April 19, 2018

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Fizzy Lemonade

Fizzy Lemonade from the Glas Basix Series is a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of 70% VG e-liquid for use with your electronic cigarette.

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Fizzy Lemonade

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas Basix Series - Fizzy Lemonade

right welcome back to spit need reviews
and today we're doing an aegis of your
unaccompanied that we know and love
called gas and this is the glass basics
a liquid now these come in a short film
bottle and if you want to follow them
for more information for wholesale its
wwws mkd calm down facebook instagram
and youtube the VG pages on these are 70
VG 30 PG and as I said come as a
nicotine strength of zero because
they're in a 60 ml bottle with 50 ml of
zero and aquila group with a space
required Nick sure the flavors that
we're going to be doing a sugar cookie
blueberry cake butterscotch reserved
strawberry gummy fizzy lemonade and
Caribbean passion a big shot goes out to
Charlotte at dawn or DSM KD family SMK B
are the only stockist at the glass
basics range in the UK so like I said if
you want more information you know where
to add them up now basically what we're
going to do is we're going to show you
the packaging the logos the bottles
we're going to be going through all the
flavor profiles in for and seeing if
they do what they say on the tin
flavor-wise and then we're going to be
checking out the clad so don't go
nowhere and catch us back in a minute
right welcome back to spinach reviews
and like we said on the desktop with
doing this juicer in front of us and
it's by a glass and this is called the
glass basics a liquid now as you know
glass have done some other ones before
one of my old faithfuls Biden was
pancake back in the day this was before
layering was about and I feat the glass
was one of the first sort of companies
for me to add many array of designs they
did they layered very well so really
looking forward to doing these ones and
the first time I start what's called
sugar cookie and this is a very fresh
from the oven
warm buttery cookie dough glazed with
golden brown sugar caramel with a
cinnamon and nutmeg twist now this is
the packaging this is the box as you can
see you can see what what's in it
they're just by little pictures which I
think's a great little feature same on
the other side and that's the back there
it's just got all your little bits and
pieces and though they're made by this
different fall faithful glass logo and
what I do like about this if you can see
this little section here they give
little reins I mean basically we might
not review them because it looks like
they've done
they give you a little star rating and
it says vapor production flavor strength
and fro here now this one we're doing
Starfire star vapor production
apparently a five star flavor stream and
only a one star fro here and again it
says women love cinnamon cookie as you
can see there that little section
notices it zooms in 70/30 VG PG 50 mil
zero nick of sleep with a space for a
nick shop
yeah like the package and I think it's
not you know it's really cool and a
little saying it says Anya says rich yet
reserved powerful yet general superbly
crafted for a captivating vibe and
experience they excites the senses
unwanted assault basics by glass and
that's basically where they all sound at
samos up this is amazing is it nice yeah
it's on if what we go into flavours
what's the sugar look like about 48 to
50 that's good for same reason as you
know for eats a sixty is fine by us but
our main what we look for he's a fifty
percent that means it's bang on points
are 48 to 50 that's really couldn't done
mean stir yeah
Johanna show you a bottle did you shown
of all the flavors on this is amazing I
mean always was impressed with a lot of
the glossary liquids back in a day
that's really nice I mean as you can see
getting all your writings on the bottle
the same as like on a pattern of funding
I know you know little we're symbols of
what they are nicely all strip down the
side so you can see when you're running
out because that's the day you will run
out of this one what's it smell like I
smells amazing when I was chasing the RP
was just like I smell right
oh yeah definitely you can smell the
caramel you could smell the cinnamon
yeah I mean not so much smelling nutmeg
but you can sort of taste some ink in
there that's just giving that just be
little cinnamon you this we have another
way all right then hmm beginning at
bargain cookie eyes I'll think
personally I mean don't get me wrong be
enough my everyone normally calls me the
cookie man cuz I do like a lot of cookie
wipes and as you know I'm not gonna name
Chuck but this one come now
these are to be in the cookie world can
get sickly quick but this one for me is
not like that
this one's got that sort of vanilla
