Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018 5 min read

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

G2 Vapor's Tropical Melon E-Liquid features the flavours of pineapples, coconuts and sweet fruits. Available in single 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

hey guys it's Tammy from never too late
to quit today's video we have another
Aegis review we're going to be reviewing
g2 vapors cactus juice so I'm really
excited to try this I don't know what a
cactus tastes like but I guess we're
going to find out I think it's going to
be different I usually like my desert
type baits that I'm willing to give this
a try and so I went on to - vape stuff
home and checked out the g2 vapor cactus
juice this particular bottle here is a
30 mil but it is available in 15 mils 30
mils and 120 mils it is 2099 for 30 mils
for the 120 mils it is listed at $69.99
I think the 30 mils is about what a lot
of premium Aegis is around 20 bucks for
30 mils and that is of course Canadian
and it is available in zero 1 point 5 3
6 12 and 18 milligram
nicotine strength and this one here is a
little bit different than what I usually
vape I usually like to vape my V G at
least 70 percent VG but this one is a 60
percent VG 40 percent PG the PG is a
little high for me I don't know if I
could vape this all the time I have a
intolerance to PG but for this review
I'm I will do it so the description for
this is sweet and tart oranges and
tangerines with a hint of pineapple and
a lemonade finish this sounds like it
would be a great summer vape we're just
getting ready here in Canada for cold
winter Old Man Winter is just right
around the corner although we're
supposed to have really warm weather
this weekend so we're gonna enjoy
so I'm just gonna shake up my bottle is
I want to do a smell test ah okay like I
suck at opening bottles and you said
push down and twist I'm doing that I'm
still trying to open up and I don't
really good bad conference on hard to
open bottles because it is a me issue
it's uh me bad so I'm gonna do the smell
test and mm-hmm I can definitely smell
that tangerine Ashley that's the flavor
I would have to say that's really or my
nose is really picking up is that
tangerine it's a really nice scent it
almost kind of reminds me the smell of
him and I used to love eating them are
those little orange Children's Tylenol
tablets I know you're not supposed to
eat those like candy but trust me if my
mother would have let me I woulda oh wow
I really do like it smells really really
good so I'm really picking up on that
tangerine orange smell mmm I don't
really smell a lot of the pineapple in
that but I do really smell that orange
citrus scent so I'm going to of course
dripping on my freakshow mini on Mike a
box 200 and it's a single call my pink
one is a single coil I know this is
gonna taste like maybe I should move to
the desert
if cactus juice smells like that for
real okay so I'm gonna start it off at
55 watts and let's give this a vape
Wow mm-hmm this is really really good I
really am tasting that tangerine orange
II flavor
the tangerine to me is the prominent
flavor with an undertone of orange
coming in second and just really kind of
citrusy Tang eNOS maybe from the lemon
it's definitely a really nice citrus
faith I really like it it's really
really good now the only thing is I'd be
a little bit nervous
is this a tank cracker but all of my
change that I have should be safe with a
citrus vape I'm not too worried about it
I'm gonna make this up to sixty watts
and let's see what it does there does it
intensify the flavor and for having a
little bit of a higher PG than I'm used
I'm it's a pretty smooth babe it's just
really good at 60 watts Wow
so when I'm inhale I really get that
tangerine flavor on the exhale the
tangerine flavor but also those
undertones of pineapple and lemon really
come through I don't really taste much
grapefruit I think it said it was
supposed to know it's oranges and
tendering that's probably why I don't
taste the grapefruit um I said when
inhale I'm really getting those Tanger
the tangerine flavor on the exhale I'm
really getting the tangerine flavor but
also mixed with hints of the orange
pineapple and lemon it's really nice I
knew this would make a really good
summer vape on a really nice hot summer
day just sitting maybe laying under a
tree and vapor
I don't know who lays under a tree babes
but you know just a really relaxing hot
summer day just pulling this out and
giving it a bait I'm gonna have to say
that I'm gonna give this a 5 out of 5
despite the fact that it is a bit higher
PG for me I really like it it is really
yummy if you like citrus if you like
orange tangerine definitely if you like
tangerine you are really really going to
like this juice I think and it's really
quite nice it's surprisingly smooth for
having a bit of a higher PG content that
I'm used to and I really enjoy this
cactus juice so I will have to say yes
I'm giving it a five out of five and I
think I'm going to sign off for now
and just remind everybody that even if
you're somebody like me who has cancer
or chronic illness or you don't have
cancer or chronic illness and you simply
just want to quit smoking if I can do it
you certainly can do it
I've been almost five months smoke-free
and it is the best decision I've ever
I still get cravings today we were
sitting outside my friend who happens to
share the same name is MIA Tammy and my
niece were all sitting outside and I
just had the felt like I wanted to smoke
though I'm nothing to tell you that you
know it's all hunky-dory and I never get
cravings to smoke I do but what I do
have is I have an option and that's to
pick up my vape and vape until that
craving passes and it does and the vape
is quite satisfying and that's one of
the reasons why I'm so into flavors I'm
so excited to promote flavors and share
my thoughts on different flavors and
great juices that I come across is
because I want to motivate others and
keep them motivated in vaping and that's
my goal
so if you like this video please hit the
like button subscribe to my channel and
you can leave your comments in the
comment section below and until next
time happy vaping
you're lucky we found

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