Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

April 20, 2018

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

G2 Vapor's Drunk Monkey E-Liquid features the flavours of rum, bananas and cream. Available in single 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey E-Liquid Black Friday Exclusive

hello and welcome sexy vibe bizarre
millicom days and today I'm reviewing GT
vapor drunk monkey do you wanna kiss me
first I have tried this sounds very fond
of the back to the least and I very
peaceful goodbye smell all day kurban
RNA about the all day it smells like now
since it's when I first melt it and the
soft sweet you're getting a pick and mix
yet shaped like a banana and it smells
exactly like them so sweet it's how I as
well are do i do really wish that odd
form / then attach all these with
something else he's the perfect blend of
banana so I with something girlies to
give a blast does it taste a strong
banana wise when you're vibing it you
still have yet honor there is always
says but I think it's a strong one on so
fresh bananas and cream is Miss mood
sliver of room combined to give drunk
monkey unique eliquid favor that's truly
delicious you'll be going to be lying to
this one I'll get that slow drum as well
that's why that protects the banana
smell away taiwan taste away from it on
a war we dared flowers well each stitch
still there 15-30 0 well m 00 meal
bottle freakin oh yes 15 and 30 ml
bottles 0.3 no point 6 12 18 and 24 so
we've got a whole range of nicotine
levels there for everyone
I don't wonderful cooks / I Pam 99 is
the retail price around boats and it's a
60-40 vgp remix + porn alcohol and Miley
neosho save the smell if it's definitely
like most sweet now we teach our theme
at HD stylish but you have taste yeah
just dog down a little because of that
room it's not a bad door bang I think of
a blend is just right there quite taxing
entities but do you I saw the back with
the edge up boy free opinion agree with
Jason toe needs that and the banana
sweets and it yeah tisha every night's
please soft and honest car Nashville
opinion I've done for you even Anna it's
not it's not it smells no it smells very
benign right yeah but the flavor that
that wrong tones it down a little it
takes away but yeah do Solomon I wish
our Vice certain structure when you
think you know hugging you and you have
another poll even read he's using again
0 z Khan won't you said I won't happen
again I wish you would taste more benign
right yeah I want a banana heat yeah
looks like a beef because I don't like
bananas I fruit no I don't I don't hate
them but it's not my preferred one
Gurkha but i love the times of it in a
milkshake banana milkshake is my
favorite meal show i really want a
Benari you know me but you mcdonalds
milk yeah no I think so doing so this is
no point really babe now get up on ya so
it is nice and smooth you will find out
if you vibe in the high nicotine's I do
it voice to go lower two or three at
Porsche seeks purely and simply cuz
you're gonna get a lot more flavor from
it mean to do that honestly is different
oh yeah you're on you do it present
Miami differently at oak I'm gonna go
straight in at nine
oh boy oh boy that I think I'm gonna say
to know as well yeah I really really
don't want it because there's a lot of
flies oh yes and I love that I've
writing a lot lower than these but this
is definitely an I'm Troy before yeah
have you just ripped it yo fresh cheese
you like pasadena calif roster there he
is beautiful I think i mighta bed for
another one out of this range as well
ease I think I'm glasgow by that juice I
like that hurts a little drunken monkey
on my back can we see this yeah yeah
that's mad nice little touch dear bottle
on there as well oh please because of
that because it smells sound nice then
yeah but because there's not enough
punch to the banana I'm gonna say a
seven mmm I'm gonna say seven and I
wouldn't buy again no I didn't buy it
but I wouldn't buy it oh not too there's
not enough banana no I'm not keen on
Bolano great John because he could do
more no no no change stranger that
that's like ruined atone no I'll do eyes
yeah I would be would be no she's having
a lot more banana here but I mean even
eating banana and got a bunch of an
honor their idea what are you probably
have a slower yeah you don't gotta punch
of it all up ya know it well you can't
get more personable nominee to the
knowledge feel ya brilliant oh no no I
know what look I know what you mean but
I'm stuff that you can get an i-beam
chav banana nothing but I was that
strong but it is ISA this is room and
banana yeah if it was if it was a benign
if I purely benign or any title is then
I'd say yet put some more banana in yeah
I see you saying well this movie not
stop Holly mine is absolutely eating a
banana walk knocking back that room any
it's a drunk monkey and he's gonna buy
it again
yeah that's that's the right word so
thank you for watching remember to Like
subscribe and comment and add videos
follow us on Instagram and Twitter don't
get too drunk um okay definitely
remember is you decid about this

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