Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid

By Tatyana Dyachenko

G2 Vapor's Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid features the flavours of blue raspberries, fizzy drink and lollipops. Available in single 10ml bottles with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This Black Friday Exclusive will also include a Vape Band.

Vape Review of G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop E-Liquid

here it is another one by GQ vapor and
this one is blue razz pop so here we are
as another one by GQ of g2 vapor looking
qg to vapor try the load of those before
I find them really fruity they kick so
much flavor they just unbelievable like
I don't think there's another juice
company out there that could compare
with the amount of flavor that they
Chuck into their juice it's just
unbelievable but a lot of people could
be too much for me there's never too
much you know it's always if you're
gonna put it in put it in you know make
sure that they complement each other and
get in don't mess around and this one is
then one of the ones and this is blue
razz pop and this is a blue raspberry
lollipop and everyone knows those blue
raspberry lollipops for some reason
adding anything to raspberry and sort of
sweets and stuff it's always blue for
some reason and this is kind of a take
on their one like that really stick even
the lid sticking on there really really
over the top and the smell of it is I
just I makes your eyes water honestly
and it's honestly if you close your eyes
this smells exactly like one of those
lollipops taste unbelievable you're
getting that fizzy smell you're getting
the raspberry smell and you know they're
not saying that it's fresh raspberries
they're saying there is a sweet
artificial made raspberry and that is
exactly what you're smelling really
sweet probably make pure sugar tastes
like water after it let's go for it so
let's step back on my velocity let's
give that blue raspberry lollipop of
another one just pound with the flavor
straight and no messing around it faiths
and taste it was exactly exactly like
those lollipops it's crazy that you know
people can get that kind of you know
it's not similar it's exactly in my
opinion anyways exactly how they could
how they could do I would not change a
thing on this one so so good to give up
you're getting that strong raspberry
flavor on the inhale slight sort of fizz
as well when you exhale through the nose
and as you exhale it's pure raspberry
again leaving a raspberry aftertaste as
well just like you know when you lick
the lollipop and it's all over your
tongue your tongue turns blue and that's
exactly what this is like you know
you've got that flavor that taste for
ages it's really really really good not
on all day vape because it is so you
know so intense so this is one you know
that you can be in and out of other
babes as well and this one will
overpower your device if you're using a
dripper you will have to drip a bit more
of different planes on to get back to
that flavor because this one will
overpower it massively and you know it's
for you again if you want a strong
flavor which I love the strong flavors
this is exactly what this one's giving
you really really good now this one I'll
leave a link to their website they
really really popular brand GT and this
one is eleven dollars for 15 mil this
one's a 70 VG once again as always
because it's a box there aren't America
but you know you can pick up GT vapor
you know they're in a lot of shops as
well especially in Ireland a lot of 8
shops are stocking g2 there at most of
the events as well massive company great
bunch of lads and stuff really really
good so give this one a go I've tried a
lot of the rubber ones as well and
they've all all impress me call and
press once give me another game takes
you back to being a kid now I love
giving positive reviews you know I've
given a few reviews where I've given
things that I would change do things
differently you know things I like
things I don't like that as always if it
deserves a good review it's going to get
one for me and this is just my opinion
and I really really enjoy this one and
that's why I'm doing this review so you
guys can go out and try them as well and
just go to a shop try one you know just
bring a dribble with you put it on there
try it you'll not be disappointed trust
me so once again if you do enjoy these
videos as always remember to gamble but
that like burn as it does really help
and like I said in my last couple of
videos we are doing still doing the
massive giveaway
subscribe as we may already hit it by
the time this video comes out and if we
had you probably know more than I know
at the moment about it because I had
released a video about what we're going
to give away as loads of stuff giving
away saying thanks to you guys for all
your support all your help and you know
giving it all back from what I've kind
of I bought or received or whatever you
know let you guys try some of the
devices that I've tried as well so as
always thanks for watching

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