Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Carribean Passion

April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Carribean Passion

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Carribean Passion

Carribean Passion from the Glas Basix Series is a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of 70% VG e-liquid for use with your electronic cigarette.

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Carribean Passion

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas Basix Series - Carribean Passion

hey everyone crystal innovates here for
the vape
and welcome to a special edition full
line juice review
alright so the juice line we're gonna be
reviewing today is the basics series by
glass paper I want to give a huge shout
out to glass vapor for sending me their
juice line this has been a great
experience this basic series has a
really unique setup in terms of its
packaging how it describes flavor
profiles gives you throat it gives you
the VG PG ratio all on the front we've
in very plain language very simple to
understand terms I've been testing out
the full range for about the past
Oh month or so and today just today in
the mail I got this brand new flavor
that probably isn't even out yet as of
this video coming out Caribbean punch so
let's go ahead and jump into the review
section we'll talk a little bit about
each flavor we're gonna vape on this
Caribbean punch and we're gonna see what
we find out alright folks so you know
the drill we've got two rigs going to be
running this brand new Caribbean punch
through today we've got a ul crowned
three with the stock point 2 5 ohm coil
head in it got that running on top of my
I joy diamond PD 2700 mod at 95 watts
for the rebuildable 's we've got a V God
Pro mech with the V God Pro RDA on top
and I'm running a dual fuse Clapton
build looks like about six wraps this
guy might even be stainless steel I
believe it is so we've got that wikked
up with native wicks cotton and running
on a sony vtc 5a we'll go ahead and
start with the tank and suit we find out
here we go
this is Caribbean punch by blast vapor
from their basic series
out of the tank we get Peach on the
inhale we get strawberry and apple on
the tail end of the inhale and just the
tail end of the exhale on the exhale we
get a nice pineapple which is
interesting because to me I don't
generally like pineapple flavors there
are very few pineapple flavors or
anything any juices with pineapple in it
that I can vape it doesn't taste like
dirt this is actually one of the good
ones so glass you're doing it right
let's go ahead and jump over to the
rebuildable let's dripper up and see we
get all right
so out of the RDA peach on the inhale
but peach on the very inhale what I
actually get more of on the inhale is
Apple and just a touch of strawberry at
the very tail end so it's peach Apple
strawberry right and then on the exhale
I get that Apple still coming through
nice and clean and crisp and I get
pineapple as well as a nice overtone
that is a beautiful vape and that's
strange because again you all know me by
this point I'm more into like bakeries
and dessert flavors creamy flavors
cookie flavors all that kind of stuff
but this I could see this as an all day
vape even now in a dead of winter
I could still deal with this is an all
day baby for sure so let's go ahead and
review the rest of the line real quick
I've got some 30 gauge coral turd aliens
looks like five or we'll say six wraps
on a twenty two millimeter goon got that
powered by my us VL by United Society of
vape battery is that I don't know about
3/4 percent or 3/4 of the way charged
I got 67 watts on the dial let's go
ahead and blow through these blueberry
cake just a couple of drops
perfect perfect so I definitely get
blueberry blueberry comes through nice
and strong which is good as that's the
biggest part on this label so blueberry
comes through I get cakiness at the end
I get a little tiny bit of sugar glaze
the vanilla I'm having a hard time
finding but I guarantee you it's in
there it's just the blueberries nice and
strong and to be honest I like that so
this definitely four out of five let's
move on
send them in sweet sugar cookie now this
is my style
nice okay yeah man that's my speed I get
cinnamon like a snickerdoodle I get that
freshly baked cookie I actually get some
butter in there I really enjoyed that
little touch that is a nice very sweet
very rich vape super my speed a hundred
percent for sure let's go ahead and
switch gears will try the fizzy lemonade
next busy lemonade
all right fizzy lemonade ice-cold fizzy
lemonade there is a menthol cooling I'm
gonna say cooling I don't want to say
menthol it's cooling effect on the
inhale you get a little bit of a
lemonade same thing lemonade on the
it's actually really accurate it tastes
like lemonade beverage vapes aren't
really my thing
so I haven't found myself vaping this
one as much but in terms of accuracy to
the flavor and what it tastes like I
mean that's literally spot-on
that is spot-on it's a little bit of
pineapple in this guy to just this
particular flavor of the whole line
maybe not my thing
but if you like lemonade you like
beverages you like iced beverage flavors
I mean I'd have to assume that this
would be right up your alley because
it's accurate it is accurate as anything
next the creamy ry4 butterscotch
reserved bold and sweet let's check this
guy out
nice okay nice
so tobacco on the inhale slight tobacco
on the exhale I mean it's it's
pronounced but it's very short
it's like tobacco tobacco butterscotch
you definitely get that butterscotch at
the end which I am a super fan of in
terms of tobacco vapes getting the
butterscotch getting the caramel it is
it's accurate and it's really tasty if
you like tobacco vapes and you like
sweet vapes this is killer this is a
killer killer product so that's the
butterscotch preserve moving on last but
not least sour sweet strawberry gummy
mouth-watering let's check this out I
know this is a favorite of blue eyed
goon on Instagram he's a huge huge fan
of this let's go ahead and have a little
vape on it shall we
yeah man I mean that's a strawberry
gummy candy what's interesting about it
is it's strawberry and strawberry gummy
candy on the inhale strawberry and
strawberry gummy candy on the exhale on
but I get citrus I get citrus on the
exhale which is refreshing I'm you know
I I have mixed feelings about candy
flavors and gummy flavors yeah there are
some that I really really dig but this
in particular the fact the addition of
that citrus sort of speaks to not only
the you know the flavor that I enjoy out
of this guy but the whole line where
it's flavors that we probably are
familiar with flavors that have been
around for a while that are tried and
tested and true but the addition of a
little element that's a little bit of a
twist really really makes it for me for
the whole line in general really awesome
juice line I am super super impressed
all right so to wrap it up the basic
series by glass vapor I'm given a whole
thing 5 out of 5 they're tried-and-true
classic flavors with a twist that are
delicious even the ones that I maybe
would not seek out myself I still really
really enjoyed and that actually sort of
changed my mind is open my mind a little
bit to new flavor profiles that I don't
generally make my all-day type of apes
the bakeries the desserts are amazing
this new Caribbean punch y'all you need
to get on this as soon as it drops it is
so the basic series 5 out of 5 Chris
Leland vapes approved if you want to
purchase it you can purchase direct from
glass vapor by going to WWE supercard
also drop us a line on Facebook and
Instagram at the vape trader we can
point in the right direction and if you
are looking to buy sell or trade your
own lightly used or new vape gear head
over to the Vator com
we have great packages for selling we're
a great platform for trading and we
always have great buys I'm Chris Leland
vapes and this has been a special series
ejuice review

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