Vape Review of FRYD Watermelon E-liquid (60ml)

April 23, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of FRYD Watermelon E-liquid (60ml)

Vape Review of FRYD Watermelon E-liquid (60ml)

Try something most certainly out of the ordinary with a 60ML bottle of Fryd Watermelon vape juice. An inhale of fried dough fills your tongue with a fried nostalgic front note. A generous serving of watermelon syrup warms the exhale with a gooey fruit reduction that will have you licking your lips. When the vaper escapes your mouth, a powdered sugar watermelon pastry remains. Be sure to buy a 60ML bottle of Fryd Watermelon E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of FRYD Watermelon E-liquid (60ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FRYD Watermelon E-liquid (60ml)

diddily diddily diddily who fuckery
knows what's happening everybody this is
their carrot the real deal vapor views
today we're gonna be looking at fried
watermelon now I like my pickles fried I
like my Oreos fried and I like my
chicken fried but I've never ever had a
fried watermelon apparently I don't go
to enough carnivals because I've I've
heard of it I've just never seen it
otherwise I probably would try it I
purchased an order on premium vape
and I put in the notes and I was like
how is this shit I was like is it good
is it worth getting I've been wanting to
try it wanting to review it and I just
can't bring myself to spend 14 15 16 17
dollars on it
no comment back from them but opened up
my vape mail today and that was in it so
shout out the premium vape
may have respect you helped me out a lot
you helped me grow a lot you've done a
lot of shit for me I appreciate y'all
great ass site coupon code TNS 20 will
take 20% off your total twenty five
dollars more gets you free shipping by a
hundred mils of illiquid or more gift
free priority shipping now this shit
over there is $17.95 but with the coupon
code it drops it to 1436 for a 30ml
bottle they don't have the sixties in
stock little disappointed about that but
I don't want just 30 mils get them
sixties in stock cheap shipping option
if you just want the eliquid it's like
three dollars shipping ends up being 17
so let's go ahead and read the
description off fried watermelon eliquid
is a unique carnival treat buy fried
illiquid fried watermelon illiquid is a
juicy slice of watermelon that has been
fried to a crispy fried dough shell
topped with candy watermelon syrup and
powdered sugar now this comes in a 0 3
or 6 milligram nikka teen and let's just
get into this review and see what I
think of it I did get this this morning
I also got
my smock I say smock everybody says
smoke if you want it to be smoked put a
damn a at the end my smoke smock alien
to 20 TC loving that shit so far no no
rigueur --ts no regrets no regrets is
that tattoo everybody gets cuz they
can't spell regrets I'm gonna go ahead
and taste it smell it vape it and see
what the hell I think of it taste test
very very good very good watermelon it's
a mix between a fresh and the candy
syrup that they say powdered sugar of
course you ain't really gonna taste but
it does have its sweetness to it so I'll
just assume that's the powdered sugar is
doughy that one's kind of hard to
explain it don't remind me of anything
specific maybe because I haven't tried
fried watermelon but it's not like a
donut it's not like a bread it's just
something in between I'm not too
familiar with smell test I would say it
kind of smells like a fried Ness of
watermelon not sure what a fried
watermelon smells like but I know what
fried smells like and I know a
watermelon smells like but yeah who
gives a shit let's just vape it now I
have that on my smock smoked alien 2 20
t see with my limitless rdta plus this
has been a favorite so I just keep using
that you see it in a lot of my videos I
have a bunch of shit I can use I just
like this so that's what I vape on but
yea I got this at 80 watts on a what the
hell's that thing 0.269 yeah whatever
I believe Clapton's yea Clapton's so
less vapor
clouds bitch very very good very very
cloudy I don't know if it has a VG PG
ratio Oh max VG so that explains the
clouds they do linger around all over
the place as you can tell let's vape it
a little more I always do this it's just
the easy way to wick without like I'll
be a very very very good shit if I had
to guess with a fried watermelon tastes
like it would be very similar to that
they have the fried Oreo
I think they nailed the flavor on that
I've never tried the fried banana been
mixed reviews so I just haven't got it
that's another one it's like I want it
but I don't want to pay 15 bucks and not
like it mixed reviews a lot of people
say it's great a lot of people are like
ant they missed on this one I don't know
I'm gonna have to try that because I
like the other one definitely in my top
favorite liquids got this this morning
and that's where I'm at already and this
does come fill it up to the top so yeah
I've been vaping the shit out of this
really enjoying it the watermelon I
would agree that it's a mix it's a mix
between a fresh and a candy like they
said they have the candy syrup so it's
kind of like in in-between but it's
definitely you get that fried doughy
fried watermelon I guess
comes a 1.9 second pool very very good
shit I would definitely recommend it if
you're interested in trying it maybe if
you were just unsure about it you like
your watermelon or you've tried others
from the Friday liquid line and I would
recommend you get this if you like those
very good vape no throat burn or peppery
out the nose
I always forget to say that in the
videos but if I had that I would tell
you so yeah very very good flavor I
can't stress that enough what's gonna do
a DIY video I supposed to do it
yesterday some family came in town
and I was watching football day and the
lives watching football I didn't give a
fuck about DIY but I was I was like I'm
gonna do that today and then I was like
yeah I don't really feel like it cuz I
have 200 mils this shit's cloudy
yourself for some reason 200 mils
already of what I wanted to make and
then I tried a 70/30 blend same recipe
200 and I think 30 mils so yeah I'm
pretty set on the DIY nothing I really
want to do so I've figured no point of
even attempting or making more when I
already have 430 mils right here oh I
did vape a little but halo battery
love it
to hell made the light shine even
brighter but yeah very good e-liquid
check out premium vape Cory
and the gang over there good ass people
I don't even know what the hell I'm
looking at but yeah I'm not cross-eyed
or anything good ass people over there
cheap prices with that TNS twenty twenty
percent off the total plus the free
shipping you can get this pick up like
two things a cotton bacon which are I
believe four ninety five which is one of
the cheapest prices I've seen for cotton
bacon it's normally 595 twenty percent
off of that definitely makes it
worthwhile so I'm gonna get the hell out
of here if you liked this video give it
a thumbs up if you didn't like the video
give it a thumbs down I don't really
give a shit
appreciate all my subscribers if you're
not a subscriber hit that subscribe
button let's grow together I'll be back
with the giveaway I emailed dawn I'm
trying to see something so I'm kind of
waiting for a response she's not the
greatest at responses to emails and
she'll admit that so that wasn't a low
blow at her anything but yeah I'm trying
to wait out a response if I don't get
one by this evening I will post a
giveaway winners so stay tuned for that
and as always you've got to fight for
your right to vape Kasasa fada not
blowing smoke aims so the vaping militia
no more casualties all orgs all great
sites fighting for your right to vape
you got the ripped rippers generosity
com that was up to about two hundred and
ten thousand donated really really good
that's what we need a lot of people were
like what does my money go to
they probably pocket it blah blah blah
these dudes go state to state to fight
for our right to vape they were just in
PA for the P a vape rally to fight the
40% tax and like they they do big things
if we can rely on anybody to help us
it's every one of these people so show
your support and on that note I'm going
to get the fuck out of here keep your
vape up don't keep the hate up and vape
on motherfuckers

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