Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Purple Nurple E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Mr. Cookie E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Purple Nurple E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

G2 Vapor's Purple Nurple E-Liquid features the flavours of grape and honey flower. Available in single 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Purple Nurple E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of G2 Vapor - Purple Nurple E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

hello YouTube is time for example box
review a handle for this is another one
to criticize let's get this focused come
on camera there we go again the g2 vapor
purple noble grape soda through email
and Rome nicotine okay so read that as
you can see that but what has sample box
got a port on the menu if you've seen my
previous review for the others g2 you'll
see it's not matching what it says on
the menu so for this one the purple
nurple is actually a grape candy so
who's telling a true fear example box or
the bowl instead as grape soda this is
candy to me there is a big difference
between them two they're not the same so
here again this one is produced by g2
vapor however on the other g2 way adding
energy to prime here the balls of the
exact same manufacturer so G 2 prime
orgy to vapor I'm sorry to lose hope in
this menu because it's like really is
again this is saying so to Clint VG this
bottle says max VG so yeah this is a
thick juice as well so hmm is it it's
definitely on sandy percent no that is
more ninety percent well so I criticize
the flavor for start first what does it
smell like purple nurple
let's find out
candy yeah candy I wouldn't say that one
is great but then again soda as suppose
it could be solo depend on the flavor of
the soda they put in as for taste after
the previous Gilligan's review I want to
clean this thing out and now put this
one in and you're vaping this for quite
a while but this may be another one I'm
gonna have to clean that again because
it doesn't look like I'm like you this
one either taste-wise i'll stop rambling
now see you like 100 watt can you take
version 2 0.5 vertical coil of 40 watts
so the taste of the purple nurple much
like the Gilligan's is not much tastier
these are slight sweetness to it I
suppose a sugary candy not a grave no
I'm not going to grape from its
whatsoever yes I'm not really a soda
either so a grape soda no a grape candy
no I can get its own yeah I suppose that
would have to be here not really a
flavored candy at that either it's just
really sweet sugary taste so I've gotten
tried this on a different tank as well
which is empty now this the smoke TF 34
just to find out is the high VG to this
I'm gonna matter for taste and I run
this tank at 100 watts and knows you
sell the same so thumbs down that's as
simple as that really another g2 vapor
another thumbs down they don't seem to
be producing like we doesn't either this
stuff is not steeped we've got even now
how long is taken to his hearing from
sample box in America all this just next
to nothing to it and it's more of you
you drip of soldiers or you clown chases
because yeah if you are witnessing an
RDA and you're not much for taste where
you want your cloud and yeah this is
definitely something to you because it's
nowhere near strong it tastes and we do
we cloud from it as well it's thick
enough as it juice to do that so that's
my ramble on for this juice and this
will be mobbed in the bin after this
review so thank you very much for
watching he is a like or dislike there's
a comment or subscribe thank you very
much and I'll see you soon at an example
works with you bye bye

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