Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Strawberry Gummy

April 19, 2018 10 min read

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Strawberry Gummy

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Strawberry Gummy

Strawberry Gummy from the Glas Basix Series is a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of 70% VG e-liquid for use with your electronic cigarette.

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Strawberry Gummy


Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas Basix Series - Strawberry Gummy

welcome thank you so much for joining me
shady vapes here back once again and
today we're looking at a juice range now
this juice range has been sent to me for
the purpose of this review by SM kab and
they've got exclusivity in the UK for
this range now the actual company that
makes the juice is called glass and
vapor and I don't really know a lot
about it myself but I have had a quick
look about him and then do do quite
fancy bottles and you know things like
and and this range is called the glass
basics series now they all come in very
very similar bottles to this you know
did slightly different colors they've
all got the information on there of you
know the star rating so the star rating
for vapor production flavor strength and
fro tip they're all 70/30 they all come
in a 60 mil bottle but with 50 mil of
juicing and they're all nicotine free
now SM KD also sell nicotine shots which
the nicotine shots can be added to these
and if you pop a 10 mil nicotine shot
into this bottle it will make this free
micrograms or milligrams sorry of
nicotine so like I say these are all
zero but what they've done is they've
enhanced the flavor so basically they've
put extra flavorings in these bottles to
compensate for the fact you've gotta add
your own nicotine now they do stress
that they can be vaped
as a zero as well it does stipulate that
and once you've added nicotine if you
choose to add nicotine you need to shake
it you know really really hard and then
leave it to stand for 24 to 48 hours now
for the purpose of this review I'm not
gonna add any nicotine at all so I'm
just literally gonna try them straight
out of the bottle
the setup of God is I'm using this mod
that I'm trying in at the minute and
this is the VAT CEO and one pro two for
a 13 only and I've got the wasp RDA sat
on top I've got a 26 gauge Kanthal I
tell a lie I've got a 24 gauge Kanthal
for wraps in there and it's reading at
0.35 so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
you know rip this up other hit on it
with the first flavour then I'm gonna
cut away rework it and do the same again
for each one and as I always do in every
single juice review I'm gonna smell I'm
gonna lick on the back of your hand and
taste and then I'm gonna vape now the
only thing I'm gonna do slightly
different in this one is after I've
licked it on the back of it home I'm
gonna rinse my mouth out with water
because a couple of you guys have said
it could affect the you know the vein
test I personally don't think it does
but just to eliminate that I'm gonna
take a swallow water and just rinse my
mouth out
so without further ado let's get into
the juice review and let's start with
the first one then the first one we've
got is a strawberry gummy and I've got a
flavour card but I'm not actually going
to refer to it I'm just gonna read off
the bottle and I'm gonna you know go
down that road because you know reading
reading flavor cards it can get a bit
boring for you and you know it's all
about you guys
so this bottle is superbly crafted you
know and it's sweet strawberry sour
gummy with mixed berries and that's just
the flavor notes so that's all I'm going
to read out to you so let's get this
trip to
as you can see cut it open so let's have
a smell I could smell it instantly now
you can definitely smell strawberry
so let's trip it on the back of the home
very sweet instant sugar in my mouth so
get my bottle water right so we've got
some vape on it now so let me get this
stripped up and the taste that that I
got just was a bit of an angel delight
so let me on faith on it now we're on
0.35 and I'm gonna hit this around 50
watts so
very very strawberry very it's a I'm
actually gonna turn it down it's about
40 watts and let's have another go on it
more flavor that time definitely more
flavor I think I did have it a bit too
I've got a strawberry and then I've got
a sugar and gummy bears and I can't
really taste the gummy bears I can taste
a kind of sugary fruit so you know it's
it's not bad at all it's very very
strong the flavour it is very strong and
it's it's not dry and you know it's not
bad at all so let me have another a
couple of goes
I won that strip couple of drops on the
coil just to see if my opinion take
their changes at all so
hmm it's definitely an angel delight a
strawberry angel delight with sugar and
a mixed fruit that's you know a sugary
mixed fruit so it's nice it yeah I could