essence to the cookie going on you don't
get cookie straightaway it's a good
sugar cookie you're getting out vanilla
essence but you are getting that
cinnamon stroke borderline sort of
nutmeg you feel to it like you know
Locker like a you know round Christmassy
time or round sort of Halloween nice all
the time you make them sort of different
type of busy you know like an winter
style biscuits and I think this is
warlike ways giving me that sort of nice
winter feeling but it's a great cookie
and the sugar lip after graze around a
4850 it starts really lovely and ends
really lovely and the middle drift East
was what's the best part for me I mean
even know the starting ends really nice
that middle section where it mixes the
cookie with the sugars with the vanilla
and obviously they're not making that
camera and it's nice that the caramels
are a sweet caramel no it's very nice
and as you say it tastes a buttery
cookie you can tasted that the brown
sugar you can taste the caramel you can
taste it all yeah that different say it
seems like again glass are known for
their layering and and to me they've
layered this very well you know and I
love it I think it's a really novel e
great one to style brilliant wonders no
I always say that's a good one this is a
great one to start with it's a really
nice flavor to be really nice right
sadly let's move on to the next one I
mean not sadly because it might be even
better but I'm just saying sugar cookie
did love it will you go in this one this
one's blue yeah right now and this is
warm velvety layers of rich vanilla cake
sweet bark cream of fresh blueberries
drizzled in a sweet sugar glaze giusto
sister packaging you know the same as
the others you getting you your ratings
on the side as well that's a five star
vapor production four and a flavor
strengthen only one on the Friday all
you pay cells you need to know little
symbols on the side of what's in it
I wouldn't agree with afro get on this
I mean I'm now I'm using on a frost box
what on a point for Bill so yeah you're
gonna get that a bit of a fierce fight
but Tomatoes has got slightly you know
I'm not a first time as a one-star fryer
and I agree without ever smooth this one
I would say is around at soon freestone
now vapor production as you know you
know these do Chuck a nice cloud the
flavor production this sony says
four-star where the other one said
five-star but to me I find this is
equally as nice does that make sense the
cakes they're the blueberries they only
sell luscious cake and blueberry and I'm
not just saying that it is absolutely
probably one of the best blueberry cakes
a little joy in my life I'm not just
saying that it really is sugar lip not
say 50 you're getting that creaminess
you getting that blueberry vanilla
essence going on in the cake the
blueberries alive it's it really alive
on a year I'm not I said I mean this is
probably one of the best blueberry case
I've ever tried in my life
late was and you're getting the vanilla
cake you get in that lovely bark chrome
a little bit more scratch it in the
first one but I can part without for the
fact that the Wow the flavors unreal
every time I popped in blueberry Oh
lovely in it it really is hoppin blue
greens and the creme de Park Rangers go
together so nice and the Claire's are
just absolutely you know chucking I mean
this again it's got a very production of
five star and I have to agree to first
to have been absolutely punching it out
for clouds flavor strength I'd have to
say this is five star as well I have to
disagree with the Box cuz this box as
you see this is only four star but I
have to greed it this five star I think
it's got a really punchy flavor in it
and it really is nice and one star on a
froakie I would say is round to maybe
pull delight free it's a little bit more
scratch it on a flavor is amazing these
first two a right that nostril that
blueberry cake getting that popping you
know like as we've said before in
previous reviews you get an ad for a
and a couple of all pop with flavor but
that's what you get in every vein and it
seems like the way we've laid a map
we've got free cake evokes and then
we've got free fruity vain so I'm I'm
glad to be going straight into the next
one which is over nice ry4 so yeah it's
gonna be it's a backhoe in I'll let you
explain that but Marcia I'm the
packaging and we're going on
Wow yeah this next one's but Scott's
reserved and it's a creamy iy4 meets
butterscotch caramel drizzle and it's
the perfect tobacco is their first I
back a flavor and it's a rich
multi-layered experience featuring an
extraordinary bust got some caramel
component that leads to a beautiful
lingering finish it's sure to warm the
sauce so the main flavors bar scotch ry
for tobacco and caramel and this one
vape reproductions of four star flavor
streams and four star and a froakie of
one again so let's see we'll go in and
we'll find out all of us one in a bottle
the last one did you smell it and Lily
