Vape Review of Ghetto Penguin - Strawberry Waddlemelon 50ml E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 8 min read

Vape Review of Ghetto Penguin - Strawberry Waddlemelon 50ml E-Liquid

Vape Review of Ghetto Penguin - Strawberry Waddlemelon 50ml E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

The Ghetto Penguin range of e-liquids from Riot Squad are 60ml short fill bottles with 50ml of e-liquid. Strawberry Waddlemelon is a Strawberry and Watermelon Ice flavoured e-liquid.

Vape Review of Ghetto Penguin - Strawberry Waddlemelon 50ml E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Ghetto Penguin - Strawberry Waddlemelon 50ml E-Liquid

what is up guys
survey from lot here welcome back to my
channel check it out I'm getting into
the Christmas spirit I am rocking a
Christmas jumper look at that yeah yeah
Rudolph Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
so we're about to reduce review for get
so pinguin now these are brought to you
by riot squad they had a massive stand
at it was a decent sized standard look
there to stand there with their riot
squad I think truck that was there at a
little boxing ring and they had a lot of
like small people for dressed up as
Penguins to kind of advertise their
ghetto penguin range they got in touch
with me to find out if I was what I
thought about their liquids now I didn't
even go to their stand I know it's a lot
I did go to their stand at one point one
of my friends brought me over there to
speak to their marketing persons because
they wanted me to try their liquid
didn't manage to get speaking to them
but they messaged me on Facebook and
they said Oh what do you think about our
liquids and I was like I've not actually
tried them then they asked me if I
wouldn't mind reviewing them and I said
yeah send them out so they sent me out
the full range they've got strawberry
watermelon and it's actually
waddle-waddle Malone Harlem
Rockhopper Becky blue and Glacia ninja
I'm gonna I'm gonna take a shot in the
dark here I'm gonna go out on a limb and
say I'm assuming these have either
menthol or cool order in I'm just gonna
say that before I've even tried them I'm
not ready to description I'm just gonna
say that they probably have menthol or
Koo larger in and if they don't I'm
gonna be really really surprised so
let's let's try Weaver was it strawberry
Waddell melon and Waddell Malone so
we're going to be vaping on the kennedy
25 stainless steel
top of the Tesla steampunk 220 or Punk
220 Robert I really do love this device
wikked up do stock reverse strawberry
Waddell mill on hey babe yeah yeah this
is this is a very a very candied kind of
hit you in the roof of the mouth
sweetness vape we've got going here to
be honest the first thing I notice is
that watermelon or watermelon
I noticed that watermelon and it takes
okay so to me it doesn't you know you're
getting watermelon and the closer down
to the to the rind you get as you're
eating it it tastes more like that so
the closer you get to the bit that that
goes to the white in green you can
actually eat but you get a little bit of
that in with the watermelon that's the
sort of flavor I'm getting I'm not
getting the top of the top of the
pyramid top of the slice I'm getting
kind of like to the bottom lower part of
it that's the sort of flavor I'm getting
of the watermelon and it's candy mmm
is it candied okay the wolterman doesn't
taste candy but the strawberry the
strawberry tastes a bit candied to me
and it does work quite well with the
watermelon or what I'm alone and then
you get that menthol now as you know I'm
not the biggest fan of menthol but it's
not harsh looking at the bottle looking
at this bottle I would say that was drip
in in Memphis ripping in that harshness
on the throat type menthol but it's not
it's only a hint of menthol and it works
well with that sweet sweet strawberry
and that sweet ish watermelon yeah it
works really well it kind of enhances
the flavor so that's a nice one I like
that one but like I said
the water it's not the slice it's not
the middle of the movement it's kind of
out inside outer part okay so it's not
the green part it's the inside outer
part where you get down to the to the
bottom of the slice which I do like
I like Noren on that so that's the sort
of watermelon I'm getting from that
candied strawberry that part of the
watermelon and only a hint of mint fall
so I'm looking forward to the rest of
these juices because it's just going on
that one it feels like there's only a
slight Memphis twist on that so that was
what'll strawberry watermelon let's go
to Harlem
Rockhopper Harlem Rockhopper next just
about to freshly juice up some fresh WIC
and the top cap well there we go it's
got stuck in there and so let's try and
it implies for that let's try and get
that out some pliers because the juice
has gone everywhere let's be honest the
juice has gone
Everitt all that it's stuck in there
that's like there we go I was like glued
on in there right that's clean this up
shall we not actually fit on there
properly it's not clicked in place 100%
and I haven't struggling with it so
we're gonna have to be careful how we
juice this up through the top but just
the smell it reminded it's gone
everywhere so what I can smell is it
reminds me of my younger days when I
would go out and drink vodka lemonade
and lime or Bacardi lemonade and lime so
I'm assuming it's a lemonade and lime
flavor but we're gonna hold it on there
and we're gonna oh I don't have to put
it down put it down do this everywhere
this is just the extra bit juice this is
the extra bit of juice fresh cotton you
want to make sure it's really saturated
in there so yeah I'm probably have to do
I don't know super glue that down
got them old god they're mold alright so
yeah this this is the lemonade and lime
vape again with it with with some mint
foam it's more of a sweet lemonade and