see myself vaping it and probably you
know at a nighttime chilling out I don't
think I can all day vape it in my honest
opinion but I think I could you know
they put on a nighttime while I'm
chilling out
so on to the next one so I'm gonna cut
away come back and refresh wick off we
go it's so we're back I've got fresh
wick I've got fresh cricket in and the
wasp and and the next one we're gonna
try is called Caribbean passion now this
is tropical the less and the flavor
notes like to say I'll read I'm just
reading these I'm not reading the flavor
card itself and it does say peach
strawberry apple and pineapple let's
give this a bit of a shake and crack it
open definitely a mixed fruit I mean it
says that big cuts on that as our fruit
tropical fruit so drip on the back at
peach strawberry you know that type of
flavor so let's for instance knock them
off right so let's get this drip top and
have a vape on it like I say these have
all got extra flavorings in them and
that is to compensate for the nicotine
for like to do so it does stress that
you can still vape and without the
nicotine in so we're on 40 watts again
drift off
yeah it's a fruit cocktail of flavors
and there's nothing that stands out you
know extremely strong so let me have
another go
it's quite a nice flavor it is a very
very fruity flavor and if you do enjoy
your fruits it's cooking right up your
now the wick is pretty pretty dry so
let's make sure got loads on
they've reproductions there it's a bit
more dried the aftertaste I've got my
map is a bit more dry aftertaste and it
hits the roof of your mouth and that you
know just leaves a dry feeling in there
so it's not hot it is very smooth but
the after-effects are no pretty pretty
yeah it's just a fruit cocktail a fruit
cocktail of flavors so that's pretty
much unit I could I could vape on that
yeah it's not too bad at all it's nice
and smooth and it there's nothing that
stands out no nothing that stands out at
all so you know it's it's supposed to
have and where you won't be and supposed
to have peach strawberry apple and
pineapple and I can't really taste and
in needs of individual flavor so it does
say it's a mix of fruit so there you go
all right so on to the next one so same
see in a second so we're back again and
we've got another fresh wick in so the
next one in the range is a blueberry a
buttercream blueberry cake and you know
this has got vanilla blueberry cream
so yeah let's give this a good shake
and I think no it's got a hint of blue
to the liquid the last two have been
clear liquid so side of the bottle
that's below all the juice let's crack
it open and have a look no it's got a
tiny hint of blue so very cakey
very cakey indeed can smell of vanilla
so let's have a taste sawing on the back
of my hand or a very very strong very
yeah yeah very strong indeed
so it's our way so let's get this trip
top very very strong taste of vanilla
then and and it could be blueberry that
I tasted just tripped up on the mod and
this cap on and same again forty watts
smell it there
it's a very very strong very strong
indeed eyes that Sam drops it again
that's why something like that I'd say a
very strong vanilla cake it's got that
you know absolutely desert flavor
heavy very heavy almost almost tastes
burnt yet it's not burnt I mean the
wicks not a mark on the wick at all so
it's not burning the way it's like it
burnt experience it's not my cup of tea
one little bit I've got there I've got
the cream and I'm gonna I'm gonna say
what it is after this vape
so yeah yeah my suspicion is correct
it's exactly like a custard cream
biscuit now I liked eating custard cream
biscuit vaping them I'm not a big fan of
I can't really taste the blueberry as
much but I can taste the cream and the
vanilla and it's got that you know that
Katy tastes so a custard cream biscuit
is exactly what I've described as to be
quite fair I like to say I like to eat
of them I'm not too keen on vaping it so
yeah that's not one for me that is it no
not one for me at all so on to the next
one I'll see you guys in a second so
fresh wick again onto the next one and
the next one is this blue bottle and
this is ice-cold fizzy lemonade and it
says first quenching it's icy cool fruit
it's obviously shaken Baker says all
that and it's lemonade lime soda
pineapple and ice and let's give this a
shake so I like me lemonade's you guys
know that
yeah lemonade straight away
and on the back of their hand it's a
nice dollop on the background
mint tea lemonade straight away
instantly so let me taste quite nice
so I just hope that ice doesn't
overpower lemonade but from what I've
just taste there I'm looking forward to
this one now I do not mean emanate
flavors anyway
lemonade is my cup of tea definite so
strips all ready to go
but same again for two watts lemonade
there's no ice that I can taste let me
have another go
so there's lemonade and there is ice and
it is right at the very end
let me trip this up a sec another go for
a second go the lemonade is nice what
