Vape Review of Froot Bomb E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

April 16, 2018 6 min read

Vape Review of Froot Bomb E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Vape Review of Froot Bomb E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Froot Bomb E-liquid is an explosion of juicy kiwi and sumptuous strawberry, with a sharp citrus edge of lime and orange. Fabulously fruity and mouth-wateringly moreish, this eliquid captures a perfect balance of sweet and tart resulting in a flavour that's seriously hard to put down. Details 10ml E-Liquid 50% Propylene Glycol (PG), 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) Available in 0.3%, 0.6%, and 1.2% nicotine strength About Decadent Vapours Decadent Vapours are one of the UK's market leaders in the production and supply of e-liquid which are all made in Britain to the highest possible standards so you can vape in the complete confidence that you are enjoying the very best. Their Decadent Vapours brand has become globally recognised in the vaping community.

Vape Review of Froot Bomb E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Froot Bomb E-Liquid by Decadent Vapours 10ml

it's the beginning of the month and
we're looking at a single eliquid which
only means one thing it's painful
decadent vapors flavor of the month and
yeah nice head just let's just head
straight an ls1 folks is tame for a jaws
visual saw it's the beginning of the
month that means there's only one thing
there's time for the decadent vapor flee
but over the month collection read out
the cover layer and see what Simonson
howl back hope this letter finds you
well yes I'm that does thanks for asking
anyway it's that time of the month again
we have another flavor of the month on
you to try the stamen sanu fruity number
called fruit bomb Nessa so this failed
as decadent vapor they go for the crazy
spelling fruit bomb and already gaining
a head of steam of the fruit flavor
funds as I feel on explosion of all your
favorite fruits you can pack up from the
DB website this April for half price
just to tone them to eat for a Ken Mel
pre-mixed that's that's little favor and
two-tone 98 for a 10 ml flavor
concentrate bowl if you fancy DIY and
this offer runs from April fast to April
the 30th cave regards Simon so there we
go it's basically a free number what
doing today so same setup as always dual
coil dual coil on the web tool for rush
plus it wraps on each coil point five
millimeter can tell which is 24 gauge I
think it's 24 gauge to meet you yeah 24
gauge and it wraps around the three
millimeter coil master comes out that
point by Gomes and the lash + is certain
on top of the Anakin cool fire TC 18 650
with a fresh battery Anna so here we go
45 was four point seven volts and I'm
off this is fruit bomb
I mean veep in this old moment I cannot
put it down as a fucking fantastic
flavor and what it is slight note
decadent people have done maxed fruit
salad that's basically well as they've
done maxed fruit salad vapes before
because decadent vehicles been trading
as an e liquid company Wow for a long
time they started up before i started
veep and i think it's been about five or
six years may even be longer than that
but db's been on the go for a while no
they have released got a hell of an
aftertaste as well they have released
fruit salad style next through tweets
and the past this one is a little bit
different from the other fruit salad
style weeks that DV of released this
one's got a bit of a date a lot about of
a bait going on because what the tried
to do as they haven't went from the man
from Del Monte he see yes stale of
canned fruit salad which is swimming in
sugar set up what they tried to do with
this is a fresh fruit salad is like
packing up the foots from your fruit
basket chopping them up stuck in them in
a ball and then eating it that cane a
flesh fruit bait to the back north and
that's exactly but there's please like
now I've been having a bit of a hard
time picking out the fruit flavors on
this because it's decadent V probably
try and balance the fruits so the
basically bouncing off each other and
not no one through as up above the rest
them but I've been mulling over it for
the past hour and here's what I've come
up with right half of them are probably
wrong but here's what I've come up with
strawberry thirty percent sure those are
raspberry fifty percent sure there's a
lime orange fifty percent sure there's
an apple
and the may even be again fifty percent
sure that may even be a touch of a lemon
I'm definitely picking up either lemon
on a lame as a very high-end Beatty
fruit that sender backdrop does
definitely a couple of red berries and
yeah strawberry and raspberry that's why
I'm pinning it on and I'm sure there's
an orange sir none here as well and I'm
kind of fifty percent sure there's an
apple but the problem as though ed v
neck sir stuff and it's not just us
through all of the fruit thieves they
makes it in such a way that no one fruit
as above the rest which is why it kinda
mix pecking out the fruit flavors a
little button the hard side because all
the fruits are equally balanced and are
basically bouncing off each other yeah
it basically tastes like a fresh fruit
salad that's exactly what it tastes like
there's no added sweetness dumped and
near either so it's not like you're
canned fruit salad that as a little bit
of sweetener in there and that's
probably from the vegetable glycerin
because VG as inherently sweet tasting
so that's where the sweetness is
probably coming from if you're a fan of
fruit beeps and you regularly show up
over a DV add us to your next basket and
if you haven't tried a fresh tasting
fruit salad mix before nap over a
decadent vapor in pot this and just a
little ten mellow together a shot on
your little tank or on your dropper
remember though it's a 50-50 blend right
as a fifty-fifty so if you are gonna put
this in a stock coil sub warm tank make
sure you get point three or points X in
fact I wouldn't even go for points X I'd
go 4.3 milligram because there's a
slightly higher pgb sadness that's a
little bit throaty at the back end of
the n heel yes
and then we all that's fruit that as
fruit bombers going to call it food
salad because that's basically when it
tastes like that is fruit bomb and
absolutely and your face fruit salad
fresh fruit salad mix from DV here's the
options you're gonna get folks if you're
going to all of us strength-wise 03
milligrams sex milligram 12 milligram or
80 milligram 12 and 18 for tank people
obviously sizes 10 ml 50 ml which is 3
times 10 ml bottles 50 ml which is 5
times 10 ml balls on a hundred mil which
is 10 x 10 ml but you've got to love the
tpd folks you really do and nothing
decadent vapor can do about it by the
way if they want to keep the options of
30 50 and 100 ml they have to multiply
the 10 ml balls to stay under the tpd
but here we go you do still have the
option of getting 30 50 or 100 melville
not just multiplying the 10 ml bottle
parks and that's that yeah if you're not
fond of fruit vegs you're going to have
to give this one a try as a fresh fruit
salad there's a definite definite bait
to the back end of the fruitfully about
however I'm not picking up any citrus
notes there's no ceteris bait going on
it's just the flavorings themselves that
I've got a little bit of a base to the
back end very nice outfit East as well
I'm stop teasing that kinda makes Barry
after peacetime getting from anyway that
is that for me folks big thanks to Simon
decadent vapor for sending over this
month flavor of the month for a quick
rundown of the flavors just to wrap up
the video because it's a half place
because as the flavor of the month from
the first of equal to the safety earth
of April 10 ml bottle to pound 19 p max
and the 10 ml flavor concentrate if you
want to make sure on as also to po9 to
eat anyway that's up from me folks if
you are brand new to the channel the
envelope does have the subscribe button
if you do subscribe don't forget to
clock in that notification bail to me
should you get notifications of any
videos onto enough if you have like the
value clicking the thumbs up down below
as always folks thanks for watching and
yeah have a good one

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