April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Frosted Nilla Nade E-Liquid by Frosted Vape Co. (30ML)

A refreshingly sweet yet savory blend of creamy vanilla milkshake and tart lemonade make Frosted Nilla Nade e-liquid the perfect all day summer vape. Cool off on a hot day with frozen drink inspired vape juice.

Vape Review of Frosted Nilla Nade E-Liquid by Frosted Vape Co. (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frosted Nilla Nade E-Liquid by Frosted Vape Co. (30ML)

okay laughs this Rochelle we're here to
do another quickie liquid review the
summer we'll be taking a look at frosted
melon aid this is from a frosted vape
company and it's described to be is a no
lice cream with a splash of fresh milk
and an ice cool glass of fresh-squeezed
lemonade we're gonna be testing this out
on top of my unholy our RDA and we're
gonna be vaping in it let's see 65 watts
now that mixture really seems weird
right why would you put vanilla ice
cream inside lemonade but I'm telling
you it works so we're going to go ahead
and give this a drip in it tight let you
guys know what I'm tasting
first of all smooth on the inhales to
move on the exhale I don't know what
this is but you definitely taste the
lemonade with the ice cream and it just
works it's super refreshing it's creamy
and you get that nice tang on the end of
it that's totally not overpowering and
there's no sort of it whatsoever
really really good definitely give this
two thumbs up this is one of the best
flavors I've tasted so far for the
summer time and I highly highly
recommend so I hoped you liked this
quick review if you did please give a
thumbs up leave any questions or
comments you have down below and as
always I hope you're having an amazing
day or night whenever you're watching
this stay tuned next video until then
safe on

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