Vape Review of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

April 18, 2018 9 min read

Vape Review of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Vape Review of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Combining notes of rich custard and island honeydew, you have to try Fruit N Custard's Honeydew to believe it. A warm blanket of custard envelopes a juicy honeydew with exceptional quality. A heavy custard arrives on the front note guided by a subtle note of honeydew acting as the backdrop for this incredible palate pleasing phenomenon. Honeydew breaks from subtly and becomes the prevalent note as custard acts as a fusing agent throughout the entire flavor experience. Be sure to buy a 60ML Bottle of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia today!

Vape Review of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Fruit N Custard Honeydew E-liquid by Vapetasia (60ML)

what up YouTube at you man's hand from
flavor chaser vape reviews now guys I
know I've been out for a little while
I've been dealing with some stuff which
I'll get into in another video but I
just wanted to let you guys know that I
am back today we're gonna start it off
with a liquid review now this is for
fruit and custard by vaped Asia now I
know that I have done reviews for them
before on the the lemonade and their
regular line but they did send me a
bunch of different flavors in which
we'll go ahead and try out once we get
back from the intro we got three flavors
to get through we got fruit and custard
mango we have the honeydew flavor
honeydew and custard these sound very
interesting and banana fruit and custard
so we'll go ahead and get into these
after the intro so stay tuned guys I
will be right back
we are back and like I said we're going
to go ahead and get into three flavors
by victi Jie because apparently are
there new flavors if you go ahead and
visit their website you fix you up here
when you go to vacation calm and I do
believe let's go ahead and check this
out you guys hear the fan I'm sorry I
sweat like a son-of-a-bitch
alright choose an option let's see okay
they sell them in 30 mils in 60 mils so
the 30ml bottle is going to be $17.99
and the 60 mil bottle leave that's
$24.99 all right so the Nikitina
does come in is 0 3 6 and 12 milligrams
so let me go ahead and give you guys a
quick description I didn't want to go
ahead and try this one this one is the
honeydew custard but check it out really
nice big bottles plain straight to the
point labeling not childlike any at all
it's got all your warning labels I don't
see any batch numbers but these are
70/30 3 milligram nicotine you get your
ingredients follow them on Instagram at
hashtag fruit and custard it's really
nice so for $24.99 I pretty much think
that that's the standard today instead
of a 30 million should get the 60 ml
because you're getting a better value
for liquid so we've got let me give you
a description the honeydew is a fluffy
and rich custard bursting with ripe
melon flavor a dessert vape you will
love see now I like honeydew babes my
all day vape right now is naked blasts
worse naked blasts what the fuck
naked 100 green blast sorry about that
that's my all day vape right now I love
that and it's just my favorite alright
so let's go ahead and give this one a
good shake today is not a choice we will
be using the flavor chaser JW custom
dna200 and we have the gluteus maximus
RDA actually it's the cumulus Maximus
but gluteus know so let's go ahead and
give this one a good shake its Garden
give her a small test I did take off
these seals they were sealed with
plastic thing crap there but I did take
it off for the sake
so let's bed and give this one a smell
this is what I'm getting a lot of fresh
honeydew I'm getting a hint of custard
but mostly I would say the majority of
this juice I am picking up on a very
fresh honeydew yes very nice
this cumulus Maximus does have two dual
transformer coils this one ohms out to
around 0.19 so only go ahead and lower
the what age I hope you guys are doing
like I says I will get into it why I
mean Oh last video I did I think was the
conspiracy RDA alright so the smell test
the smells like a vert a lot of fresh
melon and I'm getting a hint of custard
on the back end yeah I'm getting I'm
getting like you have a vapor vanilla
custard I'm getting that kind of custard
from like a vanilla custard but with
honeydew so sounds interesting
let's give her a fucking test
oh wow this is unique I taste that I
definitely taste the custard but I'm