smell like a voucher yeah this one I'm
getting a custody vanilla e tobacco if
that makes sense
you get it like now makes me smooth
that's not one of them woody pie P type
yes if you know I mean it's a white
smooth hear what you think I think the
longer you smell it the more the vanilla
comes through yeah I mean I can't smell
the tobacco in there I mean you're
getting a lovely butterscotch and
vanilla sauce taste with the tobacco
give me that classic ry4 but hmm okay
what'd you make but sabacc Oh is smooth
now what was the throat on this
one-sided one I have to agree to a
lovely smooth one again born for one
yeah been there done some stock flavor I
mean I can call her honey or four-star
ma please they're chucking you know I
think all three of them so far really
Chuck's even at first who did say five
stars I have to agree this one's got a
Zooey Vijay's 73g 30 PG so famous shrimp
is a four-star enough to agree on this
one it's it's lovely by its weaker than
the first two
but it's not really weak so it gets a
four star for me but the good thing
about this
but after you know agree with good
bigger copies he's the factor you get
that lovely caramel essence you get that
that lovely sauce smooth tobacco I mean
not say it's lovely but it's a smoother
than maker so it's not awful it's no
wood enos going on but what I do like
about this is it's got I would say 55
sugar it's a little slow one yeah I
agree with that you know it's got a nice
bit of sugary going on zoom which is
which takes your mind off that smooth
the back even though it's not off port
and it does take your mind off it a bit
yeah he's very sweet this one I mean
that's the bus but she's a very sweet
flavor anyway that's righti Endon and
that to me is what sort of mid mid drift
and in the smell you can smell together
but once that goes and you get that
lovely butterscotch Wow he's an awesome
bite hmmm move on the next one so I
won't bother you because I know you're
too strobing around this is strawberry
gummy and this is sweet but sour or sour
but sweet as strawberry gummy leaves
your mouth watering for more with his
perfect balance a classic take on the
iconic strawberry sour belt but with a
gummy bear twist sorry sweet strawberry
sour gummy mixed berries and they should
start writing on this one again
as you can see up the top wait for
production four star on this one flavor
5 star thrown it - so we'll go in and
we'll let you know well I do like which
I've just noticed as well it's on every
box just in this little white section
here as you can see that says dessert
custard on the next one there's a fruit
so forth
tobacco no one were on candy so that's
amazing it's just he's telling the
people we may even seeing what is in it
even though you can look down the side
of the box there's a lot of time I mean
it's on the front of the box it's on the
side of the box in pictures it's on the
front of boxing words butts and pictures
but to me a lot of these companies bring
out these juices and when you're in a
fake shop you don't know what's in it
there's no description on the bottle
there's no it's just a bottle of juice
and so now I've got a stand
in a vape shop on before J cuz like mine
I have Wi-Fi you might know 101 you
using their Wi-Fi yeah so you get on
your 4G on your phone and you're trying
to scan and it takes you a good five
minutes to find this juice and find out
of all before you leavin and now cool
look up and there's another 150 juices
to go through you know it's like if
these things amazin oh he's on the Box
this is what I'm gonna pick them up for
and I feel you know not only I mean if
I'll show you here known as in pictures
there not only is it inviting there
what's in it you've also got the
Inklings down the side a little
strawberry your teddy bear do you know I
mean it tells you straight away what's
going on and the same goes for the bowl
it's all the way down the sides at a
bottle description on the bottle as well
as well as on the front you've got your
star ratings you juice what's in it your
flavor profile if you think you need
some mashed it yeah a packaging I think
so yeah yeah this is nice this is a
stressor it's a strawberry gummy but
it's verging on like a limit of pink
lemonade ah or a strawberry lemonade I
should say in a pink small out rise for
you it's not fizzy but the flavor was
nice it is nice and in based virgin and
they think it's got a bit of a lemon ad
vibe to it I see where you're coming
from but to me yeah it's got that lovely
sour belly gummy cow as well yeah um
sugar lip on mr. ban 48 News not quite
as sweet even though you were before we
would have been being a gummy sweet here
but you know even smelling it you can
smell that gummy candy coming through it
I've done it really well
Oh what so vapor production this sound
for style so I'm gonna try and see what
we can get out it's just a flavor five
strengths when it is quite like some but
in the sink white flavor so exactly I
