Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Sutro E-Liquid

April 20, 2018 3 min read

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Sutro E-Liquid

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Sutro E-Liquid

By Nataly Komova

This cereal inspired vape contains the flavourings of Blueberry, oatmeal and milk.

Vape Review of Frisco Vapor Sutro E-Liquid

Just in Case You Missed Something, Here's the Transcript of E-Juice Review of Frisco Vapor Sutro E-Liquid

what up YouTube some business vapor
coming back at you another review stop
the gang thank you to end on my channel
so we got a review on new e-juice called
set row from Frisco vapors comes in zero
three six and 12 milligram it also comes
in 15 mills and 30 mils it is 1199 for a
50 mil into $22 for a 30 mil it is a
seventy-thirty v GP g blend i'm going to
read the description off of frisco
vapors website it's a blueberry oatmeal
cookie dipped in milk that's the
description of it that's what the bottle
looks like i always love frisco vapor e
juice they always do a great job they
did they did a great job on the last one
they made which was powell and this is
the new one that they did all right so
I'm gonna give you some vapor production
some inhale exhale what I think on one
to ten scale Rohit from a one-to-five
scale I guess I'll do that too as well
all right yambar of the god quad 18 650
box mod I know sorry about the light
guide so it's a little blown out because
it's daytime I got a dual parallel 24
gauge anarchist anad build in here okay
it's about a point one
really smooth to really really smooth
juice you get blueberry you get milk and
you get a nice little subtle thing of
oatmeal so I'm the overpowering oatmeal
like atom bomb they did an oatmeal
cookie and that shit was disgusting I
didn't all like a whatsoever but this
one's a really really smooth oatmeal the
blueberries pronounced in the milks
pronounced in the oatmeal is subtle you
inhale and the exhale you kind of get
like the same thing you get the
blueberry in the milk and a little bit
of oatmeal i would say i'd have to give
this juice like it's got to be like an
eight maybe at eight and a half it's
really good it's a little sweet it's not
overpowering sweet it's not like one-hit
wonder liquid sweet it's it's a little
sweet I think they did a great job on
this juice guys I got three milligram in
the throw hit very subtle I'd say the
throat in this is like a three they're
very very good juice i highly recommend
it you can find this use at ww frisco
vapors comm link on screen and
description it's probably some other
websites that you can find as well but i
like to buy it strictly from them
because they have free shipping and they
always respond back the very courteous
to other customers and i think they do a
great job i think their juices are one
of the best juices out there Elios it's
up in that category it is a premium
juice and i don't mind spending the
twelve dollars for 15 mil or $22 for the
30 mil this juice is how they worth it
they're probably going to have 120 mils
out soon I didn't see it on the website
yet but I'm pretty sure they're gonna
have 120 this is a brand new juice guys
it does get my stamp of approval do
recommend this juice i highly recommend
it from me to you too thank you for
watching like subscribe share and yeah
smoking is gone vaping is on vape on

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