Vape Review of G2 Vapor - caRnY4 E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - caRnY4 E-Liquid

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - caRnY4 E-Liquid

G2 Vapor's caRnY4 E-Liquid features the flavours of vanilla caramel, light tobacco with 'carnival treat notes'. Available in single 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - caRnY4 E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of G2 Vapor - caRnY4 E-Liquid

hi everyone it's time please welcome so
this will be a and E is an honor review
is my review and today I've got
something a juice for my vaporizer and
it's not something I typically get so
this is the g2 paper it's the company
and it's called 30 for fun planet words
it's not a carny flavor though I promise
you that so Carney 4 is a tobacco blend
with hints of vanilla and caramel which
is yummy I'm again that typically in the
past I haven't vaped much in terms of
tobacco plants they had some really
really bad ones and kind of ruined it
for me but I saw that they released the
aspire Nautilus too which is really cool
which is a melt the lung or mdl tank
so I kinda got me like come on a kind of
that tobacco thing again because in my
opinion tobacco it is best baked at with
mdl or melt along which if you're a
smoker that's typically how you smoke
your cigarette so I kind of give this a
shot they said it was a bit sweeter on
the website that I got it from then your
typical tobacco blends which we will
we'll get into so I got this in a 12
milligram which if you've watched my
other videos you'll know is quite a bit
higher than I typically get to the click
at three but with a melt along type of
tank you'll get analyzer you'll get less
paper which means you cannot have to
bump up the nicotine to compensate so
that's that's that and I've got the
Nautilus mini which is a great tank that
uses the bottom paper coil think that's
BBC coils and i'm vaping that and about
12 watts because you can't really pump a
lot of power into these they're not sub
ohm so gonna be careful of that but the
day fate really really well
let's start off by filling the Nautilus
with some others Cheers I'm scratch from
the mod there's our tank here's our
juice and to film the Nautilus mini turn
it upside down like that spirk it's all
tricky when you unscrew this and good
it's working perfectly this time one
thing that I found the Nautilus mini is
that it'll get stuck having to use
pliers around this part here to get it
get it open but as long as you don't
over tighten it you're good moist afraid
of juice leaking so shake it up so mix
all the juice the nicotine around the
flavors you can see it's a nice golden
color which is really nice take off the
can't really focus some things to stop
the top here term to the smell hmm I
mean I know what it smells like I've
been saving quite a bit of it but it's
the very light tobacco smells smells
very earthy I actually couple of it
almost was like tea smells like I'm not
like I think a black tea it's really
good you can really really smell the
caramel like it's quite quite strong
just close up the Nautilus mini
not too tight okay I've got this on
maximum airflow nice sound see that milk
how long you can I inhale it in your
mouth and then you inhale it into your
lungs it's like a two stage process so
it's like like this
it's actually really hard to do slowly
didn't know it would be my favorite
things with them I'm a pom style beeping
is that you can really give it a few
pops gonna let it go throughout your
your nose in your mouth so you can
really get a flavor for what your vaping
so in terms of the flavors it's it is
very sweet it's definitely the sweetest
tobacco blend I've ever tasted then
maybe it turn on for some people like
myself or turn off for some people in
terms of throat hit it's it's a pretty
good throw it on on this
it's uh yeah I mean it's very mild in
terms of throat it's really this is a
seventy-thirty ratio the 70 being PG
alta my sinuses are all screwed up from
allergies as you move up in on nicotine
levels you didn't have to be very
careful you don't think too much you
might be all dizzy nauseous tired shaky
it's very very smooth on the inhale you
can really taste the caramel notes and
then the vanilla kind of sneaks in there
then on the exhale it's a lot more
vanilla going out so it's going to need
how the flavor changes over time in your
mouth I really like that makes her very
complex flavor then beneath all that is
this really smooth very smooth layer
tobacco flavor so keep that earthy
tobacco it's not perfume e which is what
a lot of tobacco plants that have tasted
and very perfumey very off-putting
they said nothing like like tobacco and
I just did my cuz i really put me off of
those flavors but this one does it
really really well and with melphalan
vaping side effect of that is your mouth
becomes dry very quickly luckily I
brought some water so with this it is
pretty good paper production that I find
most of paper production is dependent on
what you're using to vaporize or there
that'd be like an RDA and how you have
to set up if it's a sub ohm like if
there's a lot of things I go into making
the vapor production part that is on the
vaporizing side the Jews obviously will
affect that as well so you might notice
some juices provide better clouds and
others do but it's I mean it feels
really good is enough favorite
protection for me to you know you still
get that that feeling and it's it's got
just the right amount of air flow so
it's very much mimics like a cigarette
now where you know you take a drag off
of it and there's like some air
resistance from forcing the air through
all of that and that's a really
important thing for me to to get that to
get that that experience give you a good
shot I'm going to see if it the white
thing backdrop here I'm in a new office
I kind of setup and it's in a different
room so it's still kind of getting
things put where I want them so yeah be
a learning process and the paper do is
our best with a black background
the way you can really see the cloud the
other thing I like about this that my
ultimate doesn't do is I can have it
like this and it's not like leak
everywhere juice is very very balanced I
tried it in a sub ohm tank the flavor
was about the same it's a little bit
more in the caramel and vanilla part of
it a lot more that a little bit less
tobacco but when I thought like oh I
really want to do like have some milk
along style vaping in my life again I
drop the back Oakland and its really bad
off for those of you who may have found
this review in like oh why is he
whispering probably already stopped
watching but the reason for that is
because for ASMR and there's a link in
the description that talks about it
picked it up on YouTube it's basically
just a great way to relax
see ya that's dg2 vapor carne form right
there and I definitely highly recommend
this like it is a tobacco blend five out
of five amazing people who don't like to
buy koblenz you're probably not gonna
like this so need me or you know don't
even bother because really if you don't
like that the back part that's kind of
like the baseline flavors but those of
you who like tobacco blinds or end of
the line previous tobacco blend
definitely recommend this one delicious
way better than any other tobacco pipe I
have ever ever tasted so yeah that's the
GT paper of 24 on the M sent from
Shenzhen poem hopefully you found this
review helpful and if you try this you
can definitely leave a comment down
below like the air but your experiences
with this product or any other tobacco
flavor products what you you feel about
them this energy particularly like stuff
like that thank you so much and we'll
see you very soon okay

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