perfect epochal so we'll do that one
knee so we're just going to look at the
other five now I have already maxed
these early of the Smallman so they've
all got their next shot and the actual
wife the next shot left the flavour
concentrate as a 68 I think it's a 70 ml
bottle here's a star a bit of a gap they
are but it's 70 percent VG and it's no 3
milligram nicotine so that's one next
shot and in the 50ml concentrate and
you've got 3 mg and it's about 50 ml
waffle you like what so their place I
said 17 pounds maintaining paints for
these flavours and your next shot will
cost you it one poems fifty okay so
let's get some peace then done then
shall we so I've got the first one
already whipped up and just start with
some blueberry cake no blueberry cake it
says we've actually got on the bottle as
well which I do like I do like that that
we've got it on the ball I know it's a
blueberry cake but it's actually says
flavor oysters vanilla
blueberry cream and cake which is
excellent excellent so we don't need
that we don't need that
and we just need that so let's see what
it tastes like then shall we
it's a sweet getting sweetness I'm
getting that kick batiste I've got I see
the dominant flame out here is the blue
that's sweet footed blue buddy it's a
very very nice taste it's caught in the
move was a little but I kick bar and can
I sponge it east at the background but
the blue videos certainly the dominant
for your buddy on I'm not really packing
up any kind of horrible chemically taste
or anything it's actually very very
it's fresh all sweet
I mean you're getting that Kenickie
Keith or cakey spongy taste so it's very
very pleasant actually
and those of us that on all Davey I mean
it may be it really depends on your
taste buds I just quit sweet guys the
less definitely a sweetness there so if
you look at the clouds they'll certainly
cloud going on as well the rumors just
went I agree I can see all baby makes
just agree
well that sweetness young whereas if
you've eat that's constantly all day
that may become a little bit too much
it's a cake you may want to maybe keep
it for after your tea
I would really depends on how much you
view but it's actually very pleasing the
blue but he's definitely the strongest
part of that flavor the geek the vanilla
sponge apart skin elite in the exhale at
the end but it certainly has quickness
sure is a good start that's a good start
next up we're going to try some
strawberry gummy I'm gonna pause and let
the try and get some heavy pot out and
I'm going to change it the wet can come
back well I would so I'm just dropping
some of this on in my clean work
um a little bit up in the bomb there I
was using some new cotton and it's very
very thick so it took me ages to do the
build and so there we go we've got some
of that on there just laying up my air
for so this one is strawberry gummy and
it's sweet strawberry sir gummy and
mixed Betty so I'll just like smile eyes
um and then it's their game so
strawberry gummy not gonna bother
putting any focus key it's just a pop
you know exactly what it looks like
let's have a lot of it and then we'll go
for it here we go
oh that max berries is coming through
yeah I mean that's one says candy on it
sweet strawberry soda gummy and Max
berries um the strawberries definitely
they're the max berries is definitely
what's the other one soon gummy I'm not
really sure what's origami tastes like
not really getting any sort of
government I'm getting strawberry I'm
getting max berries it's not as sweet as
the first one so this is easily an oldie
beep and yeah it's actually very very
poison the next berries is what's doing
it for me you're getting the strawberry
at the start normal kind of strawberry
taste but the max Bailey's adds its side
and I cannot I punched it as a lot about
such us a lot about sweetness be very
thrifty it's caught in my mouth from
eating I move water this is a really
nice juice severe innings juice this is
this is better than the first one and
this is either an old Evie and wear the
clothes clothes for these fog for days
that's ones very nice guys I'm
strawberry gummy if you like strawberry
you like mixed berries then this is
something to try very very good I'm
impressed so far I'm impressed so far
with the class and just what's up next
up next is Caribbean passion
let me change out the wet can I'll be
right back okay guys so what back with
some Caribbean passion I was I really
struggle to hear either the vapor those
know when so we're gonna have to meet
there with the fog after Caribbean
passion as a peach strawberry apple and
pineapple flavor that's just so many
yummy let's have our veep and see where
we go well but one of our threw out on
that one it's two stars for flute hat on
the local charts I saw was the
strawberry and the blueberry cake was
one star store that spheres I walk about
more of a throat kick was not a lot
going on with this one I'm packing up a
little better peach a lot about a pain
I think the apples coming through Israel
to be honest but there's no standout
flavor out here it's more of little bits
of everything what's the other one peach
strawberry apple and pineapple not so
much get in the strawberry I think
that's a little bit too much going on
with weather so I get a little better
peace a little better pain up or what
about Apple as well it's easier than all
DV because it's not to over opponent
it's not unpleasant it's just maybe a
little bit too many flavors for your
main picking a key pop
I love a good peach flavor and I'm
getting that peach and it's a nice peach
and it's caught in my mouth and the
peach the apple and paint up or coming
out on the exhale so you're getting
peach on the end he'll Apple and paint
up on the exhale anything--i getting a
quarter caught in your mouth that's
peachy peachy hmm it's very tasty is
very tasty I think maybe a dominant
flavor maybe that's what I'll doing it's
not so much a dominant flavor well it's
