Vape Review of FRYD Cookies & Cream E-liquid (60ml)

April 23, 2018 4 min read

Vape Review of FRYD Cookies & Cream E-liquid (60ml)

Vape Review of FRYD Cookies & Cream E-liquid (60ml)

Experience a dessert vape juice like no other you have tried. Fryd Cookies & Cream takes your favorite childhood cookie and dips it into a deep frier. A chocolate cookie exterior is fried in turn revealing a fusion of flaky chocolate. A creamy interior arrives upon the exhale building the perfect treat for your taste buds. Combined, these flavors bring your palate a delicious suprise of sugary and sweet fried delight. Be sure to buy your 60ML bottle of Fryd Cookies & Cream E-Liquid today!

Vape Review of FRYD Cookies & Cream E-liquid (60ml)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of FRYD Cookies & Cream E-liquid (60ml)

what is going on guys they asked some
reviews back at you today with some more
juice reviews today we got two fairly
new ones they're called fraud I've got
two different flavors by them they make
two different flavors both max VG 3
milligrams of Mik for me and these are
from the liquid gas will shout out to
the liquid guys for send me some or just
review for you guys and it's got their
logo and everything out there it's got
liquid guys and all that good stuff
expiration date it's got the warnings
you know keep away from children also as
this mess must be 21 years or older to
purchase on there that's due to the new
California regs that have gone into
place these guys I believe are in
California if I'm not mistaken so that
makes sense so instead of what used to
you can be 18 now it's 21 and that is
represented on these bottles so the two
flavors they sent me first one is going
to be fried cookies and cream and that's
a flaw if our Waddy by the way I'll put
the link for liquid guys down below and
I'll put it right here don't forget that
hit hit the subscribe button down there
on the left hand side if you like the
videos so like I said fried the first
one gotta cookies and cream I'm guessing
it's like a fun Oreo which I've never
had before and I'm not a big chocolate
fan you know let's just get that out of
the way get this running on the black
goon just together two one three and I'm
gonna run in it 80 watts with a point to
one staple a wing something cold I got
off eBay so anyway like I said 80 watts
this is fried cookies and cream from the
liquid guys
I actually like that a lot more than I
thought I was going to I'm not a big
chocolate vet kind of guy but that
tastes like chocolate pudding I love
chocolate pudding so this tastes similar
to like a chocolate pudding to me like
one of those little snack pack things
you get you know those little bitty ones
it's kind of what it tastes like um I
don't really get a lot of cream from it
anything but I definitely get that like
chocolate that's exactly what it tastes
like to me it's like chocolate pudding
like that milk chocolate pudding that
you would get in this little snack packs
it's really really good not overly sweet
either and not too much of the chocolate
taste it's just right just the right
amount of chocolate in there so that's a
that's a hit for fried for me that's
that's a good one and like I said I've
never ever went out and said no once
your best chocolate baked do that you
know talking to you whatever but I'm
pleasantly surprised by that one the
next one they said I'm gonna be running
on the goostin was still if you can't
tell by now
I love the gun a great flavor from
everything else this one's gonna be
fried bananas I believe let's see what
is this one cold
I mean it looks like bananas to me
yeah from banana I'm trying your
description on this stuff my way there's
just 30 min 100 there $19.99 so that is
a premium juice let's see all that
sizzling liquid guy status proud banana
fried cookies and cream tingle your
senses with the delicious flavors of
your favorite boardwalk treats so this
is like you know they fry everything up
at carnivals and fairs and things like
that so that's what this is supposed to
represent this is going to be a fried
banana and I've like to set up get this
one on the GU room stainless steel get
this one running at 80 watts as well
let's go ahead and give this one a try
that one's really good - both of these
are really good juices um that was a
sweet sweet banana and it's like a real
banana taste I want to see if I can find
another description on these or if
that's the way this description was
going to go just because I taste a
little bit of cinnamon in there and just
try to see if that's just me or or if
that's actually in the juice so let's
see here fried banana and I bring it up
might have to try and say okay fried
banana let's see come on in a rubber
thing let's go okay this one just says
this is another one of those flavors
that I think lies has been made until
deep-fried banana AG's for the win
that's the description on this other web
set so pretty vague descriptions it is a
fried banana I do get like a little bit
of cinnamon there but it's a really
really sweet fresh top banana really
does kind of remind you of a you know
like a fair food or something like that
just you get a lot of that sweetness in
there so I enjoyed both oh there's a
hell of a lot
damn good both of them
like I said liquid guys calm the links
gonna be down in the description below
as always good to casada
or or august 8th calm and fuck for your
apps to vape shout out to the liquid
guys again for sending me some juice to
review for you guys I'm beyond a stone
this is fraud I'm out have a good night

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