April 20, 2018

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor The Rock E-Liquid

The newest creation from Frisco Vapor is here and is so good you'll never want to escape from its wonderful flavours. Formerly known as 'Frisco', The Rock is a sweet and succulent peach earl grey tea.Prominent Flavours: Peach, Earl Grey Tea

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor The Rock E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frisco Vapor The Rock E-Liquid

hello if I'm being friends rooby-roo
here back at you with another video
what's up good today's video is all
about Frisco vapor I've got six key
liquids that I'm gonna share with you
guys today from Frisco vapor ah thank
you so much for school paper first
something needs my way for review very
cool there's a dog in the kitchen
clickety clack anyway um this is what
the bottles look like this is a 15 ml
bottle very cool uh glass bottles
squeezy caps squeezy dropper thingies so
there you go ah let the fog roll in
absolutely so um yeah
Frisco vapor awesome um now these are
made in San Francisco California if you
couldn't tell already um they come in
the 15 ml bottles those are $12 they
also have 120 ml bottles for $80 so you
get the little one or the great big one
I'm they coming zero three six twelve
and eighteen milligram and each liquid
has kind of varying pg/vg ratios
depending on the flavor so I'll tell you
each one as we go through all the
flavors um they also kind of a cool
thing they don't use any artificial or
natural sweeteners and their liquids
they feel like that really helps with
like coil gunking and stuff and I
definitely agree they're really nice
clean liquids and even though they're
not using any sweeteners in their
liquids um you are getting really really
excellent flavors from these and these
all come pre steeped as well our first
liquid today is Ashbury it is a creamy
SAE berry chai nice and spicy this is in
the zennith v to clone atop the
Manhattan clone the copper Manhattan
clone which I do have a review coming up
for in the future
let's go Ashbury
spicy whoo that's spicy
so the first flavors that I'm getting
from this liquid are definitely like the
choice spices like the the cinnamon
cardamom nutmeg those spices and then
you get a little bit of that black tea
in there as well the whole vape does
have this kind of creamy note to it from
the sort of rounding out all the spices
if you're um I'd say if you're sensitive
at all to like cinnamons are really
spicy babes you might not like this one
but if you really like those types of
vapes give this one a try
it's really complex the S&T comes in
kind of in the middle of the vapor near
the end the the berry note is a little
bit perfumey though I will say um
berries like um sorry um berry flavors
like pomegranate and acai and light G
can tend to they kind of air on the
perfumey side so I'm just and I'm really
sensitive to that so I'm just something
to mention a really nice spicy try if
you were into those vapes
okay that was Ashbury these all have
like san francisco names very fun next
is silver I've got it in the Vulcan
these are all pine right these are all
point 5 ohm builds um so I've got it in
the Vulcan RDA atop ye olde turtle ship
which I still use ok so this is an aged
tobacco with a late peanut butter flavor
mmm and vanilla and honey with hints of
banana this is a 60 VG 40 PG blend and I
forgot to say PG VG of Ashbury that was
a 70 VG 30 PG on Ashbury
but Fillmore is a 60 VG 40 PG blend
let's go age tobacco with a bunch of
other stuff
no more hmm
so I'm definitely getting like a rich
nutty tobacco I think that nuttiness is
coming from the slight very slight
peanut butter flavor in there kind of
like a dry aged tobacco for sure um and
then the honey and vanilla not sort of
round out that herbal earthy note that
you get in this tobacco just make sure
you don't need to drip I should be okay
um so yeah that like tobacco note is
first in primaries and with the honey
vanilla you know the peanut butter is
kind of melding in there with the
tobacco and then I'm getting like a
teeny tiny little bit of that banana in
the exhale but it is like barely
detectable like it's just there right at
the end this is a nice kind of sweeter
tobacco vape for sure it's got those
kind of high high um high notes to it so
it's not like this is the deep rich rich
tobacco it's definitely a lighter
tobacco and I would definitely I
recommend this one if you're looking for
a tobacco vape for sure especially if
you're into RI fours but you're looking
for something maybe a little bit
give Fillmore a try okay next we have
Frisco Frisco Frisco is a bergamot black
tea so Earl Grey excuse me Burk like
sorry uh with hints of fruits and herbs
let's go
Frisco Hey
lots of bergamot yeah
the primary like the first flavor not
that I'm getting is the bergamot with
that like black tea undertone I'm really
sensitive to bergamot and personally I
don't care for it and vapes or in in tea
I don't I don't care for Earl Grey tea
at all but um you know just because I
don't like it doesn't mean you don't
like it I can say that this is very well
done bergamot for sure I'm also getting
hints of maybe like an orange or like a
coriander in there as well maybe some
lemon actually I wanna say I'm getting a
good portion of lemon in here as well so
if you're into it's getting baby in here
so if you're into like Earl Grey vapes
at all bergamot tea vapes i'm definitely
give this one a try it's done really
well I personally don't care for it
because I don't like bergamot but you
might like bergamot and Earl Grey and
Lady Grey tea so it is done well if you
are in to that so that was Frisco oh I
forgot to say all this stuff this is a
60 VG 40 PG blend this is the beacon mod
with the old tugboat on top okay let's
talk about marina
Marina is next now I've already paired
marina before and a previous video but