lime so it's more of like a candied
lemonade and lime it does actually
remind me of my youth my younger days
when I would go out and drink vodka
lemonade alarm of recording lemonade and
lime it really does remind me of that
without that harshness of the the
alcohol in there so you're getting that
lemonade and lime with a bit of menthol
but it's not then there's no acidity to
it there's no citrusy to it it's just
very sweet very very candied lemonade
and lime I'm not sure how I feel about
this one to be honest with you I
probably might have preferred it more if
there was a bit more sharpness to it
rather than just pure candied nurse to
it because it is a lemonade and lime and
be fair the lemonade the lawn they kind
of just mix in well to give I'm not
picking up really one more than the
other I'm not getting that kind of
layered effect it's kind of more of a
concoction of a vapor concoction of a
vapor going in so yeah not my favorite
one and I just think of it now yeah I
just smell like lemonade in lime people
gonna think I stopped off at the pub for
a few drinks before I go to work so that
was Harlem Rockhopper and then we're
gonna go to be keep blue be key blue and
on the bottle we looks like blueberries
so yeah
Oh a little blueberries right there so
again you know the story I don't know if
I have to keep saying it but we're gonna
freshly wick weird and they juiced up
and just so you know I am wicking up
with cotton bacon my staple my all-time
favorite cotton
not blueberry whatsoever this is a blue
raspberry this is an icy blue raspberry
this is like a blue slush like an like
it like an icy blue raspberry slush so I
thought they were I honestly thought
they look like I don't know they are
blue raspberries okay looking closer I
thought first of all they're blueberries
they're not they're blue raspberries I
can see what they are now but yeah
honestly I went into fake thing I went
into vaping this thinking it was gonna
be blueberries and then I think you
could tell the expression on my face I
was a bit shocked I was a bit shocked
blue raspberry and you know what it's
actually I want to say it's probably got
to be one of the best blue raspberry
vapes I have ever vaped yeah definitely
one of the best blue rods brief slushes
I have ever vape well done gesso penguin
I thought the waddle Mellon the
strawberry wallet waddle men on was
gonna be my favorite to be honest I
think it might go to this beaky blue and
I know a friend of mine a very good
friend of mine Michael from Mike's mixed
reviews he loves his blue slush so I
have to see what his opinion is and I'm
gonna hit enough on a message to find
out if he's missed if he's fake this
year but honestly he loves blue slush I
want to find out his opinion on it I
leave it I'll drop a link in the
description below actually if his
YouTube channel go check him out he's a
new youtuber he's really really clued up
on all mix and met questions so give him
a shout if you ever need Mick questions
yeah I'll drop him in there he's a new
youtuber go hit him up with some love
right so last but hopefully not Nick my
last but hopefully not least glacial
so yeah glacier ninja let's do it again
freshly we were tree week freshly juiced
up with some glacier ninja I would be
coming back with you for a vapor but for
the life of me I cannot get into this
bottle so we're gonna have to get out
the little knife the little knife
because I honestly cannot
get into this bottle we have to cut off
this safety feature this is definitely a
safe proof cap
there we go that's one yeah always handy
to have one of these serrated blades
right this let's see if we can open this
up now oh there we go there we go well
done well done and the cap stayed on
results partial on the men thought this
one a bit more hearty yes there is black
current in this and there's also some
grape there's also some great in this
but it's a bit more harsher on the
menthol then the other free G 3G 3G C's
free juices that I have baked in this
range so far so yeah it connect that the
menthol kind of hit you on the roof of
the mouth cools down your throat a lot
like that meant for would normally do
yeah I I think there's something else in
I think it's I think it's like a red
grapes I think it's like blackcurrant
red grapes and possibly something else
but it's hard to pick up on the third
one because that menthol is quite strong
in this one the menthol is strongest in
this one than in any of the other range
of ghetto pinguin not one of my favorite
ones not one of my favorite ones a - I
really like the - I really like was B
key blue and strawberry Waddell melon a
lot they called it watermelon yeah so
yeah those are the two favorite the
other two the black horn one on paper
now and what was the third one called a
third one
Harlem Rockhopper the lemonade in a lime
one not a big fan of that one thank you
so much to the guys at yeah riot squad
the glial rights
what for send them in this out because
they are made by rights what's a mess of
showers you guys of riot squad ready to
really good liquids probably the best
blue slush blue brick blue raspberry
mentally vape I have ever vape so that
you know there's a lot out there and I
have tried a lot of them so massive
shout out to you over all right squad
and get hoping we have sending me this
out guys
iets in I made a poll on my Facebook
page because I wasn't sure if you my
awesome subscribers wanted me to
continue doing douche reviews I wasn't
sure if you enjoyed them as much as
Hardware reviews but the poll of my
facebook page which still on there
actually and so you can still take part
if you want the majority of people
actually still want me to do to review
so let me know what you think in the
comments section below as well and until
the next video remember let's vape champ
for me sir vaping alot pose

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