Vape Review of Froot Fighters (30ML)

April 19, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Froot Fighters (30ML)

Vape Review of Froot Fighters (30ML)

Sweet yet refreshing is the perfect way to describe Froot Fighters vape juice from Motley Brew Premium E-Liquid! This one packs a ton of flavor in a small package with candied melons like watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. Treat yourself to something sweet – you deserve it!

Vape Review of Froot Fighters (30ML)

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Froot Fighters (30ML)

hi everybody hope you're doing great
today I'll be reviewing the entire line
of illiquid from motley brew
malee brewery liquids are made in
America in an FDA registered lab they
meet and exceed every industry lab test
and certification Molly brew is diacetyl
and AP free feature USP grade kosher
ingredients and the nicotine purity is
ninety nine point eighty nine percent
pure Bruce brothers is darkly roasted
European espresso blended with luscious
Madagascar vanilla bean and sweet
tobacco with notes of rich butterscotch
the smell is predominantly espresso with
light hints of vanilla and butterscotch
the inhale is a smooth and creamy coffee
I get vanilla and butterscotch with
subtle notes of tobacco on the XL
Paradise City contains the essence of
exotic lychee coupled with the juiciest
pears on earth then blend it with silky
French vanilla bean cream with a sprig
of fresh mint for a cooling finish the
smell is a blend of pears and lychee the
inhale is a combination of pears vanilla
bean cream and lychee fresh mint creates
a light throat hit and lingers on the
excel almost famous is delicious freshly
baked cakes engulfed with warm wild
blueberries and rich praline pecans a
dusting of powdered sugar completes this
seductive dessert this is my favorite
flavor of the review I get sweet
blueberries with notes of pastry for the
smell authentic sugary blueberries
dominate the inhale candy pecans with
powdered sugar finishes out the XL fruit
fighters is a delectable sweet and juicy
candied melon melody including chilled
watermelon fight ripened cantaloupe and
the smell is predominantly a minty
watermelon the inhale is a sweet
cantaloupe and honeydew blend with minty
watermelon lingering on the exhale
grateful red is a melange of tart and
cranny Smith and ripe Red Delicious
apples bathed in a brown sugar glaze
thin layered with rich Tahitian vanilla
custard the smell is a blend of apples
and vanilla custard brown sugar and
sweet tart apples dominate the inhale
light apples with top notes of vanilla
custard finish out the excel
old-fashioned is VAP summits 2015 winner
of Best in Show the finest premium
whiskey a dash of spicy bitters aromatic
citrus notes and a touch of raw sugar
cane highlight this remix rendition of
the classic old-fashioned sweet whiskey
dominates the smell both the inhale and
the exhale for a warm and smooth citrus
and sweet whiskey blend the best alcohol
I've tried yet motley brew is a
flavorful line great divides and blends
of flavors these blends were very smooth
and it's obvious great care was taken in
creating these flavors if you'd like to
check out the Motley brew eliquid for
yourself just click on the info link in
the description box below this video as
always thanks for watching please
subscribe and connect with me on my
social sites have an excellent day and
made a fake be with you

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