tasting fresh honeydew as well so yeah
that's a fucking homerun
oh wow that's interesting and really
good I'm gonna pump up the wattage to 85
mm point one nine I could go up higher
let's do 85 that is pleasant you know
what I was sitting there thinking the
other day sitting there thinking to
myself that wasn't a juice that I've
tasted that had believe it or not this I
tell you no lies that had the fruit and
the custard and next thing you know I
get a package in the mail and it's from
Fantasia and they like they read my mind
it's like telepathy telepathy they
telepathically got into my fucking
noodle this is pleasant I'm tasting a
very sweet and fresh honeydew melon and
that very creamy custard on the backend
so this one's definitely a home run and
from the price 60 mils for $24.99 that's
pretty much the standard nowadays a
honeydew fruit custard that's definitely
getting to thumbs up I'm a melon Finn
I'm a honeydew fan and this one
definitely has the cut the best of both
words if you're into like a desert vape
with fruit that's definitely I'm
definitely gonna recommend that one so
good job on that let me go ahead and
give me another vape they'll move on to
the next blab that is excellent all
right to thumbs up on the honeydew and
the honeydew fruit custard they also
make them in these little sample packs I
do believe they're $17.99 and you have
all three in here I do have the mango on
inside but you want to know what they
sent me
um the fruit custard the banana and the
honeydew and the mango one all right
just out of curiosity I don't know if
vaped a sure you should be watching this
this one right here this this one right
here the the whatchamacallit the
it smells like mango so I'm not sure if
you guys got the the labeling messed up
but this one is definitely a man
go juice so yes that's that potent
earthy mango smell I'm getting out of
here and the mango one was the mango one
but for some reason I think the labels
got messed up when they sent it but 1799
these are 15 mill bottles you get three
which I don't think it's that bad of a
deal if you want to go ahead and try it
you should go ahead and try the sample
pack and go from there all right next
way we're up for debate let me get this
atomizer off we get the gluteus maximus
off and let's go ahead and throw the
twisted messes version two for the
banana all right so the banana fruit
custard this is in a 3 milligram
nicotine has all of them are gonna give
this one a good shape same thing 0 3 6
and 12 milligram nicotine I'm not sure
these the 30 no but all that stuff will
be for you in the video description
sweet ripe bananas in rich custard
blended perfectly into a comforting
dessert alright let's go ahead and give
this one a shot give it a shake and
let's give it a smell test oh wow I'm
getting fresh ripe bananas and that same
custard that was in the honeydew one
yeah that smells really nice let me go
ahead and give this one a date-date
dab all right
a lot of sweet Wow like a sweet banana
taste that's actually very good
I don't vape banana juices so I don't
know how this is gonna go like I said or
like I do saying all my videos my taste
this subjective what I may not like you
may like so on and so forth so let's go
ahead and saturate my twisted views
Clapton set up here and I'll get you the
omec into let's go ahead and let's see
what we got this one's 0.39 wow I'm
getting that that sweet custard on the
backend and fresh bananas so this one
should be interesting like I said I
don't really vape the banana ejuice but
we'll give it a shot for you guys
alright twisted message version 2.3 9 85
I'm getting that same custard vapor
production on these liquids is very good
being that they're all 70/30 s vapor
production is good let me go ahead and
bump up the wattage bump up the wattage
eighty 7.1 this
I'm getting that sweet that very creamy
custard and a hint of banana on this one
this one's more custard than it is
banana but the banana I taste on this is
more like the banana that's in like a
banana pie or like a banana dessert it's
very good I mean I don't you know I
don't do the banana babies but it's a
good weight because it the banana tea is
very fresh reproduction is good and like
I said I taste more custard on this one
than banana but that banana know is
there and it tastes more like a baked
apple yet it's a fresh out of fresh to
fuck am i talking about a fresh baked
banana like I like that would be in a
pie but it's very good nonetheless good
for a production that's 87 watts and
