Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Butterscotch Reserve

April 19, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Butterscotch Reserve

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Butterscotch Reserve

Butterscotch Reserve from the Glas Basix Series is a 60ml bottle shortfilled with 50ml of 70% VG e-liquid for use with your electronic cigarette.

Vape Review of Glas Basix Series - Butterscotch Reserve

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Glas Basix Series - Butterscotch Reserve

today's review Basics by glass TMS only
the best no I like the drip I like the
drip and drive on your trip and I like
exuberant walk you know that's what I do
50 wagons he ain't enough for me today
no it's like that you see that that's
hi Chalabi I'm gonna do this review like
I do all other team no sleep reviews but
I would do this thing that's the fall
test and it takes test then I will see
if this hassle free up to par worth the
price then after that I'll feel this
team no Steve broke the knife you like
that I'm with that come on y'all let's
get with that way like I say the intro
review its basics by blast from the
basic lines flash ela quill you know
them guys that get me making fire I
wasn't disappointed get them today for
today's review I'm gonna do blueberry
cake sugar blaze and I'm also undo the
one I've been vaping on for a minute
you know I just got a real cold guys my
nose came back in order everything is
wrong and I suppose the wrong so I'm
gonna roll on with the roller to roll
out now I'm in vapor this butterscotch
we serve you gonna bold and sweet
tobacco our wife or a queen er wipe or
butterscotch reserved some backup right
put this butterscotch caramel come back
finish you down now wait now I really
couldn't taste it a couple days ago when
I first started baby the right this
morning I woke up pop the home balls
mentholyptus in my mouth
right and everything was rolling like
it's supposed to roll like yeah this is
my it was already good it got like this
rich tobacco tapes
fire don't remind me of a cigarette
though every mommy that smokey tobacco
flavor right but didn't got that hip
sort of butter the butterscotch and the
caramel and the smells just fire I can't
front man I don't really raise much but
I got a rave about this dish right here
deep and the bottles man I feel like a
professional vapor with these bottles in
the bottles they like got all the times
to write in this stuff on too much for
me to read I know it is a 70/30 blend oh
you feel me I like it
now I was surprised he's lying tobacco
flavors don't really do me justice I did
supposed to write but this one right
here it's beauty man follow me JK
three-wheel honesty like that bounty
hunter if he took it if he took the hit
it is it'll be over for that bounty but
I ain't trying to be funny but then
again you know jakey's when he loyal to
the cold you know I'm tall mouth so he
probably paid bounty hunter anyway yeah
man see something child James III Jeff
Jacobs Clarissa the whole admin team
holding it down while your boy is under
the weather that's what's up lady
this right here is fired a bunch guys
concern for back bow-bow the sweet
tobacco is fired I'm liking it I'm not
putting it down and anyway I've gotta
tell you guys this one I'll be rocking
with it's that gunmetal Le broadside
with the red button I got the Apocalypto
on top y'all know what's under the hood
right you know I'm gonna hunt I got that
for rat 20-gauge mad rabbit wire that's
what's under there mad rabbit what's up
hey wait Neal I'm going out again man
I picked this mod up and I can't put it
down you know but that's what it is man
I know kind of loud but I'm happy to be
back you know I'm talking about four
days away ain't good for the D you know
anyway this is that mage RDA I got it
paired up with that titanium apocalypse
with the ultimate Ripper tip and you
know what's under the hood it right for
20-gauge mad rabbit wire that's under
here and that's how I'm doing it how you
like them beat big shout out to my homie
up man bro you're a mean cool choreo and
old crew out here every getting it in
with you get in with the MS and man
inside a box core look when you go to
cop these guys
butter cream blueberry cake blades
that's why I like the bottles beat lot
of stuff on the bottles man vapor
production five stars flavor strip four
stars broke head got one star to throw
hit so you gonna no you wait with some
this is 6 this is 6 mg d 60 little
bottles right here you know got these
joints it my way for premium a 14 no steep review like the
bottles guys like these big fat chubby
you know let me open this up there we go
this blueberry cake I was shaking bad
guys get some steam rolling off the
70/30 yeah yeah this is fire beat that's
tobacco joint man I'm safe and all that
man I wish I would put that in the tank
that I'm not messing up my flavor by
putting that in a bank no way no how
never I did this is that made RDA I love
the maze the Red Mage baby flower flow
steam test guys
os that mad rabbit white boy did you see
did you see the bad rabbit why are you
going with the going yeah sorry I was
yelling for a week right now that's the
pain going away from the throat action
you know I'm from alpha diggity hmm I'm
stop talking like that for you I'll be
thinking other things man my wife with
mad stuff like that we're after this
review guys look old stands having some
grits and bacon yummy that's how I'm
doing it man country boys city boys
there whatever hey I like I'm crazy I
like got good for saw pebble do like a
with sugar butter let me know in the
comments if you like your grip with salt
and pepper or sugar anyway frog test
disappointed at yankees guys we probably
take it home tomorrow no no no they got
plans to Nome Yankee Stadium so we're
gonna see what happens with that let me
get here and I did I will let y'all know
how this tastes to this folks
it tastes like that that right here it
takes just like that it tastes like but
it's safe glass eaglet basics I think
they took it back to the basics show
y'all how to make that juice I get paid
glass to do this I'm just saying that
right beer is
let's go man my wife's gonna steal this
bottle man already know it's nice blue
bottle to already know she gonna steal
it be that's crazy
anyway it's a hassle-free on me no doubt
indeed the butter the UH
the butterscotch tobacco is by the
birthday cake of blueberry cake sugar
glazed blueberry cake joint the
blueberry is perfect it's a perfect
blueberry man the blueberries right I
don't know how they made it
choppy smoke try steal my shine baked
dry steal my shine guys I don't know how
to admit that that's right man the sugar
glaze I can taste the sugar glaze that's
kind of crazy
and I got a little bit of the little bit
of donut on there man that's what's up
is it hassle-free I mean no doubt indeed
I mean I love it I like them I can't say
I love them I say I'm liking a man happy
glass smashing South Park plus I'm happy
to be back to on-rail I so definitely
ask for free definitely up the park man
they taste like what it say on the box
tastes like what it say on the Bible
that worth the price now open it up real
face by that comes team go see
got juice food review from its 1495 they
got another Santino sit back down so you
can use the coupon code with his TNS 20
that takes 20% off that 1495 that's Trey
bringing that down so you got to
realtalk you got to get that free
shipping you hear me is it asshole
freedom no doubt is it us apart indeed
is it worth the price
why not it's a series of the park and
it's worth the price
once again glass eating with team no
steeple proves and you know why
because your boy the drip angel dining
MF + G says so that's why do me a favor
guys like comment share subscribe get
all my Latino steep tea and that's only
the best do me a favor guys whatever you
do don't do drugs drugs is bad true both
back stand up cuz if you don't stand for
so you can fall for anything
T&S only the best

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