mean I'm not saying up the butterscotch
preserve was weak
no it was weaker yeah in the others yeah
all full of flavor see what this happens
it is cleared yes I can see it's a
little bit more thinner so yeah I agreed
for style on that one flavours trim5 I
don't really know I would say four I'd
have to agree with the bus cause it's
not as strong as the first day we did
the first two were boom yeah this one's
punchy but not as punch is more like the
second one you know the third one sorry
in range which was the Tabasco so these
two I would have to go with five star
the middle two I would have to go with
four star for me fro here a foot is
really smooth I can't agree because on
the non-citizen is afro boxer says too
but I don't think there is a fro it's
yeah I think it's very smooth again he's
down on the one star for me sugar lip
like I said around the fall yeah it's
not quite as 50 but I still on the
borderline of what we like yeah I mean I
think they're really you know they've
done really well hmm you know we did
some move on I am alright next one we're
doing is called fizzy lemonade and a
sweet and refreshing sparkling lemonade
poured over lemon and lime shaved ice
with a carbonated twist be sure to
excite your senses it's citrus it's icy
cold but at cracking that cracking fresh
soda pops through yeah that's the winner
in a summer in with Jill well when I was
juicing this up it does smell like an
amazing lemonade to be fair and this
one's lemonade lime soda pineapple and
ice which it says on the box the vapor
production is a 5 star the flavor
strength is only a 4 star and a froley
it's a 1 star but that's just their
description we're gonna give you our
description when we go inside of the
bottle you can smell the lemon and
it's not too much cooler if you could
smell the lemon and lime in a bottle you
could smell a lemonade we're not saying
it's cold but his lungs are got I
suppose it is cold you know and you can
feel that cold straightaway so it is a
really strong column it's not amazingly
strong but he said it's a throat and
just there not so much the nose more
fraud and chest yeah
even now breathing and you quickly get
that corner stuff I'm gonna talk about
the flavors I'm getting pineapple I'm
getting that lime soda but what I like
about this is the lemonade he's punching
I don't know how this only got a four
star flavor profile it's full of flavor
I can agree for the first start of eight
right cuz cuz the coolerado takes a lot
of that flavor away but what's that cool
artists ships off and you start carving
down a bit the flavor since you know
you've really got a lovely limes only
you've got a lovely lemonade going on
the pineapples really sweet and luscious
and to me this has to get a five-star
for flavor punchiness
yes full-on reduction I mean you want to
do the cloud in this one and a balloon
I'll apologize for the coke now because
it is Carly's cookies cold you know
that's not amazing the Cobb babies it
does middle road it should it does it
yeah you know also you know and
sometimes and it happens quite a lot we
talk about a cold fate and not a cool
ardor were meant for which stills the
flavors this hasn't stolen a couple of
seconds and then boom incomes and we're
not layer to flow you know therefore the
lemon are some of them when they've used
colada with menthol I think they take so
long to disappear that you know by the
time it's dissipated
you ended up waiting and this night the
flavors gone with it where this is not
it's a couple of milliseconds what
what would you score that as a star
right in don't you agree with their with
their by production or a5 or would you
say this is more rounder for I'd say a
four I meant cool
I couldn't take this bigger of a nugget
I want it this is because of the
coldness heroes but and I think that you
know adds to the front here and out and
I never gonna give you someone throw it
but I think with that coldness in there
I would have to say free
yeah because energy is cash yeah you
know I can't take a big lug of a lot of
the others you could quite easy got no
that's right this one the coldness
starts to eat you first Stephanie I mean
but take nothing away from the flavor
Wow very punchy getting that lemon and
lime Annette lemonade but I have to
agree I think he's got that you know
that zappiness to the flavor what's that
called either start shifting off you get
that lovely nice punchy flavor come
through so for me that got a flavor
stream for five but the froakie it was
afraid it was obviously the calling and
it was very good very happy yeah right
sadly let's move on to the last one and
this is Caribbean passion and this is
like the intoxicating vibe of the
islands the perfect blend of mouth
mouth-watering pineapple sweet
strawberry with freshen apples and a
hint of apricot and as you can see there
this has got a vapor production of for a
flavor strips of five and a throat hit
of two so we're gonna test that now all