we're gonna right talk about it again
um I've got marina on the I'm aura smog
from already built and then I've got
another tugboat here massing tugboats
apparently um so marina is a tart flavor
with assorted fruit and the sour twist
this is a 50/50 blend and um it they say
in their flavor description that it
some of the melon heichou candy hi
choose they're like those Japanese
candies so frisco no marina I'm gonna
get it together today marina
so with marina I'm primarily getting
like that sort of like fruity melon it's
not a honeydew in my opinion this is
definitely more of a cantaloupe I'm also
getting like hints of orange I don't
think it's strawberry but um I want to
say melon orange and maybe some lemon
lime in the exhale and then there's this
like creamy note that's in there this
like that creaminess that you get in
like some chewy candies like um hi -
which I've never had but it reminds me
of like that cream unit that you get
from mambas the Mamba candies I quite
quite quite quite quite yes yes yes love
this liquid I think they've done this
one really really well and it's probably
my favorite of the bunch for sure um
yeah give it a try guys that's marina
alright next we've got Presidio and I
also recently paired this in a video
proceed yo I'm not sure if I'm saying
that right but you know there you go
Presi do that's how I'm gonna say it and
if I'm saying it wrong well yeah sorry
this is a custard filled pear with
creamy velvet tobacco this is a 70 PG 30
but goon this is a 70 VG 30 PG blend and
I've got it on the hexohm in another
let's go Prezi do
okay so this tobacco vape it's
definitely different from the other one
this one is definitely a deeper tobacco
you do have that lovely creamy note that
kind of is just in here from the custard
that vanilla custard just rounds it all
out this is definitely a deeper earthier
herbal i'm tobacco like a dry aged
tobacco sort of flavor and that para nut
just shines right through this is
probably my my second favorite from the
bunch i quite I'm quite enjoying this um
it's hitting that like tobacco spot for
me for sure
it definitely has like a cigar like
quality to it um so yeah I would
definitely recommend this one if you're
looking for a really like nice tobacco
vape I love that includes the pear and
that sort of creamy custard Nino in
there too yeah it's a good one for sure
so try a presidio if you're interested
when our final liquid need asipi okay
our final a liquid that I'm gonna
discuss today is soma some is a
spearmint menthol with melons and
berries this is a sixty VG 40 PG blend I
have it in the atomic RDA atop the
copper nemesis Clun so let's go soma
whoo menthol lots of menthol woo so the
menthol is definitely for me the primary
ingredient that I can getting first and
that I've said this before but that
generally happens when you are dripping
mentholated eye liquids that menthol is
going to come through a lot stronger the
next flavor I'm getting is that kind of
melon but like the melon berry is
definitely coming together on the same
level so it's like a mixed berry with a
whoa that is I don't they meant solve
Apes like normally and like in my daily
like vape rotation that's refreshing Wow
yeah um the melon is almost like a
honeydew and like I said it's kind of
perfectly balanced with mixed berry I
want to say dark berries though like
blackberry raspberry those sort of
berries I'm not giving like any
experiment from it but that could be
because I'm dripping it and the menthol
I think might be covering up that minty
note but Wow uh it's refreshing a very
unique blend and I want to say overall
that I think that um
Frisco vapor isn't like trying to
reinvent the wheel here they're being
really creative they've got a lot of
really interesting I'm exciting flavor
blends and I think they're all done
really well um not all of them are
really in my wheelhouse of vapes I tend
to stick to more like fruity vapes
fruity light vapes um but I have to say
like the the standouts for me are
definitely marina which I'm going to
pair in a second and also the presidio
that lovely pair creamy tobacco so there
you go guys
that's all I've got to say about these
liquids and I think that brings us to
fake pairing time
what are repairing today we are pairing
marina again because it's delicious I'm
gonna drip really quick we are pairing
marina today with a cocktail and it's
not highbrow by any means
boop-boop get more in there get in there
liquid there we go I don't know over
drip no I got it on my thumb fantastic
it's just how this day is going oh we
are gonna pair at Marina marina
ah so good mmm
yep over drift a little bit we're
pairing marina with a vodka and Red Bull
now I'm not using regular Red Bull I am
using the Silver Edition lime Red Bull
um since I can't drink coffee anymore
I've been drinking I mainly drink tea
but sometimes it's nice to have a little
bit caffeine if you know what I'm saying
so the Silver Edition Red Bull has lime
in it which I quite enjoy so we're gonna
pair that with marina and see what
happen hey babe Wow it's really bringing
out like that creamy note the melon note
for sure yeah oh wow and this um it's
almost like because this is so creamy
and this is so crisp it's definitely
making this even more crisp and I'm
getting more of that lime note as well
mm-hmm a lot more mellowed out a lot
rounder yeah and that lime the lime is
shining through all right
that's delicious yeah so thank you so
much for watching today guys I hope that
you enjoyed the pairing and my socks
about Frisco vapor um you can find these
at Frisco vapor com
if you are interested um and who follow
me on Instagram and Twitter rooby-roo
babes you can also find me on Facebook
and please join casado org if you
haven't already
fight for your vaping rights very
important Oh big Miffy got em guys

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