yeah if you guys like I'm guessing
they're using the same custard base and
just putting the different fruit flavors
in here and I got to be honest I don't
really taste the banana that much I do
taste the custard on this one more than
I taste the banana so this one I'm
depending on my description like I said
taste this objective you guys can go
ahead and you know make up your own mind
but the bananas not too overpowering I'm
getting a lot of the custard and a hint
of that fresh meat I want to say in my
opinion like a freshly baked banana so
it is very good but you know it's not
for me you know and the next one I know
is probably not gonna be for me because
I don't like mango so I'm just gonna go
ahead and give you guys the heads up now
let's go ahead and take this atomizer
off for the next one we haven't used
this one this one's got a regular
kanthal Bildad and I rebuilt it but I
just was feeling fucking lazy you know
what I mean
so this is the true no drip tip so
you've got a drip tip right yeah this
one is fucking this is a single can
towel who says camp towel even in the
description if you know who says campout
all right so point three eight yeah all
right regular camp out all right so last
one up for Tibet is going to be a fruit
custard mango so this one's now I
smoking in that sample
this is a very earthy very fresh like
like I'm freshly picked mango and it
smells very earthy to me it smelled
through the bottle you you smelled a
very earthy mango yeah it's like holy
fucking mangoes I'm getting a lot of
like I don't know
mango flavoring is very potent and it
and it smells very earthy I don't like I
don't like vaping mango but if you like
it if you're a fan of it Oh we'll go
ahead and see but yeah I'm not gonna go
ahead and dab it on my hand because I
fucking hate mango but I'm gonna go
ahead and bake it for y'all
7030 same on the VG PG only gonna give
her a better shake yeah so I don't know
if you guys already know or not but I'm
not a mango vapor and I'm not a mango
fan I really don't like mango but uh it
is what it is right let me go to lower
the wattage just bring him down to like
65 or 70 yeah 70 watts yeah I'm getting
that very mango II like very very fresh
pulled earthy mango right off the burn
and you could smell it through the
packaging so alright let's go ahead and
set this one up I'm gonna just might
yeah also yeah this one I'm probably
gonna leave it on - on the double so
let's go ahead point three eight mango
food custard yeah this one mangoes for
some reason tea its taste and smells
like feet
hmm I'm not I don't like this one
because I don't like mango so I'm not
gonna pass it but others may like mango
I don't like it so I don't like this
juice because it for me it just smells
like fucking feet I don't know why vapor
production is good but I just don't like
mango should I do for y'all motherfucker
let's go ahead and give her another
saturate of this wait all right yes I'm
getting the custard on the back end but
this honey uh not the honey dude this
mango it tastes exactly like a mango
that's why I don't eat mangoes but it's
it's very very mango II I get that
custard on the backend but this one's
really overpowering with mango so if you
guys like that I don't like it because I
don't like mangoes I'll leave that up to
you if you guys like mango this is very
overpowering with mango and a hint of
custard made all right so that's pretty
much it I hope it wasn't that long my
favorite by far is the honeydew I loved
honeydew and this one is a good
iteration of honeydew and custard so the
equal the flavors on this one is very
very similar so what I mean by that is
you're getting an equal amount of
custard equal amount of honeydew alright
so guys that's pretty much it I hope you
enjoyed the review if you did go ahead
and leave it a thumbs up
don't forget to support the commissure
mmmm an HR 2058 all that good stuff
we're still on this fight together I do
stay tuned to the channel for this week
you're gonna go ahead and review the as
modest mini came to the touchscreen
version and the I joy tornado I do
believe that is the 25 millimeter
tornado sub ohm tank along with the
Genesis style atomizer that they also
make that was sent from Heaven's gifts
so thank you very much for watching I
hope it wasn't too long like I said stay
tuned to the channel for a lot of
hardware a lot of RTA's sub ohm tanks
mods and so on and so forth so thank you
so much for watching and I'll see you
guys in the next one peace

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