right they said we've got a smell
topical you're getting that mixture of
pineapple and a strawberry and
everything in there
what that's nice
give it a five on the flavor for on the
cloud I think the clouds absolutely
banging that was a really nice guy
Dodgers gluten so yeah for for enough
you know flavor strip it slashing with
flavors I mean it's different
um you know always look for them
different waves this is those a mix
pineapple strawberry apple and apricot
and it's amazing it's is to me what I
look for you know that different type of
eight you've got such a is there's no
there's no you know standing out alone
flavor in this sadly what it is is a
mixture of all of them but it's really
nice it's got you know like I said it's
more of a can I call it Caribbean
passion but to me it's more like a
Caribbean punch yeah you know that when
you just get loads of drinks and pour
them in a bowl and you had to fruit in
and you mix it around and when you pour
it out put in a glass it once I call
what's that nessam but you still can't
predict what it is
and that's another one I mean on the box
it says juicy peach Caribbean passion
mmm but in the description it mentions
pineapple strawberry apples and apricots
yes straight peach on there as well but
the mixture of the flavors is it's
lovely I mean they all say the same
there's a little bit of writing above
each top of each one and the sugar
cookie says cinnamon sweet sugar cookie
the blueberry cake says buttery cream
blueberry creme de creme ery for
butterscotch reserved
sour sweet strawberry gummy ice cold
fizzy lemonade and juicy peach Caribbean
passion a lot bigger crop was just
saying it he seems to say that there but
not on the description on the website
but but a mixture of flavors is some
left now with lucker you know I'll tell
you what I've got you remember when you
used to get them gummy bears but you
used to get all of them all the
different flavors going on but then you
finished them and then no wait a minute
later left with this mixture of flavors
yeah no man more information on there so
check out www.imtcva.org last basics
range in the UK so for hopes our
inquiries dude check him out
but as this term swipes akattak Wazir
sort of like a cake he's sweetly tight
via burner and a fruity type vibe one of
these what I'm gonna go with blueberry
cake because although I'm a sugar cookie
man I love cookie vapor and it is an
amazing cookie I'm not taking it away
from it but that blueberry cake did
something to me even I had a bit more of
a scratchy hit than the first one to me
that is one of the best blueberry cakes
buttery creaminess of ever baked in my
life and so that one gets my hands down
I feel great with you two blueberry cake
as much as I like the sugar oh it's a
might as well yeah right addy are free
they said nice between gummy and
Caribbean barf in Caribbean just nix it
for me of course I agree with you know
you know and it was really nice it was a
tropical bliss like it explained it was
like you know that mixture of fruits was
a different mixture of for amazing you
normally frying you're absolutely right
which was really nice and the sugar lip
on that one on that last one that we did
oh oh it says 50 it was bang on point
just now we like it you could utilize
sugary or on distribute it wouldn't have
been right but that was done per million
you know really like I don't even smell
in the bottle on this Caribbean fashion
it smells just like it vibes
it really does you know slow no it's
lovely you know it's really it is your
sony buy this range I mean glass I mean
go back in a days when I first started
vaping I was wiping cloth mmm definitely
you know it's like a pound cake yeah
pebbles yeah love there we do glass you
know bottles that I used to do them in
its world I look like aftershave bottles
with the wax stamp and you know it's
nice to see them come back with
something really like pizzazzy oh and
now all done Bosh I think it's Shawn
glass as you can see there is the actual
maker there as you can see on a box and
and to be fair really you know I'm
really impressed with them but my two
favorites have to be blueberry cake and
Caribbean peshwa
you know I mean foster choose for there
is a lot of you know maybe fizzy
lemonade if it didn't have the kool-aid
oh it was a good lemonade yeah the going
on for me cuz yeah definitely well I
don't forget to subscribe to our stuff
forget tell all your friends about a
sign us up on Twitter Instagram Facebook
as well as YouTube this has been glass
basics a liquid I won't call them basic
even I spelt basi X right to me these
are like glass limited-edition
speciality juices to do because they've
got that wow factor they've got the you
know the possessing that I look for in a
juice and and they've not let me down
they've been really really fantastic to
be fair but yeah catch us back next time
on sprited reviews

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