juicy peach Caribbean passion tropical
voice fruit novel what I me of a lot of
names on the wall go um yeah the basics
for yes that's not a bad juice it's not
our badges I do like the strawberry got
me better than I liked that one though
and I thought I would say I think the
blue buddy keep me out is available so
this is probably the worst out of the
three so far however it's a nice flavor
there's just little little tones overall
rather than a dominant flavor I like
blueberry cake you know strawberry gummy
this is kind of even passion what about
a mixture of everything so but it's not
to wipe out an easily an Aldi veep what
come on is the last one we'll try that
one last actually because it's menthol
on it and this is sugar cookie cinnamon
sweet vanilla cinnamon and cookie flavor
about chic and I'll change out the wet
can come back in two seconds okay guys
were back with number four it says sugar
cookie from the glass a b6 range and
this is available at
true for a one-pound 50 and they saw
this one as the now our cinnamon and
cookie flavor let me just get that
let's go for it well you do get the Sun
Oven you do get the cinnamon not too
much of it though not too much of it
yeah I mean this could be a cookie
getting that sweetness song you know the
sugar sugar cinnamon cookie dough it
sold me out
it's just that what all but can I muted
it's not bad I mean I've you've unfolded
me and I Victor I wouldn't really be
able to tell you it's sugar cookie or a
cookie and that we I'm searching for
them and you get a little bit of that
cinnamon but it's not our heavy hot
cinnamon you know it's how can I beat
good cinnamon flavor you know like the
king uh those cannot kick things that
you get with the cinnamon buns things
that you get I mean again a little bit
of I can a cookie doll flavor and that
sugar is there it's not jumping out here
that's what I as if you search for it
you are getting it but I'd probably say
they need more of that cookie dough
flavor and this one
turn that off I'm getting more and more
than what IV pick than what I'm getting
it but it's a pleasant piece I just
don't that's enough that's just not
enough of it I mean massive vapor
production not too bad easily an oldie
because it's not overpowering I think
they could do a little bit more flavor
of the cookie you know the cookie door
the cookie flavor I think we're getting
the sugar we're getting the cinnamon I
just need a little bit more of that
cookie for it to be the sugar cookie you
know you're getting a little bits of it
at the end but not massive massive and
put of it but it's not bad you're
getting you're getting the tones they
are but I think maybe a little bit more
does not linger in peace that you're not
packing up not too bad I think I think
the other three where we're about so I
won't put that to the back in terms of
the top four but we're our number 5
number 5 is fizzy lemonade and it's the
late blue one let me change it the work
and I'll be back in a second
okay guys I'm back rattling work and
I've got the fatal flavor as fizzy
lemonade the flavor profile is lemonade
lame sword a pineapple an ace so I've
got the cheetah
I've got on the Hicks let's just go for
it oh yeah yep we're getting ice
okay that's a cold one guys this is a
cold veep it really has cooled whoa
let's chose the throw off me
was I thought cake there as well as a
lot about hard that they can I take
longer to say I wasn't too prepared let
me just do it again the lanes they'll
you know you're getting that Lane that's
just very very I who is cool it's cold
it really has cooled oh I can't believe
and the flavors definitely accurate I'm
getting lemonade I'm getting Lane I'm
getting ice
pineapple mmm I get any pineapple
getting the lemonade that's clearly my
nose and everything yeah maybe I'm
getting peanut pool I mean it's cool
that really has cooled you're getting
that lemony to getting that lame you're
getting that freezing cold show those
Autobots weakness there that's probably
the pineapple but I couldn't identify it
and see it that's pineapple there's a
sweetness to it and that's probably both
eyes and if you like that cold Viet
gauge then this is certainly something
you might want to try
I'm not massively finalists eight called
veep but the flavor profile was
definitely accurate lemonade blame
pineapple for the sweetness and in that
the ice called Cho at the end yeah I
mean it's easily older vehicles it's not
over Poland it's a lot about too cool
for me but yeah that's definitely
something that you could check out those
that you gaze that link the A's blast
flavors there you go guys that is five
flavors faithfully of us what was the
best one at the mall I've got I see it
was strawberry strawberry gummy was that
my favorite of those flavors and then
after that I'd say blueberry cake
because it's not eat nice blueberry
flavor and they're they're not too bad
they're actually pretty good quality the
flavor profiles are prey accurate and
I'll let hopefully I don't hear oh my
goodness seventeen pounds ninety-nine
pains for a bottle of this size seventy
percent VG PG and next short should you
wish to it will cost you one pound fifty
you Maxim together and you get three
milligram nicotine they come obviously
zero neck initially not too bad not too
bad at all
WWWE mkd calm if you want to check out
these flavors they also do the tongue at
the what they called the Dutch Amsterdam
flavors I've just finished off the van
Gogh they also do that
SMK D so I just finished my ball and I
really need to get another one because
it was yummy yummy yummy okay that's it
for today I hope you have enjoyed the
review of these electrodes and I pulled
over to Facebook and join the Facebook
group is called V don't smoke you can
follow me on twitter and instagram @ v
don't smoke 82
okay please subscribe for future reviews
but my view the most importantly a state
chaos stay safe and veep don't smoke

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