else does it say
pineapple plant takes out and I'm sober
so that I can taste that either it is a
nice flavor it's not - I see the ice
likes it hasn't breathing in now I can
feel the ice on the back of my throat so
like I say it's right at the very end of
it which yeah it makes it quite a nice
fates of quite a list
I hinted lime soda it it's more like an
American soda type thing I think and
that's why I'm freaking on like a cream
it's I wouldn't say it's exactly like
but it works it works whatever it is so
I'd say yeah I could quite easily vape
that for a sustained period of time so
let me have another go on it yeah right
as I've got me last I'd say probably
probably half a second of vapor and
that's that's where the coolness is to
it the ice is I do like that it's quite
hot so same again onto the next one see
you in a second so fresh way once again
and the next one is a cinnamon sweet
sugar cookie freshly baked so this is a
dessert custard and it's yeah it's a
vanilla cinnamon and cookie now I'm not
a big fan of cinnamon I will say that
straight away so hopefully it's not too
overpowering just give this a good shape
so crack it open and we'll do the smell
yeah smell vanilla straightaway
oh yeah yeah
cinnamon Rizvi Martha
well again
the lights let's get this one out over
the way out of the way sorry don't like
cinnamon and let's hope you can't really
taste it in the Dave book same again
there forty watts surprisingly it's not
that bad not bad at all when you vape on
it it's there
cinnamons air but it's not overpowering
one little bit if you taste vanilla can
taste a cookie what kind of cookie it's
not you know same talking
yeah and I'd say is there it's not
overpowering at all which is good
although my mouth is starting to fill up
with him how obviously the more more you
vape on it yeah yeah there's a big
buildup big bit oh it's got that cooked
bait taste to it and not as bad as that
first want to try that you know that
Cubs bait taste it's not nowhere near as
bad as that it's IKEA
it is like a bakery taste custody border
in custody with vanilla so it's not too
bad at all the flavor is that strong and
but the cinnamon isn't so you know if I
had nothing else to bait I possibly you
know if I'd completely ran out of
everything in yours right that's all you
had left yeah I could persevere with it
I'd be drinking a lot of water but I
persevere of it so on to the next one
and I'll see you guys in a second so
that once again fresh wick ready to go
and this is the last one and this is the
creamy awry for butterscotch reserved
bold and sweet tobacco and you know this
I've not a drive for for absolutely ages
so what's got him right for it'll be a
nice treat it's a good shake crack the
yeah that's true
it's not a bit of both bit of both on
the back of the hand
yeah yeah it says caramel is welcome
when we picked out
so let's get this one drift up
away we go so same again 40 Watts 3
point 5 ohms
yeah tobacco and rifle obviously you can
taste car really pick up the
butterscotch and quite surprising I
couldn't taste it in the taste test but
I've just gone a bit caramel right there
yeah definitely tobacco definitely right
for I've got no aftertaste at all
I've bought a scotch I've got no before
taste of butterscotch but I've got
caramel so basically it's right for and
caramel that's what I've got and it's
not a lot of caramel either so well yeah
no you know it all depends if you like
you to back up flavors and your rifles
and what I'm not handed but absolutely
is and you know it is what it is so
there we go
that was the six flavors that have you
know been sent to me by SM KD and now
you can order Nick shots as well from SM
KD and like I said earlier there I think
they're $1.99 but a 10 mil Nick shot and
the price of these are $17.99 for 50
milk and then you can already Nick shot
as well from there so there we go
also they've asked me to mention the
wholesalers so I will put a link in the
description so if you are interested in
wholesale from this mkd
that'll be in the description I'll put
all the relevant things as well into the
description for you guys if you are
interested not too bad yeah I've had
I've had better and I've had a lot worse
so I would say it is very very middle
presented okay it's not exactly you know
stands jumps out in your face you know
visit the presentation the boxes once
again are okay it's the name gives it
away it's the basics so
but all in all not too bad I'll probably
say the favorite out of flavors is the
fizzy lemonade and then after that if I
had to pick a second places with
strawberry gum it so they're you know my
to stand out from there all the rest of
them yeah not really my cup of tea but
there might be yours you never know so
there we go that's that if you do have
any questions or comments and leave them
in the section below and and other than
that I shall see you guys in the next
remember to stay safe safe safe take

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