Vape Review of Game Over E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of Game Over E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

Vape Review of Game Over E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

By Ksenia Sobchak

If you've grown tired of cereal and milk e-liquids, try a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in cereal with Game Over by Flawless. Taking a classic and adding a cool twist, Game Over offers a delicious alternative to the classic dessert vape favorite. A deep scoop of vanilla ice cream appears upon the inhale with rich flavor notes found throughout. A flavorful dairy dream is met with a generous serving of fruity cereal upon the exhale creating a sincerely sweet note. Be sure to buy your bottle of Game Over E-Liquid by Flawless (60ML) now!

Vape Review of Game Over E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Game Over E-liquid by Flawless (60ML)

come on I'm coming that child with a
review no wonder why I feel you know I
like the drip I like the drip and drive
I can flip and I like exuberant walk you
know that's what I do
50 wagons and enough for me they look
just like that hi Joe
I do this review like I did all other
team know steel anyways I'm gonna do a
steam test of all tests in the taste
test the price then after that I'm gonna
see if his team knows he proved not this
is game over like i got the whole line
from flawless i got everything from bfb
to hot mess and everything in between
with it so what I'm gonna do is I'm
gonna do a steam test real quick this is
max VG elixir man you gotta be at 625
500 99.1 you know what I'm saying
anyway I'm going for the steam test what
I'm using right here comes using my
velocity RDA clones cause I can't get
the room for some reason clone is just
because it's a one on one clone and also
and I'm also using the off box mod you
notice ain't nobody's won like four
people with this mod right here though
is make people jump off four people got
it now I'm using the 200 watt whiz mr.
Logan I'm Sam and I'm going in honey 30
watch on a 0.15 build okay alright steam
test guys and put a little drop on
now I've been vaping this man I know if
you remember Tino seen the hand check
now a lot of people been hating on this
box but I think the box is pretty good
because it's affordable man it's
affordable and and if you break it you
buy another one you know I'm saying it's
not like but it's not like something out
of Adam out of the price range man this
is good enough everybody man and it's
simple to use you know what I'm saying
but anyway that was just that with the
scheme you test we're going for the
now this game over from now the last two
flawless reviews that I did they both
made the team you know what I'm saying
to be FB that's the straight out of
toast to jump off and I also did the
other review for the other flawless
flavor they're all posted down below
please check these out mix I'm gonna lie
to you man i'ma tell you the truth the
whole truth and nothing but the truth
I let me fall get up a little more will
never drop on there and tell you what I
taste so I can give you the flavor
description in the flavor profile
because flawless is already our alumni
review but I want one through the
flavors you guys get the whole
looks like I like it I think he likes it
honey and 30 watts out of zoom on that
velocity all right Joe taste test and
tell you what I taste all right I taste
ice cream I think ice cream the Froot
Loops man like something my kid I put
together for a snack you are I'm saying
I taste I think like ice cream like a
vanilla ice cream and I taste crumbly
duck fruit loops on top man that's what
it tastes like to me man I hope I hope
you I feel that because that's what it
tastes like and it's very good it's nice
it's not too sweet it's sweet but it's
sweet in the way it's supposed to be
sweet like the ice cream is taste like
ice cream and the fruit mousse tastes
like oops I don't get the lemony lemon
and lemony on the own lemonade you like
that sound like I messed up did it but I
didn't I did that on purpose
Tom maybe laughs anyway let me get in
here all right I don't take the lemon
flavor man I taste like um well the
lemon is dead but I taste fool ooh I
taste exact on spot on fruit loops man
and I over pound with no flavors and it
seems like they crushed up over top of
ice cream that's what I get one flawless
game over and I'm going in at 6 mg 6 mg
no tickle no whistle man it got the
American flag on the bottle it doesn't
come with the dropper top on there comes
to trial poof cap on there you can get
this from flawless vape shop comp they
these are 60 ml bottles I think they
only come in 60 ml bottles these are 60
ml bottles for $25 check this out hassle
free no doubt when I got it I baked it
it was good I liked it that's why I'm
getting the review I was gonna be a
quick review cuz good
I'm saying up to par yes definitely up
to par man if they was going for foots
an ice-cream that's what I faced boot
loops and ice-cream man I can't take
nothing away from it I can't add mega to
it worth the price $25 60 ml bottle for
a person like me that dripping tank at
the same damn time it's worth the price
man and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna
roll up out of here Tino steeper pool
flawless game over
dad changing the game man all you new
juice makers and all the juice makers is
out there right here right now gotta
step your game up man
the bigger the bottle the more we buy
that's how we go in team noses steep and
you already know when team no stink
carpet the juice makers dropping the
drip angel hey do me a favor like
comment share subscribe get online with
team no steal T&S only the best and
don't forget the truth every Monday
night from 10:00 until with co-hosts
different co-hosts every time got juice
makers coming on we're gonna talk about
the Jewish why they make it how they
make it
what's the problems in the world today
and we didn't shoot the shit a little
bit as well check this out
scribe to this channel man so you don't
miss out man see most steel and a matter
one five to use while a paper on this
flawless game mode

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